Nose Saver – Aloe + Almond Oil + Vitamins C & E


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Repairs. Protects. Repels. 

Nose Saver repairs chaffed, cracked, or scaly noses. This 100% natural balm also heals broken skin and stops hyperkeratosis and skin growth. It’s rich in vitamins, antifungals, antiseptics, and anti-inflammatory agents. Plus, it protects your dog from UV/UVA sun rays while its conditioning and healing agents work to get your dog’s or cat’s nose back to good health quickly. Made in USA. Tested on humans first.

  • Contains potent organic plant oils, minerals, and vitamins that heal dry, cracked, or scaly noses.
  • Water resistant making it difficult for animals to lick it off. Full-spectrum sun protection.
  • It’s 100% natural and safe even for the most avid lickers. Tested on humans first.

Nose Saver repairs painful crusty, damaged or dry noses. It has 45 conditioning, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and full-spectrum sun protecting agents all in one .15 ounce tube. It’s a fast and long lasting balm that works beautifully to repair and maintain your dog’s nose health. Great for long walks and hiking.


Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Babassu Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Lemon Balm, Vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Colloidal Silver. 100% Natural Preservatives

How to apply

Cover the top and sides of your dog’s nose with Nose Saver. If it has been runny or the nostrils are sore, apply under the nose as well.

Customers reviews

10 reviews for Nose Saver – Aloe + Almond Oil + Vitamins C & E

  1. Quin

    The cat that scratched my dog many years ago left a scar on his nose, which has always been harsh and flaky. I had been using Vaseline on it in the past, but I switched to this product since it is so simple to apply and it has really helped to soften and moisturize her nose. It’s great because it’s made with natural components! The moment I did this, it started working. In fewer than seven days, the appearance of my dog’s nose has significantly improved.

  2. Jojo

    After spending months putting my faith in several dog lotions and products manufactured by well-known companies with little to no success, I made the decision to give this one a shot after reading a number of favorable reviews. When I first tried it, I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but now I can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner! After only a few short days, my dog’s nose completely recovered and appeared to be brand new. This is a product that comes highly recommended from me, particularly for individuals who have not had much success with previous products

  3. Utah Louis

    I adore it. Works really quickly; after only two applications, my dog’s nose looked noticeably better, and it’s been two weeks since then; although she’s almost fully recovered, she still seems a little uncomfortable, but she’s getting better with each day that she maintains a healthy routine. Her nose, which was previously prone to cracking, lumpiness, and dryness, has now become more smooth and moister. The texture I obtained was excellent; it was smooth and not complex in any way, almost like vaseline, but the stickiness was not as intense as it would be with Vaseline. I adore it.

  4. JoeandJo

    My 2 year old lab had a very dry nose. After using this product two times a day for the last two days, the dryness has gone and her nose has almost completely healed. In contrast to other creams, which only coat the nose and are ineffective, this one truly absorbs into the skin and makes the nose more pliable. I really like how fast this stuff works. I’ll definitely get more of it when I run out.

  5. EdnaWM

    It is simple to use and worked great on my pug’s nose. It became very dry and rough once the weather started changing. She tried to lick it off and I liked that it absorbed quickly. Good product.

  6. MFaris

    This is a fantastic product that delivers on its promise, to make the dog’s nose healthy and smooth and not dry. Once used, I’ll absolutely place another order. I was really surprised how fast it got rid of the dryness. One treatment and I could see the difference.

  7. Cooper

    No odor, no grease Simple to use, effective after just a few treatments, and leaves a smooth nose. Dogs are unaware that it is there! worth the money. Purchasing again

  8. Bali

    After a few days of using this every day, my little furbaby’s slightly red spot above his nose—which I believe was caused by him licking it in the cold—has disappeared.

  9. Hillary

    I bought some of this for my cat last week because her nose was so dry. It works really fast!

  10. JC

    I love this nose balm. My dog’s nose gets messedup from digging in the yard and I tried vaseline, vitamiin e and aloe vera gel and nothing worked like this nose saver product. I highly recommend it if your dog is a digger like mine!

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