Stain Remover Face Shampoo - Argan Oil + Colloidal Silver


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PawPurity Stain Remover Face Shampoo for Dogs & Cats is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear and beard stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. It has 27 plant- and mineral-based anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-dander and insect repelling agents working to make your pet's skin and coat healthy. It is extremely gentle, so it can be used daily. 


  • 6 Condition, soothe and strengthen
  • 5 Antibacterial
  • 4 Anti-inflammatory
  • 5 Anti-fungal
  • 4 Anti-dander
  • 3 Insect repellent


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PawPurity Stain Remover Face Shampoo for Dogs & Cats is a foaming tearless 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear and beard stains. It contains a total of 27 plant- and mineral-based agents that wash away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains.

Distilled Water. Natural Cleansers. Colloidal Silver (30PPM). Aloe Vera. Argan Oil. Avocado Oil. Coconut Oil. Vitamin E

Apply during bath or in between with a dampened washcloth. Apply the foaming shampoo to a wet cloth, wipe the stained area. Using a clean wet cloth, wipe the debris and stains away. This is a gently shampoo that can be used daily.


75 comments on “Stain Remover Face Shampoo - Argan Oil + Colloidal Silver”

  1. I tried this for the first time and it really helped my cat's tear stains. I wanted to see if it does what it says before buying the tear stain solution and powder. I trust the product so I'll definitely try the other products.

  2. This is a great shampoo for my Misty because her eyes get tear stains and this cleaned them right up.

  3. Super easy to wash my cat's face with this believe it or not. Got rid of most the tear stains. I'm going to start using the tear stain solution too. Should take care of what's left. Not much though. Have to give this a great score. Thanks.

  4. After using the tear stain solution and powder by pawpurity, I figured I would try this for my dog's tear stains. LOVE IT!

  5. I used this on my dogs face because its tearless. It cleans her up nicely. Got rid of a lot of the stains.

  6. I bought this because I was able to get rid of my dog's tear stains using the tear stain solutin and powder. Now I just use this face shampoo and the powder and they stay away. It's awesome.

  7. I love that its natural and tearless. Cleaned off the stains nicely. I really don't have much of a stain issue though. I bought it because it's tearless.

  8. We have a Yorkshire Terrier and his beard gets horrible stains. I really can't keep up, but I must say, this shampoo really helps. I use it daily bacause it's a really gentle shampoo but it does clean my Dana's beard up nicely.

  9. Really nice face shampoo for my Lhasa Apso. Gets rid of her beard stains when I just give her a quick dabbing of the face shampoo and wipe of with a wet washcloth.

  10. We have a Timberwyck Airedale that we show. I just started using this face shampoo a few weeks ago and it's amazingly good at cleaning her beard. I highly recommend this.

  11. I got this because I use pawpurity's flea and tick shampoo and it's great. This product is awesome too. Good job! Great products.

  12. I used a brand that had sufates in it wihtout knowing how bad they are. Now we use this and it does the job.

  13. We've been using the Intensive Shampoo and then decided to use this one on our Viv's (Maltise) face. Really cleaned up the stains and it is tearless!

  14. I have a heavy bearded dog and this really does keep it clean. I don't wash his whole face, just his beard.

  15. We love this shampoo. Got rid of our dog's tear stains and we use it almost nightly to clean off her beard.

  16. We have a beautiful tri-colored King Charles. She gets tear stains a lot but also her ears drop low so we use this face shampoo on both. It's great. Highly recommend.

  17. I love this face shampoo! It gets rid of all the gunk on our dogs beard and it doesn't irratate him and that was what i was worried about

  18. This is our 2nd bottle of this. Our terrier gets aweful tear and beard stains. Now I can keep her clean without having to give her so mny baths.

  19. We have a blonde dog that gets horribe tear stains and this really works to get rid of them. We also use the powder after. Winning combo!

  20. Everytime my dog eats he gets food all over his beard. I started using this and yes it cleans but I wasn't sure if it would dry out his fur if I used it on his every night. Seems to be fine.

  21. I use this in conjunction with the tear stain kit. Works well at removing gunk around mouth and eyes. For super bad eye stains you’ll for sure need the whole system but at the end of the day, it works.

  22. It works great, don’t let it get in your cat's eyes, it’s like getting shampoo in your eyes (at least that’s how my babies react). Also make sure to use a damp cloth to rinse the area after cleaning.

  23. My dog is an elderly Shih Tzu. Because she has no teeth, she has to eat wet food. His beard gets really messed up. I tired cleaning it with different products even waterless dog shampoos etc but nothing worked very well so I resorted to taking scissors to his messy beard. My neighbor suggested this product and I figured well sure, I’ll try anything at that point. Honestly this product is great. I ran his hair clumps throughout my fingers, like scrubbing it and it slowly separating the clumps from the hair. Now I just give his beard a quick washing using a wet cloth and then dry his beard off. It definitely is worth the money.

  24. I will definately be buying this again. It's really gentle and gets rid of the stains on my white poodle's eyes.I also use the tear stain powder which I think really helps too. Nothing else has worked until now.

  25. This is a really gentle shampoo that got rid of my labradoodle's stains. We use it every day to clean his beard.

  26. This shampoo is super gentle and good to clean up my babys eyes. I use it at least three times a week because it's super easy. Just dampen a cloth, squirt some of the shampoo on it and rub away. Then I just wet the other end of hte cloth and wipe the shampoo off. Smells good too.

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