Tear Stain Remover Solution & Powder Kit For Cats FAQ

What’s the difference between the solution/powder kit and the wipes/powder kit?

The only difference is some prefer wipes because they find them convenient. The wipes are soaked in the same solution as our Tear Stain Remover Solution for Cats. It’s just a matter of preference, not effectiveness.

What does the solution do?

The solution contains potent cleansers, astringents and natural antibacterial agents that remove tear stains, soothe inflammation, and alleviate the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungus– the leading cause of tear stains.

Are the ingredients in the solution natural?

The solution contains only natural ingredients including Argon Oil, colloidal silver and vitamin E. Our tear stain products do not contain peroxide, bleach or other chemical whitening agents.

How does the tear stain remover powder work?

It contains a mild cleanser and antibacterial to inhibit the leading cause of tear stains, bacteria and fungus. It absorbs excess moisture and helps to repel new tears. It is a 100% natural silk-like powder that is safe to use to keep your cat’s eyes dry and stain-free. It continues cleaning and repelling tears long after it has been applied.

Is the powder safe to use on kittens?

Yes. It is totally non-irritating. It is 100% natural and, while highly effective, gentle.

Will the powder irritate my cat’s eyes?

No. It is very light and fine. It adheres to your cat’s tear stains immediately.