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After a lifetime of dog and cat ownership, PawPurity has developed a line of natural and organic grooming products, formulated to keep our pets’ skin, coat, paws, eyes and noses healthy without chemicals. Join us in experiencing 100% natural!

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Lisa has worked to keep animals and their companions healthy, happy and safe for more than 13 years. Before it became commonplace, she established an online pet-friendly travel service – Pet Hotels of America. Lisa became known as the pet travel expert and was published in newspapers and magazines throughout the country.


Growing up, dogs and cats were always part of her family. As a native Californian, protecting her pets from fleas and ticks took precedence, but the treatment options were limited. Her pets made it clear they did not like the vet-recommended spot-on repellent. When one of her dogs got extremely ill after, it became apparent to her that animals around the world needed a better solution other than pesticides and chemicals to keep them safe from pests.


She was not the only one. Many community residents had the same concerns. She began researching what the FDA was doing about these products and what ingredients other countries had banned in pet grooming products that the U.S. continued to allow. What she discovered horrified her. A change needed to be made.


Now she provides animal owners with natural products so their pets don’t need to be subjected to potentially harmful chemicals, poisons, detergents, artificial fragrances, and such preservatives as formaldehyde. By developing 100% natural safe pet grooming products from shampoos to flea/tick treatments to healing paw conditioners, she hopes to change how pets are cared for to improve and prolong their lives.

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Knowledge is Power. Learn from the Experts.

Do you know that dogs have died from flea and tick collars? Or that some ingredients in dog shampoos should not be used on cats? Articles in PawPurity’s Health Center is a great place to learn what the experts say about pet care so you can make informed decisions. You just may be surprised.