Tear Stain Remover Solution for Cats


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Remove tear stains from under cat's eyes safely with PawPurity’s 100% natural solution. It is formulated using a mild, highly effective gentle cleanser that deep cleans the stained area. Its powerful natural antibacterial and anti-fungal agents work to stop bacterial and fungal growth, which are the leading causes of tear stains. It also contains an astringent to dry the area. It's not a bleach nor lightener, but instead is a high effective treatment in removing stains and keeping them away. Good for all breeds including Persians, Himalayans and Exotics. Hypo-allergenic. Fragrance free. 

*This solution is part of a 2-step tear stain remover system and should be followed up with Tear Stain Remover Powder. We sell it separately as a refill. Solution and Powder Kits are available. 


This solution removes tear stains in approximately 7-10 days. It stops bacterial and fungal growth that causes tear stains and works as an astringent to dry the area and keep tears from creating a moist breading ground for unwanted invaders.

*This product should be purchased as a refill for the Tear Stain Remover Kit or if you intend to purchase the Tear Stain Remover Powder separately, as getting rid of tear stains using PawPurity's products is a 2-step system. 

Water, Natural Cleanser, Witch Hazel, Colloidal Silver

Pour a small amount of the solution onto a cloth and gently rub it into the stained area. Make sure the solution goes deep into the fur shaft. Apply twice daily until all stains are gone. Thereafter, apply once weekly.

*This product is part of a two system tear stain remover and should be followed up with the Tear Stain Powder.


113 comments on “Tear Stain Remover Solution for Cats”

  1. I tried so many products I really doubted these would work. I use this and the powder and in about a week both my doges eyes were clean.

  2. It works! Been trying for years to get rid of my cats stains and nada. Use this with the powder. You'll like it if you've dealt with tear stains like I had to.

  3. Totally recommend! It did wonders on getting rid of my cat's tear stains....finally found something that works. I use the powder with it too so they stay away

  4. Got rid of MOST of the stain. I used all kinds of product before and this worked best gut the stains are a lot less

  5. Bought this at the advise of my brother. It works really good but took nearly 2 weeks to completely go away.

  6. Have to use it with the powcer to make sure it keeps the stains from coming back. Otherwise, I recommend this.

  7. I got so tired of trying to get rid of my cat's tear stains. They were horrible. When I used this one I used it twice a day and it made such an improvement the first week I can't even say. So yes, I give these guys a 5 star without a doubt.

  8. It's really good and gets rid of the tear stains, but it works twice as fast with the powder so I bought some of that too. Now the brown stains under my Raffy's eyes are completely gone.

  9. At first I was leary of putting stuff so close to my kittens eyes, but it did get rid of the stains and she looks cute now without the spots. I found out after I bought it that it works better to keep the stains away if I use powder after. I recommend both. Just would rather use one product, but hey....

  10. Finally a tear stain remover that works. I put this on a q-tip and sometimes a paper towel and rub the area. Got rid of the stains and I've been trying a long time. I use their tear stain powder afterwards.

  11. Recoommend but get the powder with it or it will take longer to get rid of the tear stains. I tried it both ways.

  12. Can't say enough good things about this tear stain remover. I actually is the first one I've used that works.

  13. I bought this and the powder. They work great, but then I bought the wipes and they are easier. Still it's been a long time coming to finally have a tear stain remover that actually does what it's supposed to. My cat is a Persian and she's beautiful. Finally her eyes look great again and it's only been a little over a week.

  14. I bought this and it came with the application pads for free so that was a surprise. Imagine that! The really good news is this solution is wonderful. I plan to keep using it as long as it keeps working. It's never been easy to get rid of Sheila's stains, but they are certainly gone now!

  15. This is an awesome product. For years I kept buying the same tear stain remover. So for the first time I decided it was time for a change b/c the other was just okay, and weren't doing the job as well as they should. Especially after all the money I spent on them. I'm really glad I did buy this product. This solution is tops. My cats tear stains are gone commpletly and it only took about a week. I also recommend using the powder after because that keeps the area from getting teared up again and the stains from returning. The powder lasts forever so you don't have to buy the big one for one cat.

  16. I'm on my second bottle of this tear stain remover solution because it works so well. I have a feeling pawpurity has a customer for life.

  17. Awesome product. My Persian cat has weepy eyes that causes stains. I used this tear stain remover solution daily for one week and saw a lot of improvement. After about a week and a half, the stains were completely gone. Now I use it once a week and they stay away.

  18. I ordered this tear stain solution a couple months ago and just used it on my cat two days ago. I have a Calico and he gets build up under his eyes from tears. Until now, they have been impossible to control. I wiped his eyes with a warm cloth and then used the solution. So much gunk and stain came off. I am amazed at how much stain is already gone.

  19. I LOVE THIS! My Shelton had stains so bad under his eyes it drove me nuts looking at him. I felt so helpless. I tried so many products and this is the only one that works. I also like that this company has so many other natural products. I'm trying the shampoo next even though my cat doesn't get fleas. The ingredients sound too healthy to pass up. Needless to say, I recommend this tear stain solution. It's great.

  20. excellent product. i got the 2 oz and then went back for more because it works. my cats eyes are so much better now. i used it a couple of times a day until they disappeared and then once a week after.

  21. I used this and it works great. I also bought the wipes. They work great too. One thing you have to rememver and I learned the hard way is you HAVE to use the tear stain remover powder after or it will take some time for the stains to disappear. Also keep using it as a weekly regieme so they stay away. I really like how it doesn’t have any bleach, peroxide, or other harmful ingredients.

  22. I use this on my old cat Stuffy and my little kitten. It works on both. Great product. Been using it for three + months now. Ordered it twice and always came on time. Thanks.

  23. I'll rate this really high. My tabby has tear stains beyond my control. Most products never really make a difference, but this does when i use the powder after. It's only been five days and I can see a big difference. I'm happy with it.

  24. I got so frustrated with the other products out there. They never did a thing to get rid of my cats tear stains. This one works. I ALWAYS use the powder after. It makes a difference. Just sayin....

  25. Can't go wrong with this. I tried many many others and nothing compares. My Henley's tear stains are gone thank goodness.

  26. This does the trick! Use the powder after and walla. Tear stains gone in a week. Still use it once in a while when they start to come back but this stuff is good.

  27. This works but you really have to keep at it and use it 2x a day until the stain are gone. Following up with the powder is really helpful too.

  28. My Himalayan is just so prone to tear stains. She's a faucet! I tried a lot of products to get rid of them but this is the only one I've stuck with. I use the tear stain powder after to keep the area dry and it works.

  29. my cat susie gets aweful tear stains and they don't go away. I tried this because my boyfriend got it for me when we were out shopping. It's great. Finally susie looks good again.

  30. Excellent product for removing tear stains on my cat. She's a Persian and it took a while to find one that actually did the job. Thanks.

  31. I love this tear stain remover solution. Took the stains from my 2 year old cats eyes in less than a week.

  32. This is such a great tear stain remover. My cat is white and it's really hard to find something that actually gets rid of the stains instead of just making them "look" better like the ones with peroxide. Glad to find one that works that's natural.

  33. My furbaby has been living with stains for 7 years now. I tried soooo many products. None have done what this one has. If I could give it a 10 star I would. I also use the powder to keep them away. I'm not going to ever let her look like she's been sobbing ever again.

  34. My cat is white and had horrid stains. I tried all kinds of whiteners and even made my own. This tear stain solution with the powder actually works. Took about two weeks because the whiteners damaged my cat's fur, but in the end we won out!

  35. I have a calico and her tear stains were impossible to get rid of. So I tried this tear stain remover and put the solution on a cloth. Used it 2 times a day and followed up with the powder as they suggested. Walla! What do you know....it works. No more tear stains after 4 years of trying.

  36. Can's say enough good things about this tear stain solution because it worked in about 2 weeks. No more stains.

  37. Great at getting rid of my baby's tear stains. I use the powder too and it repels new stains. Love it. Couldn't find any other to work nearly as well. Happy Camper!

  38. Impressed. Got rid of my cat's tear stains in just a few days. I use it with the powder to keep them away.

  39. I have a Siamese and her tears stains are so bad. We've been in and out of vets, on antibiotics, tried all kinds of products. I used this and the tear stain powder and finally they are improving a lot!

  40. I am a professional groomer and work on dogs with tear stains daily. I've found this product works best on light colored dog fur when it comes to stain removing. Poodles, Maltese, Bichons and Frises typically are more prone to staining than other dogs. I mainly use this solution to soften the crusted goobers so I can clean their eyes easily. This product is excellent but be careful to avoid eye contact if you are worried that your dog may be sensitive to allergens.

  41. I noticed a difference after the very 1st use today. I gently rubbed the lotion into her face with a soft toothbrush. When I wiped away the crusts I admit I was very worried, it actually looked worse than before but when I looked at the dog later after it had dried there was a definite improvement in her tear stains. I previously tried another company tear stain remover wipes and they did nothing for months. So I'm excited this one works so good! I did recently take my dog to the vet and he put her on anti-inflammatories for 10 days. I think I'll finally get out from behind the eight ball on my baby’s stains!

  42. Exceptional product! We have been living with drippy tear stains running down our pups eyes for six months since we got her and tried a bunch of different products and this one actually worked.

  43. Nice to know this product doesn't have a bunch of antibiotics or bleach. We totally messed up our chi-mixes eyes using a lightener and the stains got worse. I recommend this one for sure.

  44. My baby has teary eyes. I put him on antibiotics several times and they cleared up but kept coming back and I don't like that he could get immune to the antibiotics. I had to find something else and this is it. It works grear.

  45. I am a cat sitter in Austin and my client's cat had really bad tear stains. I bought this as a gift for her because I got the solution for dogs and used it on my pug and it got rid of the stains. I think it's the same. Anyway, it TOTALLY got rid of my client's cats tear stains!!!! She's one happy client!

  46. it works great even though it took longer than the bottle said, I think about 2 weeks total. Yeah I will buy it again b/c it works.

  47. I have a Calico and he gets awful tear stains so I tried this. I really like that it is all natural and does the job without much work.

  48. I have worked at cat rescues and seen our precious ones come it with horrid tear stains. I tried this on a few of them and the stains went away. I highly recommend this product.

  49. Our Calico gets really bad tear stains. I took her to the vet and put her on antibiotics. These worked for a while but the stains kept coming back and I don't want to keep her on antibiotics because they can't be good for her. I tried this tear stain remover and even though it took more than 2 weeks of using it twice a day the stains went away. I also bout the powder and now just use the solution and powder once a week. So far the stains have stayed away thank goodness.

  50. It took a bit longer than 7 days, but I love this stuff. My cat doesn't have red drips going down his face anymore.

  51. I have a calico that has leaky eyes and I tried so many products it was pathetic so I'm really glad I found this.

  52. Got rid of my cat's tear stains and the area doesn't smell anymore. I did have to get the powder and use it after so that did make a huge difference. Next time I will be buying the kit they have.

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