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The is the perfect no see ums, mosquito, flea and tick repellent treatment package that safely works to keep your dog protected without using using chemicals. The shampoo is olive-oil based and contains 26 organically-grown plants, six of which are potent repellents. The spray is an organic herbal, mineral and oil formulation that protects from insects, while also providing more than 40 natural nourishing and conditioning agents. Safe for dogs of all ages and breads. Made in USA. Tested on humans first. Refreshing frankincense and lemongrass herbal scent.

PAWPURITY FLEA & TICK REPELLENT SHAMPOO: This olive oil-based nourishing and flea and tick repellent shampoo that also alleviates and prevents dander, dryness, itching, hot spots, dermatitis, fungal-related skin conditions and allergies. It contains 26 potent plants extracted to their purest form plus colloidal silver. Pure organic essential oils boost the repelling action.

FLEA & TICK REPELLENT SPRAY: This spray is concentrated with 17 natural repellents to protect from fleas, ticks, mosquitos and no see ums. The formulation also is a powerful conditioner, containing 40+ natural healing agents to improve a dog’s skin and coat. Great for year-round between-bath use or for road trips. Clean lemongrass and thyme herbal scent.

SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULATION: This spray is exceptional for both dogs and cats with sensitivities or allergies. It uses only the purest organic ingredients. Safe for pets of all ages and breeds. Safe for use around children. Made in USA. Tested on humans first.


This non-toxic organic flea and tick repellent treatment package keeps fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and no see ums at bay! The ingredients used in both products contain highly powerful flea and tick repellents. In addition, because of their natural conditioning properties, they also help with itching, hot spots and dander. To keep fleas and ticks away, this repellent package contains the best pet shampoo and flea and tick spray made using only the finest organic ingredients. This package is an effective alternative to collars, pills, spot-on applications and other chemically derived forms of pesticidal flea & tick killers, some of which have been known to be toxic to your pet.

PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo is a 100% organic flea and tick repellent treatment shampoo that combines 26 potent plants and minerals to keep pests away while also improving and maintaining your dog’s skin and coat health. Its fresh herbal lemongrass scent is one that humans love and insects don’t. It repels, deep cleans, conditions, nourishes and leaves your pet with a luxurious shiny coat. Non-toxic.

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray contains 20 non-toxic natural flea and tick repellents to protect dogs without using dangerous poisons or chemicals. This plant- and nut-oil-based formulation provides a total of 118 natural benefiting agents to improve & maintain a dog’s skin & coat.

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, also may want to check out our Nose Saver, as contains sun protection and nose repair ingredients.


PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Cats: Olive Oil-Based Shampoo. Aloe Vera. Distilled Water. Rosemary Extract. Mullein. Comfrey. Apple Cider Vinegar. Witch Hazel. Red Clover. Lavender. Bamboo. Chamomile. Calendula. Yucca Root. Horsetail. Rosemary. Nettle Leaf. Witch Hazel. Apple Cider Vinegar. Colloidal Silver. Salt. Essential Oils: Frankincense. Cedarwood. Lemongrass

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats: Sweet Almond Oil. Jojoba Oil. Lemongrass. Rosemary. Ginger. Licorice Root. Yucca Root. Apple Cider Vinegar. Witch Hazel. Lavender. Lemon Balm. Licorice. Colloidal Silver. Frankincense Resin. Vegetable Glycerin. Salt. Black Pepper. Essential Oils: Cedarwood. Lemongrass. Frankincense. Thyme.

How to apply

PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Cats: Bathe your pet as often as necessary. Allow the flea and tick-repelling shampoo to sit for as long as your pet will allow so it has time to properly absorb into the skin.

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs: Spray before walking into areas where there may be fleas or ticks. Perfect for hiking, rest area stops, walks and sprucing up your pet’s coat between baths. This spray is also safe and effective for use on cats.

Customers reviews

62 reviews for Flea & Tick Repellent Kit – Natural Shampoo + Spray

  1. multipoolover

    Can’t say enough good things about this flea and tick remedy. The shampoo is amazing and the spray keeps the bugs away.

  2. Charliebo

    We used this brand of flea and tick control all last summer and it works. We felt comfortable with the all natural ingredients. It’s apparent this company cares.

  3. Mr.Jenkins

    This is the perfect combination that has kept my boston terrier flea and tick free all summer. I’m only using natural for now on. Try it. You’ll be as surprised as I was.

  4. Harvestmoon

    This shampoo and spray kit is a wow. Finally something that won’t hurt my Babbles and still protects. Simply great!

  5. Macy

    I love this shampoo and spray. I haven’t seen one tick or flea all summer and that is highly unusual.

  6. ustechgal

    The spray smells soooooo good! I love using it as a. conditioner. The shampoo is amazing too. I’ve never seen anything in stores like these.

  7. Henchybear

    This is a great combination! It keeps fleas and ticks away and we feel really good using it.

  8. Michael1989

    My wife bought this flea and tick set thinking it would deter mosquitoes too. Well it does and much more. We haven’t seen any pests on our pet since using it. But what we really are impressed by are the all natural ingredients. There’s a lot of shampoos and spray on the market that claim to be natural but when you read the label that means only 1 or 2 ingredients are natural. The rest are the same old chemicals we’ve been putting on our pets for years. In and out of vets for dry skin and allergies, licking the tops of their paws, scratching…you name it. This shampoo and spray is way more advanced. Try it. You will be glad you did. I give it the highest ratings!

  9. TednAl

    This kit did wonders at keeping fleas and ticks off our dogs. Not only that, my chi had dry skin and was biting at her paws all the time. I thought it was food allergies so I kept changing her diet. Turns out is was the shampoo and as soon as we started using this…..gone! No more biting.

  10. Libby

    This is an amazing flea and tick kit. We live in Washington and hike a lot. Insects and mosquitos used to be a huge problem. This kit is a game changer. Safe and natural. You won’t find anything like this ever.

  11. Bryan

    Very fast delivery.

  12. Zoey

    I’m glad we found this. There are no poisons in it and it works just as good as any other flea and tick treatment our vet had us using. Won’t go back to chemicals or pesticides ever again.

  13. Jeffnbrenda

    We absolutely fell in love with the flea and tick treatment. The shampoo smells wonderful and my Dachshund’s skin dryness is totally gone. It also brought out the brilliancy in her coat. And….we haven’t seen even one flea or tick since we started using this. The spray is a herbal mist and we use it between baths as a conditioner and before Lucy goes on walks. Can’t beat this totally natural set of flea and tick treatments.

  14. JasonB2B

    Exceptional. This is the second product we’ve bought from this company and have never been disappointed.

  15. Veronica132

    Super satisfied with both of these.

  16. Earheart

    When we first started using this set we were leary b/c we never used natural product before. but after reading all the horible things about the neck flea and tick treatments we tride this. Super glad we did. Both of these work really good and we didn’t have to put poison on our dogs to keep the fleas away.

  17. Robert

    Love that they are natural. Love even more that they keep the fleas off my Mr Graystone.

  18. JerryAET

    Great combo…and they smell great! Will buy again.

  19. Aimeee113

    Been looking for something natural that actually works for a long time now. Both of these are a Godsend! A+

  20. Tyler

    I will never go back to using pesticides on my dog again. Pawpurity you have a customer for life.

  21. LucilleYu

    I LOVE these products! we have been fighting fleas since we moved to Florida 3 years ago. Finding these products have been a game changer. Plus, they’re all-natural!


    My cat is a tom cat. He runs about at night and comes in to sleep during the day. He picks up fleas and ticks easily. I decided to try these flea products for my cat, and I’m really glad I did. The spray is easy to apply but my cat doesn’t like baths. But after fighting a huge infestation, I had to show him who’s boss. It’s great because neighter the shampoo or spray don’t cause any irritation. The natural ingredients give me peace of mind, and I haven’t seen any fleas or ticks on my cat since I started using them. And the scent is AMAZING!

  23. SallyWebdesign

    I’ve been using this shampoo for my dog for a while now, and it’s been simply amazing. It lathers well, and the natural ingredients got rid of my dog’s dry skin. It leaves a fresh herbal scent. The spray is a must to keep them away. I love that too.

  24. Charmagne

    I highly recommend this natural spray for anyone dealing with flea and tick issues. It’s super easy to use it’s more of a mist than a spray. I appreciate that it doesn’t contain toxic or harsh chemicals. It works great and has helped me keep my home free of fleas and ticks. The shampoo is a huge plus as well. Got rid of all the adult fleas during bathtime.

  25. LesH

    I love this shampoo and spray! It’s a great natural alternative to chemical-based flea and tick repellents. Both have a pleasant herbally smell and are safe for my pets. I’ve noticed we haven’t had a flea or tick since I started using them.

  26. JimmyJen

    We started using these repellents last year and they work. It was our first experience using natural products so it was really hard at first to trust that they would work. Both the shampoo (which I would use even if it didn’t repel) and the spray are awesome!

  27. Walter

    We live in a wooded area in Tennessee and my dogs are prone to getting fleas and ticks. We really want to go natural ever since my senior dog Gracie got so sick from flea medication. We fell in love with PawPurity’s Flea & Tick kit and haven’t gone back to pesticide based repellents since. We are glad not to be exposing our dogs to anything that is harmful.

  28. Patrick

    We’ve been using this kit for our dogs, and it is so fantastic. They really do last as long as they claim. I believe these are better options than the drops or the oral prescription. I hate those harmful collars on my pets so they are the best options for me forever.

  29. Nick doby

    I have two dogs, and to my surprise, neither I nor their groomers have ever seen any fleas or ticks on them. These 2 bottles are blessings for my dogs. They have an acre of fenced-in land with trees, bushes, leaves, and grass, and they play outside every day, but I’ve never had to worry about or check them for fleas or ticks.

  30. Henry Foss

    I recently got this amazing kit from PawPurity and it is amazing flea solution for my both cats. Both products don’t bother my babies and they don’t get offended lol.
    Thanks pawpurity.

  31. Cameron

    This was indeed a blessing from God. My dogs’ sleeping place and food bowls were on the back porch, and a stray cat kept sneaking in there. Fleas happened to both of my pets and I was so worried about infections. After spraying the dogs and treating the area, the problem went away. I wish I had thought to catch that0 stray cat and give it the medical care too.

  32. Tom Conor

    Since I have used so many of their other items, I decided to buy this flea spray product for my dog. The spray has a rather gentle odor, but I still spritz it along the baseboards, on the toys, and on the bedding before leaving the room for a few hours. However, I haven’t seen any fleas in my home for two weeks now.

  33. Karen Smith

    I followed the directions and tried this product out first on my dog. She enjoys strolls and has long hair. I take her for walks in the city and to parks, where she has a 50/50 chance of picking up fleas. When we go home, I follow instructions and spray her. In addition to using the product on her own chair and other furniture, I also stand up the pillows and chairs. To the best of my knowledge, it is harmless to humans and contains only natural substances.

  34. KennyYU

    Both work. Smell good. Natural!

  35. KathinaMan

    I love the smell of both of these and the ingredients are really good at keeping insects away. We took our dachshund with us into north Dakota and she loved running wild without a leash…at least as much as her little legs could take her. I felt fairly safe letting her do this because I’ve been using the shampoo for quite some time and the spray was just added protection. I would recommend this to anyone that lives in or near a wooded area…or that travels to them.

  36. Johnandme

    Both smell great. Ingredients are good at keeping insects away. We took our lab on a roadtrip to Florida and found some off-leash beaches. No fleas! I’ve been using the shampoo for quite some time with success and the spray was just added protection. A+

  37. Charlene

    My husband loves that these repellents comes in a set. We have lots of ticks where we live. The shampoo is one of the best we’ve ever used. The spray has been effective so far. We take it on road trips with us and haven’t had any issues. Plus it leaves our Harley with a soft coat. we’ve used other sprays and they pretty much either didn’t work or smelled aweful. This one is iind of lemony. Refreshing.

  38. MisterMasters

    Can’t say enough about this natural repelling duo. The shampoo is beyond great…great coat, skin is healthier than I’ve ever seen it and guess what????? no fleas! And the spray works too! Pawpurity has a new client for life.

  39. Macy-Wen

    Have to say this is the best shampoo and spray I’ve ever used on my dogs. I have two shelties and they both tend to pick up fleas on our walks. The shampoo is an amazing cleanser in and of itself. My babies really enjoy it and its totally natural…doesn’t cause and irritation or itching. The spray doesn’t leave my dogs sticky or smelly like the other sprays that I’ve used before have. I’ll stay with these two products.

  40. Victoria

    I am so happy with these two products. First, the shampoo has worked wonders on my labradoodle. Here coat is extra thick and she is sensitive to so many shampoos. Unfortunately, she ususally picks up fleas and so far since I started using the shampoo and spray….not a single one! They both have such unusually herbal scents that I really love and her coat is so much cleaner and softer. I found what I’ve been looking for.

  41. Hensontwo

    We live in a heavily wooded area in Tennessee and I absolutely cannot stand using any topical treatments on our dogs because one of them is a cancer survivor… So yep -sometimes we’ll find a tick or two on our dogs or near their beds or on their skin. But…. I am so happy with this product for several reasons. Not only does it kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, mosquitoes on contact, it prevents them from even attaching onto our 3 dogs (plus 2 cats!) in the first place! Both of these products are different but the best I’ve ever found at protecting our clan. We’re definitely a life-long fan!

  42. Robbiesnest

    I’ve been looking for something like this and they both work.

  43. mona135

    I really like that these repellents come in a set. I’m not sure how long the shampoo is active for so the spray is good. I’ve noticed my dogs have not been brining home fleas and I really like the way the shampoo cleans. I fell my dogs are heathier this way rather than using pesticides.

  44. Tia

    Shampoo is great and the spray keeps the bugs off my dog.

  45. Vendy

    We live on the edge or a river in Washington and the fleas are everywhere. I’m allergic to certain fragrances and my dogs don’t like the flea protectors I used to put on their necks. In fact, they used to run when they heard me open them. This shampoo has clean smell and the dog’s are flea free. This is the third purchase from paw purity and it’s simply just a great flea and tick set. Thanks.

  46. Manny


  47. VictoriaL

    Love this combo its all natural and my dog has sensitive skin so i’m happy and so is she

  48. beingbrenda

    This is really good. I use the shampoo for my dog all the time. The spray stays in the car for road trips.

  49. Boomer

    Been using the shampoo for a long time and love it. Just started using the spray this summer. It keeps the fleas away and makes my Harvey’s hair much softer.

  50. Rita

    After our dog got EXTREMELY SICK from the spot-on treatments our vet recommended, we found this and are super thankful. It’s really scary to know what people are putting on their pets just to keep fleas away that have poison in them. Natural is way better. We found out the hard way.

  51. Hans

    Totally natural….can’t beat that

  52. TY

    Excellent combo

  53. Carley

    Bought this kit for our daughter and she loves it. She lives in Wisconsin and her dog ususally gets fleas but she said that hasn’t happened since she started using this.

  54. Vernon

    This is the perfect kit for road trips. We used to hate stopping at truck stops so our Frenchie could rellieve herself but now we just spray her down first and it works at keeping the fleas off. We love it.

  55. Gabe

    I’m glad this comes as a set now. It’s a lot less money and I really use these products a lot.

  56. SarahT

    Winning ticket! The shampoo has done wonders on my King Charles and the spray has definitely keep her flea free.

  57. Erica

    We have two Great Danes and their skin is super sensitive. We used to buy this shampoo and spray separately. This is a better deal.

  58. chole

    this is the perfect combo to keep away pests and keep my lab’s hair smelling great. no more scratching or red spots. it’s wonderful!

  59. Youngagain

    Just a great way to keep Harvey safe and the fleas away.

  60. tmc

    Super products!

  61. Dianna

    Finding flea and tick repellents that don’t have a bunch of garbage in them is super hard. This combo works great and my dog is safe.

  62. jeff

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thanks.

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