Tear Stain Powder for Cats and Dogs FAQ

It contains a mild cleanser, antibacterials and anti-fungals to inhibit the leading cause of tear stains, bacteria and yeast. It absorbs excess moisture and helps to repel new tears. This 100% natural silk-like powder safely keeps your dog’s eyes dry and stain-free. It continues working long after applying.
No. It is very light and fine. It adheres to your dog’s tear stains immediately and continues to serve as a tear repellent. 
Yes. It is totally non-irritating. It is 100% natural and, while highly-effective, extremely gentle.

Tear Stain Remover Powder for Dogs & Cats


Alleviates and Prevents Tear Stains

This potent powder will get rid of your cat's stains easily and safely. It is a highly concentrated mix of powerful natural antibiotics, anti-fungals and anti-inflammatories. It continues to clean your cat's stained area and keep it dry by repelling tears long after it being applied. Because moisture is a breeding ground for microbes, use the powder directly after cleaning with the solution. The powder will soak up the moisture, continuing to destroy and prevent fungal and bacteria growth, and repel new stain-causing tears.  Proven effective by veterinarians, professional groomers and cat lovers. Persian, American Curl, Tabbies, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Japanese Bobtail and other white, light-colored cats, exotics and shorthairs.

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