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After a lifetime of dog and cat ownership, PawPurity has developed a line of natural and organic grooming products, formulated to keep our pets' skin, coat, paws, eyes and noses healthy without chemicals. Join us in experiencing 100% natural! 

Paw Purity eco friendly 100% natural
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Paw Purity made in USA
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  • What people say about us


    Lola had excessive staining under both eyes. We took her to the vet and they gave her an antibiotic. It helped a lot at first, but when we stopped, the tear stains came back. We have tried many products since then, but PawPurity’s wipes and powder were by far the best. After 10 days of using them both twice a day, the stains were gone. Now I clean Lola’s eyes once a week and the stains have stayed away.
  • What people say about us


    We took Babylon up to the snow at Mt. Charleston. In just a short time of playing, his paws got frostbite. When we got home, he could not stand up and his paw pads were bloody. My neighbor had raved about PawPurity’s paw healer so I borrowed some of hers. I put it on him day and night for three days straight and every day saw such an amazing improvement I was totally shocked. Fortunately, Babylon was up and walking again within three days. So thankful.

  • What people say about us


    My dog’s paws and nails have always gotten rough and cracked from walking on extreme hot and cold surfaces and rocky terrain. We live in Las Vegas, so even though we do our best to avoid these conditions, his paws and nails simply just get messed up. We started using this paw healing conditioner and right away saw a difference. We use it daily now and his paws and nails are completely fine. We're sold on it.
    Jason & Kendra
  • Image of a cat before and after using PawPurity Tear Stain Solution for Cats
    What people say about us


    When we first got India, she had been living on the streets. Her skin and coat were in horrible condition. She had sores all over, the dander was awful, and she had fleas. The first thing we did was give her a bath using PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo, the same shampoo we use on our dog. When we rinsed her off, the fleas just floated to the top. After just one bath, we saw a huge improvement. It took about a month and several baths to get her skin and fur to good health, but we did it.
    Heather & Jon

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Do you know that dogs have died from flea and tick collars? Or that some ingredients in dog shampoos should not be used on cats? Articles in PawPurity's Health Center is a great place to learn what the experts say about pet care so you can make informed decisions. You just may be surprised. 

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