Flea & Tick Repellent Kit – Natural Shampoo + Spray FAQ

How does the shampoo keep fleas and ticks away?

The 7 repellents in our shampoo are made from plants, nuts and trees, plus essential oils that are formulated to defend your pet from pests safely. It is a superb 100% natural alternative to commercial flea control pills, topical spot-on applications, and collars, some of which can be dangerous and known to cause serious health problems.

Does the shampoo contain any pesticides or insecticides?

Absolutely not. Unlike many shampoos on the market, we do not use chemicals. It has no sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances, or DEA.

Can I use the flea and tick shampoo on dogs?

Yes. All ingredients are safe and gentle enough on the skin to nourish as well as keep the insects away.

What's in the Flea & Tick Spray that makes it so repelling?

First, we use essential oils that are natural repellents. But too much essential oil can irritate even if those used are safe for our pets. This is part of why we add other repellents, including rosemary extract,  yucca, witch hazel, and other insect-repelling herbs.