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This stain remover solution penetrates cat’s hair shaft to deep clean the affected area to remember stains. It attacks the bacteria and fungus–the leading causes of stains. As a stand alone, it will remove light stains. Works on mild to average stains, it is best to follow up with PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder. When used with the powder, stains will disappear in 7-10 days. Made in USA. Tested on humans first. INGREDIENTS: Boric Acid – a natural cleanser and antibacterial often used in popular eye washes to relieve irritation and discomfort. Witch Hazel – an astringent and antibacterial. Colloidal Silver – a natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It mimics the properties of antibiotics. It’s an essential ingredient to help control and stop the grow of bacteria that causes stains. 100% NATURAL & SAFE: The wipes are pre-soaked with human-grade ingredients that may be used on for dogs of all ages and breeds. It DOES NOT contain peroxide, bleach, parabens, steroids, or harsh abrasives. PawPurity products & packaging APPLICATION PADS: The waffle-like pads are lint free and soaked with the cleaning solution so you can reach deep into the fur shaft.

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PawPurity Stain Remover Face Shampoo is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear and beard stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. It has 27 plant- and mineral-based anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-dander and insect repelling agents working to make your pet’s skin and coat healthy. It is extremely gentle, so it can be used daily. Made in the USA. Tested on humans first.

100% NATURAL ORGANIC SHAMPOO: This shampoo is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear, beard and between fold stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. Great for keep beard stains clean and free of food and dirt stains.

INGREDIENTS: Made with 100% organic ingredients: Olive Oil-Based Cleanser. Distilled Water. Aloe Vera. Colloidal Silver. Rosemary Extract. Argan Oil. Vitamin E. Vitamin C. Witch Hazel, Coconut Oil. Avocado Oil. Raw Honey.

Contains a total of 27 plant- and mineral-based agents


This is the best pet shampoo for washing away crusty eye debris and discharge while attacking the fungus and bacteria that causes stains.

  • 6 Condition, soothe and strengthen
  • 5 Antibacterial
  • 4 Anti-inflammatory
  • 5 Anti-fungal
  • 4 Anti-dander
  • 3 Insect repellent



PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Cats eliminates tear stains in about 7-10 days. Each wipe contains a mild non-irritating cleanser to deep clean the stain and an astringent to dry the area. Its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal agents work to stop bacterial and fungal growth, which are the leading cause of tear stains. The texture of each wipe induces the solution to penetrate deeply into the fur shaft to loosen debris without irritation, while its waffle-like design works to gently rub away stain causing bacteria.

Safe for cats and kittens of all ages and breeds including Persians, Himalayans and Exotics.


Witch Hazel. Colloidal Silver. Boric Acid

Witch Hazel is an astringent that is antibacterial. It also drys the stained area to keep new bacteria and fungus from growing.

Colloidal Silver is a powerful and natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents. It mirrors the properties of an antibiotic. Controlling and alleviating bacteria and fungal growth is key to stopping dog tear stains.

Boric Crystals are a natural antibacterial cleanser that are used in well-known eye treatments to help alleviate irritation and discomfort. In powder form it is a pharmaceutical grade drying agent. This in PawPurity Tear Stain Remover for Dogs keeps the stained area dry long after application.

How to apply

Wipe the area gently making sure to reach deep into the fur shaft. Do not wipe the product off, as it will continue working. Do this two times daily using a new wipe until stains are completely gone. Thereafter, use once weekly to keep the tear stains from reoccurring.

Customers reviews

43 reviews for Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Cats

  1. Aiden

    Very well worth the money.

  2. Henry TS


  3. Nance B

    Got rid of my cat’s stains in two weeks. I use the powder too. Works great.

  4. Georgia

    I love all pawpurity products. This is the 4th order I’ve made with them and everything has been great. I use this tear stain remover on my cat and of course it works great. Just like everything else I use (shampoo and paw conditioner on my dog).

  5. Nettie

    These tear stain wipes are great. I didn’t realize I needed to use the powder after so it took about 2 weeks because I had to order the powder. But…right away I saw a difference…powder or not.

  6. Macy

    Best on the market. Did the job.

  7. James

    Got it on time. Great green packaging and the product works wonders on my Hennessy. Thank you. Highly recommend.

  8. Raymond

    Very good tear stain remover. I’ve tried many and this is the best by far.

  9. liz

    Excellent product. Works wonders on my cat.

  10. Linda I

    What I love about these besides how well they work is that there is a lot of solution in them. I was worried they would dry out but that just doesn’t happen. Well done!

  11. Marcus

    These tear stain wipes did the trick. I used the powder with them. When they start to come back, I just use the wipes and powder and they go away in about two days.

  12. Henry R

    I used these for a week and my cat’s tear stains were gone. Now we just follow up with this and the tear stain powder and we’re done fiddling with it all.

  13. Patrick


  14. Elizabeth Lennon

    I’ve been using these for a month. On my 2nd go around because I neglected to use them once a week after they got rid of Nipsy’s stains. I should have followed directions because these tear stain wipes are really great and do a good job. This time I’ll follow through. My cat looks so much better when they are gone!

  15. Raymond E

    My cat Snowball is WHITE! She had really bad tear stains. This is the best tear stain wipes I’ve found. Stains are gone. Happy buyer.

  16. Janee

    You’re not going to find a better tear stain remover for your cat than these wipes. Been looking for years. Pawpurity takes the cake!

  17. Trish

    Got these b/c a friend of mine has a cat with worse tear stains than mine does. I was totally impressed. Thanks.

  18. JTP

    Got rid of my cats tear stains in about 9 days. Nothing else has.

  19. Pat

    My Persian gets awful tear stains and these wipes cleaned them right up in about a week. I also use the powder after, which helps them from returning.

  20. Sammy G

    I have a white cat that used to have awful tear staines and still has allergies that cause tear stains. Wish I had these wipes a few years ago. I should have taken before and after shots because you would not believe the difference.

  21. Kimmy

    I’ve used other wipes before but none compare to these. My Persian had so many tear stains and dark ones that showed up horribly. Now she looks great. The stains are gone totally. I bought the tear stain powder with the solution like it said and I think that plays a big part in why the tear stains aren’t returning.

  22. Edith W

    I’m a lifelong customer now. This is the first tear stain remover I have used that actually works. I also use the flea & tick shampoo too and love that as well. Great products.

  23. Edith W

    I’m a lifelong customer now. This is the first tear stain remover I have used that actually works. I also use the flea & tick shampoo too and love that as well. Great products.

  24. Mrs.JT

    My senior cat is 16 and doesn’t tolerate much these days. These tear stain remover wipes work quickly and I don’t have to spend a lot of time applying and wiping because the gunk and comes off easily and the stains dissipate. I am grateful I got these and will keep using them.

  25. Patty Simpson

    I’ll never waste my money on anything else again. I’m a happy customer! Thanks.

  26. Mary Willows

    We haven’t used them consistently like we are supposed to but we still see an improvment. We just need to stay on top of it.

  27. Heather O’mally

    This is the best tear stain removing product I have found so far….an believe me I’ve tried many. My cat gets tear stains so bad I think she’s crying all the time. I use these wipes and then apply the powder because it repels tears so the area doesn’t get wet. I rate these highly and have tossed out every other worthless product I bought over the years.

  28. Wendy Higgins-Roberts

    These work great. I use the powder after and that keeps the stains from coming back.

  29. Cath Mathews

    Wonderful product! Got rid of my cats stains in less than a week.

  30. Greg Conners

    Totally happy with these. They work!

  31. Tammy Paulette

    Can’t say enough good things about these tear stain remover wipes because they are the first product I’ve ever used that work so well and fast. After years of trying everything else, I’m 100% satisfied!

  32. John Atkins Sr.

    I recommend. This is the best tear stain remover out there and I’ve tried many.

  33. Wendy Jenkins-Smith

    Use these with the powder and you’re golden. First time I can see my cat’s eyes without feeling like I need to clean them.

  34. Kinder Renton-O’mally

    Yes! Recommend. Nothing else works…..believe me. I’ve tried them all.

  35. Lori Whipple

    Without a doubt these are the best we’ve ever used. They got rid of our cat’s stains in a matter of days.

  36. Ken Underwood

    I’ll give this 5 stars. Thanks

  37. Tracy Hendrick-Taylor

    I gotta say, these worked wonders. I though my cat’s stains were going to be there forever and now they are totally gone. Recommend.

  38. Samantha Higgins

    Yes!!!!! Finally something that works!!!! Thank you!!!!

  39. JG Wells

    really helped and will keep using

  40. Tonny

    It works. Tried a few others that didn’t

  41. George

    Took almost 10 days to work, but we like this a lot and will keep using it.

  42. Anne

    My cat gets tear stains a lot. These wipes are really good. I used the powder afterwards. Recommend.

  43. Lexus

    Got it on time. Tried to get rid of the stains lots of times. this is best

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