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Why are natural pet care products better for pets?

Natural pet care products are better for cats and dogs for many reasons.They provide healing and protective therapies with food-grade ingredients. Pets absorb these products must easier, which results in faster recovery from skin and coat conditions, paw injuries.

Many products available have toxins that can harm your pet. Next time you pick up a flea & tick repellent, read the label and warning. By using natural products, you are defending your pet agains ingesting, wearing or washing in products that are known to be harmful.

Avoiding allergies are another reason PawPurity’s 100% natural products will help keep your pet allergy free.

Our all natural pet care products actually strengthen your animal’s immune system and defend your pet against the harsh substances that weaken your pet’s skin contained in typical grooming products. Keep in mind that every pet’s skin serves as a natural barrier from being attacked by bacteria and diseases.

Ever tried to pronounce the chemicals you are giving or applying to your pet? Our natural pet products are safe, containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, plant extracts, essential minerals and essence oils. All can be pronounced.

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Flea & Tick Repellent Pet Care Products

How do our Flea & Tick products work?

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray is entirely 100% plant based. Its main ingredients are Aloe Vera juice, distilled water, calendula, yucca root, marjoram, lemongrass, horsetail, red clover, nettle leaf, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, marjoram, essential oil, cedarwood essental oil and lemongrass essential oil. Our Flea & Tick Spray is designed to keep your pet free from fleas, ticks and mosquitos safely.

Next time you are in the market for a flea and tick product, we urge you to please read the ingredients and more important the label. There are many websites including the FDAs that will attest to the harmful effects of many flea & tick products that are ingested as these are pesticides; worn on collars, as these pesticides rub off on children; and topicals, as these too are pesticides. Perfumes are also an ingredient you want to shy away from, as they can be drying to your pet’s skin.

Can I use the Flea & Tick Shampoo without the Spray?

Yes. The PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo is wonderful with a delightful natural scent you will fall in love with. The more you use it the better as it contains 100% natural ingredients carefully formulated to nourish and condition your pet’s skin and coat.

How often should I shampoo my pet?

Our shampoo not only repels fleas, ticks and mosquitos, but it also nourishes and conditions a pet’s skin and coat. Every time you bath your pet, you are adding nutrients. During spring and summer, when fleas and ticks are more active, you may want to wash your pet every other week. During spring and summer, when fleas and ticks are more active, you may consider a weekly washing. This should keep the protective repellents active. It works best when used in conjunction with lightly covering your dog with PawPurity Flea & Tick Repellent Spray before walks.

Doesn’t shampooing too often dry out my pet’s skin?

It can. However, PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo, is specially formulated containing100% natural ingredients that condition the skin. Once a week should be the most you wash your pet, mainly because you want to retain your pet’s natural oils and water can be drying.

Can I use the Flea & Tick Spray without the shampoo?

Absolutely! It is highly effective in warding off fleas, ticks and mosquitos. It conditions your pet’s fur while serving as a protectant. You also will love its fresh smell.

Is the PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo safe for cats?

Yes! It’s a great conditioner and will leave your cat’s coat feeling luxurious. Cats aren’t known to be particular passionate about cedarwood, but it’s a great repellent. This is why we recommend the shampoo for cats and dogs, but the PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for dogs only. Bathing your cat in our shampoo is not as intense as a daily spray, but highly effective.

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Paw Treatment

How does the Healing Paw Conditioner help my pet’s paws?

Dogs paw pads are tough. Yet, they still can get cut, punctured, cracked and dry for a number of reasons. Toxins, allergies and excessive licking are but a few. But the biggest culprit is your pet’s paws getting scorched from walking on hot surfaces or injured from walking on extremely cold surfaces. Rocky pathways, rough sidewalks and tarred streets can also cause major damage to your animal’s pads. They need conditioning to become and stay healthy, subtle and conditioned. Our Healing Paw Conditioner contains 37 natural paw healing and conditioning agents and pure grass-fed tallow. Its essential oils provide aromatherapy to soothe and calm your pet.

Active Properties:

11 Restorative and soothing

10 Antibacterial and antiseptic

7 Anti-inflamatory

7 Antifungal

3 Natural insect repellents

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Tear Stain Removers

Why our natural pet care products get rid of Tear Stains when others don’t work?

PawPurity tear stain removers work directly to attack the source of the problem, which is a bacterial infection that causes stains. The products contain a cleanser, astringent to dry the area and colloidal silver, which is a natural antibiotic.

Our stain removers are for topical use only as we are cautious about giving pets antibiotics to remove tear stains. Many of the products on the market are often masked as palatable supplements, which are ingest-able antibiotics that may take months to work. Tylan, tylosin and tartrate are widely used as oral treatments. PawPurity’s topical applications work faster and safely attack the heart of the problem,

Do I need to use PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder with the PawPurity Tear Stain Solution?

Yes, we recommend you use both as this is a two-step system. We have a tear stain remover solution for cats and another for dogs that should be used with our application pads. However, if you prefer, we also have the same tear stain solution for cats and dogs in pre-soaked wipes. Whatever you decide is best for you, following up with the powder is a vital part of the tear stain removal process. The Tear Stain Powder is for cats and dogs. It absorbs excess moisture. Moist areas create a breading ground for bacteria. Our powder keeps the area dry, which in turn, inhibits the growth of bacterial and repels new tears from dampening the area. The power can be used on cats and dogs.

What if I already used peroxide or bleach to clean stains around the eyes?

If you have used other products to lighten or remove the stains, this will affect the results of PawPurity’s Tear Stain Remover products. Products that contain peroxide and bleach make the hair shaft extremely porous. This sets the stain into the hair. Cranberry, bluing and other whitening and brightening products that mimic the antibiotic properties of peroxide and bleach also result in creating a porous hair shaft and setting the stain deeply into the hair. While initially, these ingredients clean the hair shaft, their damage is in creating such a porous hair shaft that when the stain reappears, it become so deeply set into the shaft, it is nearly impossible to remove completely.

If you have used bleach, peroxide or any of these types of products, the stain area will maintain some slight discoloration, but regrowth will be white.

What happens if a small amount of any of our products gets into my pet’s eyes?

Simply rinse it out. It will not damage the eyes, however, it could be irritating.

Do our tear stain removers fade or bleach colored animals?

No. PawPurity does not use peroxides or bleaching agents so your pet’s coat will not discolor.

Why have the tear stains changed color from rust to pink?

This is a result from using lightening products including some shampoos that have caused the stain to set. Such products as bleach or peroxide can make the hair shaft extremely porous, which causes the stain to set. When you first start using PawPurity’s tear stain remover products, you may notice the stain is lighter in the areas that have been damaged by these products. However, future regrowth will come in clean without the stain.

Why are the tear stains not going away?

This is the result of using products with lighteners such as bleach, peroxide or whiteners/brighteners that mimic antibiotics. These products make the hair shaft extremely porous, which causes the stain to set into the hair. These stains set so deeply it is nearly impossible to remove the stain completely.

But, there is an upside. If you have used bleach, peroxide or any of these products that mimic antibiotics, the stain area will maintain some slight discoloration, but regrowth will be white.

Do our natural pet care products contain antibiotics?

No, however, many contain elements that mirror antibiotics. We believe that antibiotics are not crucial for removing tears and their long-term use builds up resistance. This is not good for pets, particularly those prone to liver issues.

Do our products contain toxins?

Absolutely not! The reason why we worked so hard to formulate pet care products that are natural is to protect your animals agains toxins, chemicals and other dangerous products.

Do our natural pet products contain synthetic or chemical preservatives?

Our products are 100% NATURAL.

Do you have starter kits?

Yes! These are great to try out our products. They also are great to travel with if you plan to take your pet. If so, check out Vacation Pet Friendly as it’s a great guide to help people with pets travel.

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Wholesale – Drop ship – Distributorship Questions

Does PawPurity drop ship?

Yes, There will be a credit check fee of $25. Companies will pay a $5 drop shipping fee, plus shipping costs.

How do I become a distributor? 

It’s easy. Contact lisa@pawpurity.com. You can find out more about our company here.

Does PawPurity sell in bulk?

Absolutely. Contact lisa@pawpurity.com.



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