Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs - Lemongrass + Cedarwood


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This olive oil-based shampoo is a proprietary formula containing 6 powerful plant- and mineral-derived flea, tick and mosquito repellents. It’s also a deep cleanser rich in vitamins E, C and B, and natural antioxidants, antifungals, anti-inflammatories and conditioners. The formulation has been proven effective yet gentle enough for dogs with extreme sensitivities. Its fresh herbal citrus scent is one that humans love and insects don't.

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PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo is a powerful 100% natural tick and flea shampoo for dogs and cats. It's a five-in-one shampoo that wards off insects, cleanses, nourishes and conditions leaving your pet’s skin and coat healthy and luxurious. The way the shampoo's ingredients are formulated creates a balanced compound that has anti-fungal agents, that attack microbes and prevent danger. It's an excellent choice for dogs and cats with sensitivities.

The ingredients include but are not limited to, olive oil shampoo base, aloe vera juice, calendula, rosemary, ginger, nettle, yucca root, red clover, vegetable glycerin, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar. Essential oils used to boost its repelling and nourishing properties include cedarwood, lemongrass, frankincense and marjoram. It contains 100% natural preservatives.

Wet, apply shampoo rubbing deep into the hair or fur shaft. Allow to sit for at least two minutes or as long as your pet will permit before rinsing. It is advised to use PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for between-bath repelling.


172 comments on “Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs - Lemongrass + Cedarwood”

  1. This is the only shampoo I will ever use again. No fleas or ticks. It got rid of my dog's dander totally and his coat is like silk.

  2. We fell in love with this shampoo after using it once. You can smell the freshness and it makes Lucys fur so healthy looking. We could really tell the difference.

  3. I really like that this is all natural. I can tell by the smell and the way my dogs stopped scratching.They haven't picked up one flea since we started using it. Their skin is getting healithier.

  4. We have a black lab that had so much dander it was really hard on my allergies. This shampoo got rid of it which is something I just didn't expect. Keeping my fingers crossed it keeps working

  5. It's a good shampoo but it pours out too fast and when I'm trying to hold my dog and pour this stuff on him it's hard

  6. I wouldn't give this stuff up for the world. NO MORE FLEAS OR TICKS!!!! It doesn't lather much but I have to tell you it is the best shampoo I have ever used on my dog. No more scratching or dander. Just a soft coat and you can smell how natural it is.

  7. After I got this and used it on my dogs a few times to get rid of the fleas and it definitely did that. I noticed they stopped scratching too. No more dander! I guess natural does make a difference.

  8. Finally, no more scratching! My toy poodle and sheltie are free of the bugs at last. We live next to a park and so far nothing has worked. We're a customer for life!

  9. We live in Washington where there are fleas. Your shampoo kept them off all summer. Thanks. BTW we use the spray too before walks. Not sure if it's necessary but it makes our dog smell really good.

  10. Awesome shampoo. None of the crap my other shampoos had. I hope this review gets read by everyone. Folks, you need to read the labels on your shampoos. They are full of preservatives that can have horrible effects on your dog's skin. I know. I had my dog in and out of the vet all the time for allergies. She was always scratching. No more! Can's say enough good things about this shampoo.


  12. I have a Labrador and she gets fleas every year. I hate giving her poisons to take and she hates the stuff that goes on her neck. She runs when she hears the package opening. I tried this shampoo and was suprised that Bigsley did not get one flea on her for the last entire month I really have to support this product. I also got the spray and use in on her a few times a week.

  13. I read up on the preservatives on my old shampoos. Then bought this. I'll never use anything else again. I'm totally impressed. No more dander. No more scratching.

  14. I ususally don't write reviews but this shampoo requires it. My dog Mr. Rogers somehow always finds ways to get fleas during the summer. I started using this shampoo and the spray they have in August after making sure he had no more fleas. I have not seen one flea since. This requires a great rating because I refuse to give my dog pesticides and now finally I don't have to deal with fleas.

  15. This shampoo blew me away. It's all natural. Not one thing in it that is dangerous and IT WORKS!!!!! Besides Primo looks and smells great.

  16. We don't have fleas here in Las Vegas, but a friend bought this for me and we absolutely love it. My dog is a chihuahua and she used to be scratching all the time because her skin was so dry. No more. Now she's clean and he coat is silky.

  17. EVERYTHING in it is natural. My dog's skin and coat are so much healthier since we started using it. We are customers for life.

  18. This is the best (and healthiest) shampoo for keeping fleas away. I refuse to use pills and products that get applied to the neck. My dog doesn't like that and used to run when he heard the package opening. When I looked up what was in all these products I had been using for years, I was shocked. Beware guys. Read the labels. I went natural and am happy I did.

  19. I have been using this on Poncho and will never go back to using shampoos with ingredients I can't pronounce. Word of advice....read your labels.

  20. I fell in love with this after the first time I used it on my pit. No more continuous scratching. Her skin is improving.

  21. I got this because it's natural and thought it would be good for my dog's skin. It is great! And it even got rid of her tear stains.

  22. I have nothing but good things to say about this shampoo. It has made such an improvement in my labs skin I can't even say. She used to scratch a lot and doesn't. Plus it really does repel fleas and ticks. We didn't have one episode this season and that's unusual.

  23. My dog's coat and skin are so much healthier since I started using this. I not only repels fleas but really does an amazing job on keeping his skin from being dry.

  24. It's the best shampoo I have ever used on my dogs. I am so going natural on all their skin products after using this one. Thank you!

  25. LOVE it. It's all natural and NO TOXINS!!!! I'll never go back to what I was using before. Such a difference in my Misty's coat and skin I can't tell you how much better it is.

  26. Well my Whiskers didn't get fleas or ticks all summer so I'll have to give this a high rating. I also like the way it made him smell.....fresh.

  27. Our dog is extremely sensitive to shampoos with chemicals and we typically just use baby shampoo which honestly, I not sure did her any good. I switched it up and decided to try this. I LOVE that this shampoo has only 100% natural ingredients—all plants! It has NO sulfates or parabens and I have done my research. These are not good for any animal’s skin. So after using this, it was really awesome. She had no itching after like what typically happens with other pet shampoos. It smells great too and I can tell, is moisturizing for her coat. Highly recommend.

  28. I wish I had taken a before and after photos! You would not believe the difference. My sheltie puppy had a bacterial infection on his stomach. I was using medicated shampoos and topical antibiotics and a spray my vet recommended. Nothing helped so we decided to try this all natural shampoo and his stomach has cleared up with lots of healthy fur growing back. We also got the paw conditioner and OMG I can’t even begin to describe the difference. And the paw conditioner is just simply amazing.

  29. I am totally hooked on this shampoo. I doesn't have EVEN ONE chemical in it and it has made my Peppy's skin stop itching and here dander is long gone!

  30. I hope everyone reading this review tries this shampoo at least once. I have a beagle that has had skin allergies since she turned 2. The folds in her skin and her belly get the worst of it. Every year it was getting increasingly worse...licking her paws and rubbing the face constantly. I used this shampoo because it has a lot of good anti allergy and anti fungal properties and amazingly she is doing so much better. I see such major improvements which is why I had to write this review...which typically is something I don't do. So, all I can say is if your dog has skin conditions, at least give this shampoo a try. It's not just for repelling insects, it's a nourishing conditioner and it works wonders.

  31. This is so much better than using the collar. I knew it wasn’t good for my dog Nipper but my other options seemed worse. Take a pill that keeps fleas away for 3 months? Really? Overload my dog with pesticides? No way. The collar isn’t any better because it rubs off pesticides on kids and I have a houseful. So that said, I am very thankful that such a great product came out. I use this and the flea and tick spray and it’s doing what it’s supposed to do and then some because my dog’s coat is super silky now and there isn’t any more dander. Thank you Pawpurity.

  32. My dog had bald spots from scratching before I started using this. After about 3 washings, his hair has grown back and he's stopped scratching entirely. The ingredients are amazing and totally pure. It's a flea and tick shampoo but it is the only shampoo I'll ever use on Higgins again.

  33. We don't have fleas in this area but there are other insects. I didn't buy this shampoo as a repellent. I bought it because it's the only all natural plant based shampoo I could find on the market without horrid preservatives and sulfates. I think it's was sulfates that make my dog itch so much. After using this twice, turns out I was right. I'm a customer for life.

  34. I cannot tell you how great this flea and tick shampoo is. Every single ingredient is good for my Shih-tzu's skin and coat. It's way more than a repellent (and even those are natural and safe). Believe me, I researched the ingredients lol

  35. My husband used this flea and tick shampoo on our Harrison several times. After the second washing we began to notice he didn't have nearly as much dander as usual. We both have allergies so this really helped. Plus, we like the fact that we don't have to worry about flea and tick applications we used to put on his neck that he hated so much. I'm sure they had pesticides in them. We would rather prevent fleas rather than have to kill them. We also use the spray before walks just to insure none jump on him. We highly recommend.

  36. After reading the the page about natural pet products, we decided to buy this and give it a try. It's surprisingly wonderful. It smells fresh, cleans well and we feel like it's actually nourishing our Max's skin. I think we will definitely keep using it. We through out all our other shampoos after reading the labels. No need for them now.

  37. It feels so much better to protect my Susie from fleas without using poisons. Every time I put the liquid on her neck she ran when she heard me opening it. I think it stung her. Anyway, every ingredient in this flea and tick shampoo is NATURAL!!! I feel safe using it.

  38. Excellent product! Love what it did for my Elmer's skin. He used to get bad hot spots and this helped calm those down.

  39. This is without a doubt the best shampoo I have ever used on my Boston Terrier. I really like the way it smells, that it's ALL natural and he doesn't scratch like he used to. His dander is nearly gone and his coat feels great. What else can I say?

  40. I have tried forever to find a shampoo without all the garbage in it. I'm sick of the toxins! This one has no sulfates, no parabens, no insecticides and no perfumes!!!! You won't find anything better than this. It keeps the fleas away AND is good for any dog's skin. My lab smells great and her skin is healthy now. I'm totally impressed and thankful.

  41. I used to give my dog a bath to get him clean. With this shampoo, it's an experience because I know it is also helping with his skin. He doesn't itch like he used to. The dander hardly appears and his coat is extremely soft. It's great stuff.

  42. I never realized how different natural products were until I used this shampoo. It doesn't just clean, but also makes my dog's skin and coat much healthier. The ingredients all have different healing qualities and it's so much better than the typical shampoo. I haven't been to the vet once for skin problems since using it. I recommend everyone try it. I promise you will see a huge difference.

  43. I have been using this on My Basset Hound Cruiser for three months now. His body is so close to the ground it's always a challenge to keep the fleas and other insects off of him. This is the only shampoo I will ever use. I also use the flea and tick spray before walks. The shampoo and spray have keep Cruiser free from insects jumping on him plus it's an amazing nourishing treatment. His skin and coat are so much healthier now.

  44. I love this shampoo. I can tell how much healthier my Mini Schnauzers skin is since we started using it. We don't have fleas in our area, but the ingredients were enough to sell me on this product. It's the perfect year round pet shampoo that has nothing but great ingredients and no chemicals. I would recommend it to any dog owner.

  45. This flea and tick shampoo is simply amazing. Thank you for making something without a bunch of chemicals in it. Probably save me a ton in vet bills lol.

  46. You can't beat this. My dog's skin has improved a lot since we started using it. No sulfates, formaldahyde, parabens....nothing. Just plants that heal. It's great.

  47. I use this shampoo as a flea and tick repellent but it's so much more. My dog's fur and skin are so much healthier. I wish I had found this a long time ago.

  48. I have a Sheltie, (Radar) that was diagnosed with dermatomyositis (it's an autoimmune disease that affects the skin. My vet recommended I changed his diet (which I did) and use this flea and tick shampoo because it has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties without having side affects that medicated shampoos after continued use. I am thankful this shampoo exists. It truly is the best!

  49. I see why my friend recommended this flea and tick shampoo for my Jameson. He is a German Shepherd/Mastiff that recently developed bad allergies that made him scratch until he was sore. I fell in love with this shampoo after the first washing. Even though it's all natural it suds well and Jameson doesn't scratch nearly as much. His sore spots are starting to clear up too. It's been a week so I'm going to bath him again tomorrow. I'm impressed so far.

  50. This is an all time favorite tick repellent shampoo. I used it for the past couple of months and my dog Feeby who used to get fleas and ticks all the time where I had to remove them, has had not had a SINGLE ONE. Plus I like that ALL the INGREDIENTS ARE TOTALLY NATRUAL! I am sure this is why she doesn't scrach so much.

  51. Best flea and tick shampoo I've found so far. Fleas are a problem where I live and I don't like dousing my dogs in pesticides. This is a great alternative. I recommend totally.

  52. After three months of using this shampoo, I'll NEVER us anything else. My dog has no more scratching issues, no dander and her coat is beautiful.

  53. I use this and the flea and tick shampoo and feel so much better than using collars and the pesticides I used to put on my Primo. She's a lab and we live near the beach. I feel much better with preventing fleas than using the horrid flea killers that are on the market. It works so I'm delighted.

  54. We live in California and our Sheltie has really bad skin conditions. And to top it off, she picks up fleas because her fur is sits close to the ground and her fur is long. We tried this shampoo for a couple of months and fell in love with it. I use this and the flea and tick spray before walks. Besides keeping the fleas away, we have not had to go to the vet for her dermatitis since. REALLY HAPPY.

  55. My husband bought this because he liked all the natural ingredients. I'm really glad he did. This is the best shampoo I have used on my dog. She smells and feels clean and her skin is not flakey anymore.

  56. This flea and tick shampoo is simply awesome. No chemicals or crapy toxin like parabens or formaldahyde. Yes...we started reading labels b/c we got tired of taking Hogan to the vet for skin issues. This is tops.

  57. I didn't buy this shampoo for fleas or ticks but because my dog's skin is extremely dry and needed conditioning. I have used it twice now and his skin is alot better. He barley scratches anymore and his dander is going away.

  58. This is the kind of speciality shampoo I have waited for for a long time. Unlike all the other shampoos out there, there are no toxins in it. My pug gets Folliculitis and hot spots from scratching. This shampoo did what I hoped it would. Her skin is so much healthier now.

  59. My dog is allergic to just about everything so I have to be really careful about what shampoo i use on him. I tried this one because it didn't have any sulfates are parabens or perfumes and he took to it well. Thanks.

  60. I would use this on my dog even if she wasn't prone to getting fleas. I love the smell and her skin and coat are so much healthier since I started using it. Thanks.

  61. The ingredients in this flea shampoo are amazing. I was sick of using pesticides to keep the fleas away so I absolutely love this product

  62. Every single ingredient in this shampoo works to make my dog, Skip have healthy skin. I can tell such a big diffeence from when I used regular shampoo. So glad I switched.

  63. I don't usually write reviews but I feel compelled to do so now. This shampoo is chock full of natural ingredients. I first got it because it's a flea and tick repellent but after two months of using it I notice my dog doesn't scratch anymore. Plus, places where her hair was becoming coarse and scarce in certain areas is now growing back healthy and soft. I'm sold on this flea and tick shampoo all the way around.

  64. This flea and tick shampoo is the best shampoo I have ever used on my dog. The ingredients have done wonders to stop him from scratching and I haven't seen a flea on him for months.

  65. Dog shampoo doesn't get much better. So excited there are no toxins in it. Cleans great, smells great, no more dander and no more scratching!!!!!

  66. I am soooo tired of using colars and stuff to put on my dogs neck. It's poison! This works and I'm super happy I found it.

  67. No more fleas. Great coat. All natural.....What's not to like about this amazing shampoo?????? Try it, I can tell you you will love it!

  68. Amazing natural pet shampoo. I've looked for a long time for something this good. My labs skin is shiny, not itching love it

  69. It's been so hard to find a product that would deal with my dog's allergies. After nearly 8 years, I came to the realization that she didn't have food allergies, but it was the products I was using on her skin....the shampoo, spray etc. I highly recommend this product. It will save you vet bills.

  70. Every time I try to put on the flea and tick repellent I bought from the vet's office. My dogs would run and hide. No wonder. They are full of pesticides. Horrible! This flea and tick shampoo and the spray are perfect suppliments. I'll take natural any day over the garbage that's in the neck poisons.

  71. lol when your dog is full of poison from flea collars, no wonder they won't live on them. How good can this be? Anyway, I switched to Pawpurity's flea and tick shampoo. Bought the spray too and have never been happier.

  72. After reading about the flea and tick collar that killed 1700 dogs, I bought this and fell in love with it. I also bought the flea and tick spray. I feel so much better about not putting pesticides on my dog!

  73. I don't care if this kills fleas or not, this is by far the best pet shampoo I've ever used on my doberman Lexie. I really made her skin so much healthier.

  74. I have two hounds and they get so smelly. This shampoo keeps the fleas away but also makes it so I don't have to wash them nearly as often. The smell is so fresh and natural.

  75. It may not suds as much as our regular shampoo but it is sooooo much better at making their skin and coat healthy and clean. Never going back to off the shelf stuff. I am super happy with this.

  76. Less suds but cleans much better than the others and stopped my dogs skin from being dry. Plan on sticking to this one. Its a great natural shampoo.

  77. This is the best shampoo we have ever used. It doesn't suds a lot because there are no sulfates which is fine by me.

  78. This is the 4th product I have bought from pawpurity and i fell in love with all of them. Buy this shampoo, you won't regret it.

  79. My dogs are outdoors all the time and I refuse to use pesticides on them. This flea and tick shampoo works wonders. I also spray them daily with the flea spray. Amazing products and they smell great.

  80. We live in an area where there are a lot of fleas and ticks. This shampoo is amazing. We also use the spray daily. Smells good, conditions and REPELS!

  81. My guinea pig was having a scratch-a-thon, so I used PawPurity's flea and tick shampoo (for cats and dogs) on him and his naturally coarse hair is glistening now and I wasn't worried about the smell of chemicals! Wonderful product thank you.

  82. My German Shepherd gets into all kinds of messes including areas where there are fleas. He comes back from hiking with my husband covered. I used this flea shampoo and so far so good. Haven't seen a flea yet. He also gets sprayed down with the flea spray alot.

  83. Just rescued a puppy and used this shampoo on her. She had a flea infestation even though the people that were fostering her said she was totally clean. I love this shampoo!

  84. Not enough good things to say...just know that this works, smells great, dogs stay cleaner for longer and there are NO TOXINS init

  85. I was really impressed when I got this because it has even more natural ingredients than I thought. This company put a lot into make this an extremely excellent shampoo.

  86. never again will i use the garbage on my dogs necks.....this works just fine and it has NO PESTICIDES!!!!!

  87. i don't ususally write reviews but this shampoo deserves one. it is the best shampoo i've ever used on my furbaby....ever!

  88. We have alot of fleas where we live and so far my dog managed to avoid getting bit and we didn't use any pesticide treatments on her just this shampoo. It obviously works.

  89. my dog smells great and we used it all summer without getting fleas. We are on our 3rd bottle. Won't use anything else.

  90. We love how it keeps fleas away and how good it smells. Our labs coat is so much healthier too. I give this shampoo a high rating.

  91. I took my cat out for a walk and she got flea's. I had no idea until a few weeks later I found some on her. I used this shampoo and she wasn't happy but it worked. All the fleas came off. I am still giving her baths, but it takes time because I don't want to bomb the house and they are still there. The shampoo was great though.

  92. Can't say enough good things about this shampoo. It's all natural...actually even edible, it smells refreshing and it cleans leaving no residue.

  93. We are completely sold on this shampoo. We used it on our two pugs and they are squeaky clean and no ugly preservatives so no reaction.

  94. I've been using Pawpurity's shampoos for three years now and I'll never go back to anything else. I have to hand it to them.They nailed it!

  95. This is an amaqzing shampoo. Don't think twice about buying it. Got rid of the dander and dry spots and keep the fleas awasy!

  96. This is a WOW. Smells great and my dog didn't get fleas all summer. What I really like too is it keeps her clean much longer than my old shampoo.

  97. My dogs got over ran by fleas during our hot and humid Florida summer. This smells great and kills fleas right when I washed them.

  98. I'm done with using chemical flea treatments, both topical and oral. I feel like the long-term health hazards are way too risky and don't want to take the risk. We just ordered this about 2 months ago and are still working through the first container. 8 ounces goes a long way with this shampoo. It doesn't take much. The good news is, we have yet to see a flea, and this has been very hot in Texas this summer. Our pup goes to daycare where there are tons of dogs that he plays with. If he's was bound to get fleas, it would have been from daycare! But fingers crossed, nothing so far. We'll keep using this shampoo and treat him in a safer and natural way.

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