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PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder helps get rid of stains permanently. Apply the powder making sure it reached deep into the hair or fur shaft and leave it on. This will repel new tears while its potent cleansing agents continue to attack bacteria and fungus. Best if used with PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Wipes. Made in USA. Tested on humans first. CONTINUOUS STAIN FIGHTER: Absorbs excess moisture. Its powerful ingredients continue fighting against the causes of tear stains and works to repel new tears. SAFETY: 100% Natural, safe and non-irritating. AGES & BREEDS: Works on dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. Best if used with PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Wipes. Sold separately or as a kit.

Frequently Bought Together

Stain Remover Face Shampoo - Argan Oil + Colloidal Silver

PawPurity Stain Remover Face Shampoo is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear and beard stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. It has 27 plant- and mineral-based anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-dander and insect repelling agents working to make your pet’s skin and coat healthy. It is extremely gentle, so it can be used daily. Made in the USA. Tested on humans first.

100% NATURAL ORGANIC SHAMPOO: This shampoo is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear, beard and between fold stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. Great for keep beard stains clean and free of food and dirt stains.

INGREDIENTS: Made with 100% organic ingredients: Olive Oil-Based Cleanser. Distilled Water. Aloe Vera. Colloidal Silver. Rosemary Extract. Argan Oil. Vitamin E. Vitamin C. Witch Hazel, Coconut Oil. Avocado Oil. Raw Honey.

Contains a total of 27 plant- and mineral-based agents


This is the best pet shampoo for washing away crusty eye debris and discharge while attacking the fungus and bacteria that causes stains.

  • 6 Condition, soothe and strengthen
  • 5 Antibacterial
  • 4 Anti-inflammatory
  • 5 Anti-fungal
  • 4 Anti-dander
  • 3 Insect repellent



This tear stain remover powder will get rid of your cat’s tear stains easily and safely. It is a treatment, not a temporary fix. The powerful cleansing and tear-repelling action is highly effective on cats of all ages and breeds. This product is part of our 2-system PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Kit for Cats, but is often used separately with great results.


Goldenseal, Echinacea, Eyebright, Boric Crystals

Goldensel: mirrors the properties of a natural antibiotic that we use in our tear stain remover to keep the bacteria away that cause tear stains on dogs.

Echinacea: an anti-inflammatory and acts as a natural antibiotic, helping alleviate any bacterial infections.

Eyebright: an amazing natural herb that has been used since the Middle Ages to treat eye issues, including infected, inflamed and irritated eyes. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties. Eyebright contains the substance Aucubin, which stimulates the production of proteins needed in the healing processes.

Boric Crystals: a natural antibacterial cleanser that are used in well-known eye treatments to help alleviate irritation and discomfort. In powder form it is a pharmaceutical grade drying agent.

How to apply

Dampen the stained area with a tear stain solution or face shampoo to loosen any debris. Lightly saturate a small area of a cloth or one of our textured lint free Applicator Pads. Apply to the stained area and rub gently to remove the debris. Make sure the solution reaches the fur shaft for a deep cleanse to get rid of the tear staining bacteria and fungal growth, which are the leading cause of stains. Once cleaned, apply the powder using a fingertip, toothbrush or small cosmetic brush and apply in the opposite direction of the fur shaft.

Customers reviews

93 reviews for Tear Stain Remover Powder for Dogs & Cats

  1. Edward

    Very fast delivery and the product works great.

  2. MichaelPM

    The stains were a constant source of frustration, but this product has completely changed everything. It’s gentle, effective, and provides long-lasting results. Don’t hesitate to try it!

  3. tomcatharry

    Good stuff. arrived on time. I like it.

  4. Babytibler

    This tear stain remover powder has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it effectively lighten tear stains, but it also helps prevent their recurrence. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my furbaby’s tear stains since using this product. It’s definitely become an essential part of our grooming routine. Plus…it doesn’t bother her! No irritation. Zero

  5. AnitaJ

    I’ve been using this tear stain remover powder for a few weeks now, and I’m impressed with the results. I just use a warm wash cloth and rub the eye boogers away. Then once it’s dried, I pack the powder in and it cleans AND repels new stains. The powder can be a bit tricky to work with so I use a babys toothbrush to apply it. For that reason I am giving it a 4 star.

  6. Stevie

    This tear stain remover powder is a game-changer for cats with tear stains. I appreciate that it’s made with natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. It’s been gentle on my cat’s sensitive skin while effectively reducing the stains. I use it following the Pawpurity tear stain solution but the powder is what keeps the stains away. Finally, a product that delivers on its promises!

  7. NovaC

    Worked but took 3 weeks.

  8. cateyesophie

    I have four cats and the medium wasn’t enough. It works, but next time I’ll buy the large.


    Worked when nothing else has.

  10. Viviancatwoman

    Will buy again.

  11. VicT

    No complaints

  12. Hank

    They did’t have the size I wanted so I had to get a bigger one. Other than that, it works.

  13. jackson

    Haven’t found anything better.

  14. purr3759

    Worked great on my Boba.

  15. Yarma

    Will definitely buy again

  16. Uma

    It works!

  17. LucyLu

    Works surprisingly well. Thank you.

  18. Youmetoo

    We started using this about 3 months ago along with the solution. Our cat has never looked this good for so long. It got rid of the tear stains initially in about two weeks. After that we just need to clean her up with the solution and put on the powder once a week and they stay away.

  19. Jerry

    Worked when nothing else has so hats off to Pawpurity.

  20. Trina

    It’s been such a tough journey trying to get rid of our cat’s tear stains. We fell in love with the powder because even when we did get rid of the stains, they kept coming back. Now we just clean under her eyes and use the powder so the area stays dry and is protected by natural antibiotics. Thankful for finding this. Hope our review helps.

  21. MarkT

    I didn’t think this would work any better than the other stuff I tried but it did so I’ll keep using it

  22. Yesstocats

    I was impressed. I’ve been trying to get rid of my Lilac’s tear stains for years and nothing else worked. I used it twice a day for a few weeks and now am down to once a week. No more stains

  23. HC_T

    Wonderful tear stain remover.

  24. Ali

    my cat has leaky eyes and this helps keep the stains away

  25. Lizzy

    Really helped get rid of my cat’s tear stains.

  26. BabyEllisa

    I was suprised to see this work actually. But it cleaned up my cat’s tear stains in about two weeks. I also bought the solution. It’s a good combo if your cat has really bad stains like ours did.

  27. Ging

    Excellent product!

  28. Gail

    My little Lucys eyes are extremely teary and this is the only product that’s worked to keep the stains away. When we first started using these products, we used the solution with it and the tear stain cleaned up and we followed up with the powder.

  29. ReamyW

    It works!

  30. Leslie

    We use a lot of Pawpurity’s products and this is another one we fell in love with. Great company!

  31. KD

    Super at getting rid of tear stains. Recomend using the solution before using this

  32. Ven T

    like that it’s all natural and it works.

  33. JanieJ

    Excellent product. Use with solution and it will get rid of your pet’s stains really fast.

  34. Moggybee

    I really like this product. The area has to be washed or wiped with water or the solution first. We used the tear stain solution and then used the powder after and it took care of the stains in a few days.

  35. Adam

    Did the trick on my white cat. Easy to use.

  36. Georgina


  37. Sabrina

    This stuff just blew me away. Been working soooo long on trying to find a product out there that would get rid of my cat’s tear stains and until now…nada. Thank you

  38. NathanJohn

    Excellent products. Does the job when nothing else would

  39. Gabe

    this and the tear stain powder make for a powerful stain remover. Recommend

  40. drufflesthecat

    Super tear stian remover

  41. PLG

    I would buy this again in a heartbeat. It really did a good job getting rid of the tear stains on my cat.

  42. Jeffrey

    Very good product. Worked in conjunction with the tear stain solution for cats and together they got rid of the stains. I’ll recommend.

  43. Yen

    Great stuff! used on my white cat with the solution and the stains are gone completely.

  44. Etta H

    I fell in love with this because once I got rid of my Persian’s tear stains, they always came back. When I got to using the powder on a regular basis, that all stopped.

  45. Terrie M

    Really glad I found this product. My cat is light colored and tears just flow out of her eyes. I spent years looking for something that works without peroxide or bleach in it. These tear stain remover wipes are perfect! Thanks.

  46. Yammy A

    I don’t like writing reviews unless the product is especially good or bad, but this one deserves a compliment for the tear stain remover powder. I have yet to find anything that works so well on my light colored cat and believe me, I spent years trying different products. This one is a rockstar.

  47. Alisha I

    We absolutely love this tear stain powder. Getting rid of the stain on Mittens was hard but keeping them away was even harder. This and the tear stain solution work hand in hand to get rid of them and keep the tear stains away. It’s good.

  48. Vickie Quinn-Harris

    We had tried so many products that didn’t work before until now. These tear stain wipes work great on my ragdolls white fur. W learned after buying them that they will stay away if I keep using the wipes and the tear stain powder, which I do. Anyway….we recommend highly.

  49. Betsy RT

    I have a white exotic shorthair that is a beautiful cat. The problem is she get tear stains that until now I could not control. Thanks Pawpurity for these tear stain remover wipes. They are the only product I’ve used that even made a dent. Her stains are totally gone now and I still use the wipes with the tear stain powder. The two work together amazingly.

  50. Hans E


  51. Sandy TS

    I have a light colored cat that tears a lot. I tried a few products with hydrogen peroxide and they got rid of the stains but only for a short time. I found I was doing more harm than good. They kept coming back and the products were just setting the stains evem more. I bought the paw purity sollution and the powder together and I can’t tell you what a difference it made. It took about 2 weeks of using it daily but now the stains are gone and I only use them once a week. Sometimes the powder 2 times a week. Believe me when I tell you this stuff works.

  52. Tonya B

    REally helps keep the tear stains from happening.

  53. Jess

    Have a blonde cat. Got rid of the stains. Folllowup with powder and the haven’t come back.

  54. Ferra Yomi

    Works great.

  55. Yesler J

    My cat is pure white and finding a product that cleaned off his tear stains has been a nightmare. This product works great! Thanks.

  56. Gin W

    This tear stain remover powder works great with the solution. I bought both and am really glad I did because the solution cleans the stains but the powder makes them stay away. I like it alot.

  57. Thomas Smith

    Finally a product on the market that attacks the heart of the tear stain problem! Stains won’t go away without keeping the area below it dry and clean. This does the job! Yahoo!

  58. Terry K

    Works wonders! I washed my cat’s eyes with a little shampoo and then used the solution then the powder.. The stains are gone now and I just use it when I see them coming back.

  59. Elizabeth L

    Wow this is the first powder to keep tear stains away that I’ve ever found and it works! I use it on my cat because she has such a bad tear stain problem and for years we couldn’t get rid of it. If I use the cat tear stain remover solultion wipes first then use the powder after, the stains disappear. It’s an ongoing process though, but after the stains went away I only had to use it once a week. I love it.

  60. Jaycee W

    I like this product a lot so I have to share. I tried for three years to get rid of my dog’s tear stains and NOTHING worked. When I bought the solution they recommended I bought the powder too. It does EXACTLY what it’s supposed to and gets rid of stains and QUICKLY! I’m so impressed. I don’t need to try anything else….FINALLY!

  61. Rick T

    I use this after the tear stain removing wipes and then the powder….worked great. No more tear stain on my cat. Thanks.

  62. Wendy Cinders

    We just adopted a kitten and she started getting tear stains running down her cheeks. I ordered this stain remover and now they are gone. When I stopped using it, they started coming back. My neighbor said I was lucky that they went away and jsut keep doing what I’m doing. Apparently, they are hard to get rid of so I guess I shoudl be thankful.

  63. Terri JN

    Yep! It’s good. My cat’s tear stains are gone. Not an easy feat. Packaged nicely too. 5 star.

  64. Jessie Karen

    This is an exceptional product! I have an older cat. Susie Q. She’s had tear stain issues all her life. I tried a lot of products and finally gave up. Well sort of. Now my friend said to try this and it’s really good. Finally. Thanks!

  65. Jeff Briggs

    Very good at keeping my cat’s eyes dry and helps keeps the stains away. I’ll keep using it.

  66. Carry P

    I love this tear stain remover powder. It is amazing at keeping my cat’s eyes dry so the stains stay away. It’s good stuff.

  67. Maggie Newsome-Smith

    This tear stain remover powder is a must have for any cat owner that has to deal with excessive tearing. It totally prevented the stains from coming back. We used it with the tear stain solution to get rid of them first using them both twice a day. The stains disappeared in about s week. Now we use both the sollution and powder once a week. It’s good stuff.

  68. Sara JA

    My Ragdoll gets excessive amounts of discharge from her eyes. I took her to the vet and nothing he suggested worked. So I bought this tear stain remover powder and the solution. I use a small toothbrush and warm water to scrub away the crusties then use the solution with the pads that come with it. After I pack a little of the powder in so it goes deep enough to keep the moisture out so the stains don’t return. It seems like a lot of work but it is definitely worth it to have my Sabrina looking beautiful again.

  69. Jen Walsh

    My pretty kitty’s eyes are back! NO MORE STAINS. Finally. First product that has worked on my cat. It even got rid of the stains that dripped around her nasal folds.

  70. Robin Fernsby

    I tried so many products on my cats and none have worked. This one does, but the only thing I don’t like about it is you HAVE to used the tear stain solution first and rub it in. I actually take a child’s toothbrush and scrub a little. The good thing is the stains are disappearing. Just takes time and dedication.

  71. Sasha Antonov

    Absolutely love this tear stain powder! Only been using it for three weeks but already it’s made such a huge difference. I apply the powder on both sides of Lolo’s nasal creases with a Q-tip using only a small amount. Lolo has dry eye issues so they water a lot and this causes soreness and staining. Using this product helps keep this area dry, and makes it so it doesn’t get sore anymore. I will definitely be getting more of this powder as I can see it does wonders.

  72. Craig Paulson

    This is good at keeping the tear stains away once you have gotten rid of them. Unfortunately, my cat has such bad stains it took this and the solution to get rid of them completely. Still, while it takes a little work and patience, these products together do the job where others haven’t.

  73. Matilda Lopez

    Thanks for coming out wiht a natural product that works!

  74. Robby Mills-Porter

    This works a little on it’s own using water and a cloth to clean the area first, but I really needed the tear stain solution to make it work completely. I didn’t know that when I ordered it.

  75. Ingrid Collins-Jenkins

    This stuff is really good at getting rid of tear stains as long as you use it after wiping them down with the solution. I used a tooth brush to rub it in to make the powder go deeper. It works really good.

  76. Sandy T

    My cat has the worst tear stains ever and she’s WHITE!!!! They looked really gross. I got rid of them finally using the tear stain solution and followed up with the powder. It has changed our lives.

  77. T Bullock

    Keeps the stains away and that’s all I care about.

  78. Jacklyn Powers-Cadrell

    It’s good at keeping tear stains from coming back because my cat’s has tear duct issues and her eyes tend to tear up more than most.

  79. Carley K

    I like that it works if you use the tear stain remover solution first. I used a lot of whiteners on Fluff before and found out that was a no no. That said, it took longer that it should have because the lighener caused damage. But….this is all natural so I’m on the right path. Good luck to anyone with pets with tear stains. A word to the wise…stay away from lighteners.

  80. Nanette Villarosa

    I use this after rubbing Lola’s eyes with the tear stain sollution. First products that ever completely got rid of my Lola’s tear stains. Thanks.

  81. Aiya Ito

    If you buy this make sure to get the solution too. Then it works great.

  82. Brittany Luis

    Working so far.

  83. pj thorton

    This is good stuff but you have to use after the solution. I didn’t realize that when I bought it.

  84. Harper Stone

    Got to use this if you use the solution. Keeps the stained area dry and clean. Together they work, just don’t like that I needed to use both. Oh well.

  85. Lacey Martin-Hanson

    I’ll recommend. Hard to find one as good.

  86. Les Thorton

    The powder works great. Use it after their tear stain solution though and I didn’t know that at first. Took me a few days to see the difference but after about a week, the tear stains were gone.

  87. Tanya T

    Love it but make sure to buy the sollution with it

  88. Marta Garth

    Good stuff if you use it with the tear stain solution. Using both got rid of Lilly’s stains. Took about 2 weeks but nothing else has worked so I’m not complaining.

  89. Janie Cruz

    You got to use this with the wipes. That’s how it works.

  90. Erin

    I didn’t know I had to use this with the solution. When i used both my cats stains went away.

  91. Alicia Cummings

    A friend of mine recommended this to us. It’s a blessing. It took longer than expected to get rid of the stains though….about 9 days…not bad considering its the first stain product that ever worked.

  92. Claudia Gingers

    I used the solution and powder and the tear stains went away in about 8 days. I had to do it twice a day, but now once a week and they haven’t come back.

  93. LJ

    I have two tabbies and for some reason they get horrible tear stains. I tried everything to get rid of them. I used this and the tear stain solution. These are the first products that actually worked. Pretty fast too.

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