Flea & Tick Repellent Kit – Natural Shampoo + Spray


The is the perfect no see ums, mosquito, flea and tick repellent treatment package that safely works to keep your dog protected without using using chemicals. The shampoo is olive-oil based and contains 26 organically-grown plants, six of which are potent repellents. The spray is an organic herbal, mineral and oil formulation that protects from insects, while also providing more than 40 natural nourishing and conditioning agents. Safe for dogs of all ages and breads. Made in USA. Tested on humans first. Refreshing frankincense and lemongrass herbal scent.

PAWPURITY FLEA & TICK REPELLENT SHAMPOO: This olive oil-based nourishing and flea and tick repellent shampoo that also alleviates and prevents dander, dryness, itching, hot spots, dermatitis, fungal-related skin conditions and allergies. It contains 26 potent plants extracted to their purest form plus colloidal silver. Pure organic essential oils boost the repelling action.

FLEA & TICK REPELLENT SPRAY: This spray is concentrated with 17 natural repellents to protect from fleas, ticks, mosquitos and no see ums. The formulation also is a powerful conditioner, containing 40+ natural healing agents to improve a dog’s skin and coat. Great for year-round between-bath use or for road trips. Clean lemongrass herbal scent.

SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULATION: This spray is exceptional for both dogs and cats with sensitivities or allergies. It uses only the purest organic ingredients. Safe for pets of all ages and breeds. Safe for use around children. Made in USA. Tested on humans first.


This non-toxic organic flea and tick repellent treatment package keeps fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and no see ums at bay! The ingredients used in both products contain highly powerful flea and tick repellents. In addition, because of their natural conditioning properties, they also help with itching, hot spots and dander. To keep fleas and ticks away, this repellent package contains the best pet shampoo and flea and tick spray made using only the finest organic ingredients. This package is an effective alternative to collars, pills, spot-on applications and other chemically derived forms of pesticidal flea & tick killers, some of which have been known to be toxic to your pet. May also be used on cats more than 10 weeks old.

PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo is a 100% organic flea and tick repellent treatment shampoo that combines 26 potent plants and minerals to keep pests away while also improving and maintaining your dog’s skin and coat health. Its fresh herbal lemongrass scent is one that humans love and insects don’t. It repels, deep cleans, conditions, nourishes and leaves your pet with a luxurious shiny coat. Non-toxic.

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray contains 11 non-toxic natural flea and tick repellents to protect dogs and cats without using dangerous poisons or chemicals. This plant- and nut-oil-based formulation provides a total of 118 natural benefiting agents to improve & maintain a dog’s skin & coat.

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, also may want to check out our Nose Saver, as contains sun protection and nose repair ingredients.


PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Cats: Olive Oil-Based Shampoo. Aloe Vera. Distilled Water. Rosemary Extract. Mullein. Comfrey. Apple Cider Vinegar. Witch Hazel. Red Clover. Lavender. Bamboo. Chamomile. Calendula. Yucca Root. Horsetail. Rosemary. Nettle Leaf. Witch Hazel. Apple Cider Vinegar. Colloidal Silver. Salt. Essential Oils: Frankincense. Cedarwood. Lemongrass

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats: Sweet Almond Oil. Jojoba Oil. Lemongrass. Rosemary. Ginger. Licorice Root. Yucca Root. Apple Cider Vinegar. Witch Hazel. Lavender. Lemon Balm. Licorice. Colloidal Silver. Frankincense Resin. Vegetable Glycerin. Salt. Black Pepper. Essential Oils: Cedarwood. Lemongrass. Frankincense. Thyme.

How to apply

PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Cats: Bathe your pet as often as necessary. Allow the flea and tick-repelling shampoo to sit for as long as your pet will allow so it has time to absorb into the skin properly.

PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs: Spray before walking into areas with fleas or ticks. Perfect for hiking, rest area stops, walks and sprucing up your pet’s coat between baths. This spray is also safe and effective for use on cats.

Between flea & tick season, PawPurity’s Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is similar to our Flea & Tick Shampoo. You can enjoy both year-round.