Healing Paw Conditioner for Dogs


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Healing Paw Conditioner by PawPurity® is a paw healer that treats painful dry, rough or cracked paw pads and nails quickly and naturally. This therapeutic formulation is rich in nature’s most powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and conditioning agents. It generates new pad cell growth and strengthens the nails to keep paws resilient and healthy year round.

INGREDIENTS: Contains 17 plant- and mineral-based healing and conditioning agents combined with grass-fed food-grade tallow.

HEALING PROCESS: Absorbs immediately. Your dog’s paw healing starts at time of application. It is not waxy. Will not make tracks in your home. Safe for even the most avid paw lickers.

ACTIVE PROPERTIES: 11 Restorative and soothing | 9 Antiseptic | 7 Anti-inflammatory | 7 Fungal Protectors

Warning: This product contains plants, nuts, seeds, and their by-products. For external use only. Do not ingest. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Keep out of reach of children.


PawPurity Healing Paw Conditioner is a 100% organic paw healer that contains 17 organici plants, oils and minerals combined with pure high-grade tallow. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. This paw healer absorbs quickly and begins working right away. It is formulated using only the purest organic ingredients to restore your dog’s paws to good health and keep them protected year round.


*Safe for even them most avid lickers. All essential oils used are safe for dogs.


100% ORGANIC PAW HEALERS: 100% Natural Ingredients: 17 organic plants + oils + minerals
Mullein Extract. Broccoli Seed Oil. Colloidal Silver. Aloe Vera Oil. Biotin. Vitamin E & C. Tallow. Red Clover. Vegetable Glycerin. Beeswax. Calendula. Yucca. Grapeseed Oil. BTMS 25 (Colza plant derived). Nettle. Essential oils: Frankincense, Lemongrass, Sweet Marjoram. Natural preservative.

How to apply

Apply PawPurity’s paw balm to your dog’s pads and nails daily. It may be applied as often as you like. The ingredients are 100% organic and safe for dogs. Since we only use natural preservatives, please make sure to keep the container sealed and in a cool place.

Customers reviews

198 reviews for Healing Paw Conditioner for Dogs

  1. Catherine MALLEN

    It arrived promptly. I love it and so do the dogs paws. Thanks you.

  2. Christina A.

    This stuff is AMAZING! My dogs paws were a mess from walking them on hot sidewalks and now all the scratches and roughness are totally gone!

  3. Lola Franc (verified owner)

    My dogs paws were scrachy and now they aren’t. LOVE this stuff. Smells like lemon.

  4. Grace J

    both of my dog’s paws were cracking from walking this summer. had to do something. Bought this and been using it. Their paws are improving a lot! I use it too lol 🙂

  5. Liz Nipton

    My dogs paws went from being scratchy and rough to soft in a week. Can’t say enough about this stuff

  6. Mary Hanes

    I was worried about my dog’s paws after summer because they were really damaged. This paw cream is so full of nutrients it healed them in no time. Smells great too!

  7. Tim Abrams

    Don’t trust reviews but had to rate this cuz this stuff really works.

  8. Sam Timbel

    Gorgie has horrible paw issues. The paw cream really helped. Thanks

  9. Tish Lelena

    delivered on time. smells great. Been using it for a few days now and seeing improvmenet

  10. LM Lester

    our dogs paws are pretty messed up from walking on hot sidewalks. tried this. helping but taking a long time to heal.

  11. Tina Roberts-Grayson

    Yummy! Love it.

  12. Miyashiro Shiori

    My dog licks his paws so I’m always hesitant to get paw creams. This one is different. When they say all natural they mean it. I could even tell the difference when I opened the jar.

  13. Rebecca Collins

    The ingredients really are all natural and it’s making my dog’s paws soft again.

  14. Tiffany Jenkins

    My Scuffy loves this stuff and loves getting her paws rubbed. She licks her paws after but only reaches the top and that’s fine because the everything in it is organic.

  15. Tom Bradshaw

    Haven’t found anything better. Smells good. Made my dog’s paws smooth again. And after this summer, that’s saying alot.

  16. Sanja Perez

    I can’t say enough good things about this paw conditioner. It really does heal.

  17. Linda Rogers

    We have 4 large dogs that love to dig and play in the backyard. Their paws get thrashed. This conditioner cleaned them right up. They are in much better shape now. Thanks.

  18. Shelly Monroe

    This is really good on my dog’s paws. The only thing is, I bought the large size and with only one dog only need the small. It goes a long away.

  19. Alice Cunningham-Jones

    My Greyhound gets awful corns on his paws and I know they hurt him. I put this in the refridgerator and it soothes him. I’ve seen a big difference since using it.

  20. Mark Woodsman

    my doberman had horrible paws pads after summer. this paw cream helped alot

  21. Roger Williams Sr.

    My dog’s paws couldn’t have gotten any more messedup. They had cracks that even bleed sometimes and they were so rough it wasn’t funny. So I ordered this and used it for about a week then started seeting a huge improvement. I’m going to rate it high.

  22. Sandy Miller-Smith

    my dogs love getting their own personal foot rubs 🙂 It smells heavenly and it really helping their paws feel lots healthier

  23. Sandra Garry

    OMG I have a french pug and he loves getting his paws rubbed with this conditioner. It even works on my hands!

  24. Rachael M

    I’m in love with this. I have two Australian Shepherds and their paw pads get really messed up from playing in the yard and walking on hot surfaces. This paw conditioner has made their paw pads so smooth again. I can tell how healthy they are now.

  25. Melinda Hines

    This paw cream is unbelievable. I have a Husky and his paws were damaged after a summer of hiking. I tried other creams and they just seem to seep in and the next day his paws were the same. This paw conditioner actually healed his paws. I use it before he goes to bed so his paws have time to heal. Works great.

  26. Caroline Mathews-Johnson

    This worked so good on my dogs paws I use it myself 🙂 They had scratched pads…pretty beat up. They look super healthy now. This paw conditioner has such a fresh smell and is so natural you can’t help but love it.

  27. Jenner T

    I live in Montana and me and my dogs did a lot of hiking this summer. Their pads were scratched up and cracked. I bought this and in about a week, they were completely healthy. Smooth, soft and supple as they should be. They lick their paws a lot so I called the company and they said that it’s fine. They sent me a list of the ingredients and it’s completely made of plants and food. Pretty awesome in my book. Plus, it smells great.

  28. Jan Samuels

    Best paw conditioner yet. NOTHING artificial in it and all healing ingredients.

  29. Anzan Hara

    My dog’s paws are so much softer now. I can see how much this paw conditioner has improved them in just a week.

  30. Jonathan Trevor-Smith

    My husband and I love how this makes our dog Prince’s paw feel. He’s a pit and nothing stops him from digging up our backyard. His paw pads get really thrashed. Glad we found this and highly recommend it to anyone with a dog that needs paw treatment.

  31. Nana Iona

    I absolutely love this paw conditioner. It does so much to make my dog’s paws healthy. I love the fact that it’s all natural plants.

  32. Katherine Lester

    This paw conditioner is super! My dog’s love it and so do I.

  33. Cameron P

    This is the best pet product I’ve ever bought. I love putting it on my dog while we’re watching TV. She loves it and her paws are incredibly soft and smooth now.

  34. Jilly Washington

    I LOVE THIS! My dog’s paws were recked after the summer walking on hot surfaces. They were scrachy and cracked. I felt really bad but I live in an apartment so taking them on walks was what I had to do. Unfortuantely there were days when it was 100 degrees even at night. So, their paws were not in good shape when I started using this. Now they are sooooo healthy.

  35. Leslie S

    This paw conditioner is so good I started using it on my own hands! I highly recommend for both 🙂

  36. Jody Collins

    This paw conditioner is amazing! Healed my Lacy’s paws right up.

  37. Camery Jones

    Well it healed my dogs paws in no time, but I love the smell so much and my dog loves me rubbing it in so I’m going to keep using it. It’s really good.

  38. Les Tollings

    Awesome! My Dalmatian absolutely loves me putting this on her paws!

  39. Jessica Collins

    I rescued my dog just four months ago, and when we got him, he had serious skin and paw issues. At first we were trying just about everything and having to make lots of trips to the vet to see why he was getting horrible rashes and was constantly scratching. It turned out he had a food allergy. So….I switched the food and found this paw cream. It had so many good ingredients I bought it and can’t say enough good things about it. His paws are super healthy and it smells like lemon. I love putting it on him. He just lays on my lap and takes it all in! Now he’s spoiled 🙂

  40. Veronica C

    My huskies love love love getting their paws rubbed with this! And I love that it’s all natural so when they lick their paws, harmless. Plus it smells soooo fresh.

  41. Lacey Higgins

    I don’t know who loves this cream more…me or my lab! It honestly is an awesome product and makes my Primo’s paws smoother and her nails aren’t brittle anymore (the summer did a number on them). I use it on myself too! I definitely intend to continue with this product.

  42. Mason Wilson

    I have two German Shepherds and their paws got really dinged up from walks and then on the weekends we hike. One of them (Buddy) I had to start leaving home when Taz and I hiked because he had such sensitive paw pads. I could barly get him to go for a walk. I bought this paw conditioner thinking it would relieve some of the pain and it did. But it did so much more than that. After a few days of using it, I saw a noticible improvement. His paws are soft, the cracks are gone and he is doing great again. I’m going to keep using it because we’re an active crew.

  43. Patricia Wilkerson-Davies

    I love putting this on my dog’s paws. They get so messed up from running around and this helps them from getting all scraped up. Love how it feels and smells too.

  44. Marge Wilson

    I have never used a product that I like as much as this paw conditioner. My chocolate labs just eats it up (not literally) when I put it on her paws. It smells like lemon and feels silky creamy. I love it. I’m sure you will too.

  45. Vicky Hess-Jackson

    We have two pits that dig up everything in our yard. They are sweet as can be but very playful. We also take them with us on bike rides because they love to run along side us. Needless to say, their paws get thrashed and their nails get totally messed up. I started worrying at the damage that had been done from a summer of rough play so I bought some of this paw conditioner and it started healing their paws from day 1. After a week, I saw such an improvment, it blew me away. The cracks went away, their paws were smooth again and their nails were no longer brittle…. It’s just an amazing product. Thank you!

  46. Misty E

    My dogs paws are so much better after using this. I highly recommend. You’ll enjoy using it on your own hands too 🙂

  47. Ed Waters Sr.

    My German Shepherds nails were splitting and chipping alot when I bought this. He was always licking them so I knew how much they hurt. Now his nails are much better…the splits are healing. He still licks them, but not as much. Also I was a little worried about this paw conditioner because of his licking, but I looked up the ingredients and there’s nothing in there that is toxic. I’m happy.

  48. Jack Reimer

    I have three dogs that are all frisky and love to play rough outside. We do a lot of walking too, expecially since Covid hit. Their paws get pretty messed up (especially after this summer) so I bought this. It’s really all it’s supposed to be. They love getting their paws rubbed at night while we’re watching TV and every single ingredient is designed to make their paws healthy. There paws are in looking healthy again.

  49. Lister Holmes

    I really like this paw conditioner but at first I was worried because my Golden’s lick their paws. I contacted the company and they responded right away taking time to go through the ingredients with me. I am really excited about the paw cream so I was glad to find out that it’s safe. Plus, kudos to the company. I really impressed with their customer service.

  50. Cindi Houlahan

    This is the most amazing product ever! My dog’s paws had cracks in them and I know it was painful for him. I tried my own lotions but she didn’t like them…plus she kept licking her paws and I wasn’t sure about the ingredients. The company sent me a sample of this because I use their shampoo and I fell in love. It’s really, really awesome and because the ingredients are all food based and natural, it won’t hurt Mr. T when he licks them. It’s safe and effective.

  51. Sally W

    I LOVE THIS PAW CONDITIONER!!!! It smells like creamy lemon and has made my dog’s paws sooooo much healthier! No more scratches, cuts, roughness…nothing! Just soft pretty paws. Thanks!

  52. Stacy Hornsby

    OMG I cannot say enough good things about this product. I have never used a paw conditioner that got rid of scratches and roughness the way this one has. It’s totally amazing and I mean it. Highly highly recommend!!!!!

  53. Mark Conners

    My two pitties totally trash my yard. I find holes everywhere. I’m find with that because we have a lot of acreage, but their nails and paws take a beating. I ususally don’t buy pampering products like this, but this year, they really needed some cared. I was amazed at how well this worked. I saw improvement right away. Plus it gives them some down time so I can just sit on the couch and rub their paws. they love it and actually I do to.

  54. Trish B

    OMG once I used this I fell in love. My doberman has paws that were cracked and torn. I tried DIY remedies, aloe vera and all kinds of things but they never did the job completely. I walk him for 75 minutes daily and I know his paw pads are hurting him. But I got to say this paw conditioner is like none other. His paw pads started healing within a couple of days. I love putting it on him and he loves the attention. Then I use some on myself 🙂 This gets an A++++=

  55. Hank Gregory

    Dutches is a Spanish mastiff and her paws get torn up from playing in the yard with her brother Prince (also a Spanish mastiff). We started using this paw conditioner about a month ago and it’s amazing. Every single ingredient is plant based except the tallow. It repaired Dutches’ paws within a couple of weeks and that’s with her still playing outside. Recommend. It’s great.

  56. TN Martinez

    This stuff is great! Smells wonderful and made my Great Dane’s paws healthy again. They were pretty bad after summer. Five star.

  57. Linda H

    I LOVE THIS! We have a bull terrier (Big Boy) that is rough on his paws. He’s only a year old and loves to hike with us. His poor paws take a beating. When I saw that they were bleeding after we did a long hike, I bought this paw conditioner and it literally took three days to get his paws back to normal. Really awesome stuff. Thanks.

  58. Elizabeth Z

    Once you open the lid to this you’ll know exactly why I love this paw conditioner. Needless to say, my Riffy had horrible paws..They were messed up from taking so many walks in the heat during the summer. But with covid, that was our break. But his paws were always rough and I thought that was natural until they started bleeding. That’s when I bought this. I’m so glad I did. I recommend it to anyone with a dog.

  59. roberta m

    This is the most amazing product I’ve ever bought for my dog. I think I love it more than she does. Jess is a three year old active lab that loves to dig up all my plants. Her nails get torn up and her paws get bad scratches. This paw conditioner healed her paws in less than a week. It really is a rejuvenating paw conditioner. It smells unbelievable too!

  60. Allen N

    Once you use this you’ll never stop. It’s a great paw conditioner and it really does heal.

  61. Jessica S

    This paw conditioner is expensive but worth every penny. My dog is a German Shepherd and her nails get brittle. She also has rough ridges and cracks in her paws….or did have until I started using this. Her paw’s are super smooth and healthy now. It’s amazing. It’s worth the money.

  62. Mimi L

    Digger is my Jack Russell Terrier. You may have guessed…he likes to dig. We got him when he was four and his paws were really bad even back then. I bought this paw conditioner because it is chock full of such wonderful natural ingredients. It just sinks into his paws. I noticed a huge difference in his paws immediately. I haven’t stopped using it and his paws are super healthy now. It’s a must have for all dogs that take long walks or dig lol

  63. Tina Robbins

    This is the best paw cream ever. My dog’s paws get dry and then they start to crack. This paw conditioner actually did heal them. They are smooth and soft. So I give it 5 stars.

  64. Fiona Walsh

    This is my favorite dog conditioner I have ever bought. I love the smell and my dog’s paws are totally healthy now. Since I have to take him on walks in the snow, that really matters.

  65. Jess Brown-Higgins

    We live in Las Vegas and when it snowed we went up to Mt. Charleston. Our dogs played in snow and had a great time. But when we got back, one of them had frost bite. We put the healing paw conditioner on three times a day. He went from not being able to walk to being fine in less than a week. I don’t know what’s in this that makes is such a mirical conditioner, but it is.

  66. Roberta H

    I work at a veterinarian’s office and I use this on my lab’s paws. You can’t go wrong with this product.

  67. Rihanna J

    I use this paw conditioner on all my dog’s paws. It has really made them soooo much more healthier.

  68. Mark S

    I’ve never seen anything like this on the market. I have two large dogs and they play rough in the yard. It’s all rocks. Half the time they come inside with split up pads and nails. I put this paw conditioner on them every night and when I look at them in the morning it’s like a magic act. They are soft and smooth. The nails if they are really bad take longer and I have to keep them inside, but I give this paw healing conditioner an extremely high rating and I usually don’t even bother to write reviews.

  69. Anna JM

    We do a lot of hiking and my lab’s paws are in great shape since we started using this paw conditioner. They get their fair share of abuse on some of the trails and so this really helps prevent injuries. Thanks.

  70. Rich P

    This healed my pooches paws right up. They get pretty tattered from playing at the park. Thumbs up!

  71. liz b

    This is the best smelling dog paw conditioner I have every used!!!!! I use it on my own paws 🙂 Oh…and my dog’s paws are super healthy because of it. Thanks Pawpurity!!!!

  72. Georgia P

    We live in the snow and my dog gets bad burns. He won’t wear booties and we live in an apartment so going outside for walks is our only option. This healing paw conditioner is our saving grace. It really does heal and condition. Thanks for helping us keep our Harvey’s paws from getting really messed up.

  73. Rebecca

    I have never found anything like this on the market. My dog’s paws get snow burned and I have to walk him. I’ve tried booties but he kicks them off or just stands there and won’t move. So the trick is to put this paw conditioner on his paws before we go for walks and then again at night so it has time to heal my Trigger’s paw pads. Excellent all natural product! Good job on this!

  74. Jules

    I think this is the best pet product I have ever bought. It’s a little pricy but so worth it. My dog’s paws get really torn up just from walking and when I use this paw conditioner, they heal overnight. Plus it smells amazing!

  75. Rita JT

    I’ve never used anything like this paw conditioner before but I can tell you, my dogs paws are no longer scratched up.

  76. Tim

    Excellent product! Took away all the roughness.

  77. Nance Simons

    My dog had huge cracks in her paws so I bought this. Seriously in less than a week, her paws were totally smooth. I’m sold!

  78. Greg

    I used this all winter and I swear by it. Ordered more for summer. It’s excellent!

  79. JJ

    Wonderful paw cream. Improved my dogs paws a lot.

  80. Violette

    My dog’s paws were totally cracked and after a week of using this paw conditioner it healed them completely. I’m impressed.

  81. Nance P

    This is the best paw conditioner out there. I bought it for the winter because we live in the snow and my terrier refuses to wear booties. It kept her paws in great shape. Buying more for summer!

  82. RT

    Amazing product. Smells delicious too.

  83. Janie Smitt

    It’s the best. My dog’s paws get really scuffed up. She plays outside where it’s mostly rocks and some grass. When she’s done digging, her paws are in pain. This not only relived the pain, but also healed her paws so the cracks were gone. I’m going to keep using this.

  84. Les

    It really does heal.

  85. HD

    This is the best paw conditioner I’ve ever bought. The others were too waxy and this just seeps right in.

  86. Linsey

    This paw healer made such a difference on my dog’s paws. After a day of using it I could see a huge difference!

  87. Tran

    We used this paw conditioner all winter and it was amazing. Will be using it all summer.

  88. doglovehen

    The best paw conditioner on the market. It’s a healer.

  89. Ginny G

    use this on all my dogs and it works great

  90. TYG

    We live in a hot area and dogs paws get cracked and the pads get tender. Since we started using this conditioner, their paws have stayed in great shape.

  91. Mark

    This is a must have for any dog owner

  92. Rando

    we have 3 outdoor dogs that play rough in the rock area. this paw treatment helps alot

  93. dogwomanohio

    We love it

  94. Nan

    We live in the desert so it’s impossible to avoid walking the dogs on hot pavement. As much as we try, their paws get sore. We started using this paw condioner about three months ago and it’s really helped their paws stay healthy.

  95. lovelabs135246

    This paw treatment is the best product I’ve ever found for my lab. Keeps her paws in tip top shape.

  96. Debbie S

    My dog burnt his paws because I walked him when it was too hot. I couldn’t help it because we were visiting friends and there was no yard. Anyway, we bought this paw conditioner and it is wonderful. Healed up in days.

  97. Wonda

    We found this paw conditioner to be more than a conditioner, it’s a treatment that is amazing at keeping my dog’s paws healthy.

  98. Brittany P

    I was concerned because my dog licks his paws. I emailed pawpurity and they responded right away. Every ingredient is safe for dogs. Not to worry. It’s a really good product.

  99. Shirah

    fell in love with this paw conditioner this winter when our dog got his paws so beat up by the snow. Now we’re prespared for summer. Get it. It’s great.

  100. Hank

    I bought the large and only needed the small, but it is a really good paw treatment.

  101. Brenda

    Started using this when it started heating up here in Vegas. My dog’s paws get really messed up during the summer and after using this for a couple of days, his paws were totally smooth and no more cracks.

  102. Else

    won’t find any other paw treatment that could even come close to this one

  103. barbarausthedoglover

    I use this conditioner on my dog’s paws and it made them soft by the next day. I was really impressed and gladly inspire people to try this. It works super fast.

  104. barbarausthedoglover

    I use this conditioner on my dog’s paws and it made them soft by the next day. I was really impressed and gladly inspire people to try this. It works super fast.

  105. jimmy

    Dog’s paws are always a mess so started using this. Healed the right up in days.

  106. mothernaturerules

    I like this product more than anything else I ever used. It’s got nothing but pure ingredients. My dog’s paws are super smooth now. Plus, I’m addicted to the lemony smell

  107. Stevie

    Great. Thanks.

  108. lauren

    i used this on my pups messed up paws and it really works

  109. Hazel

    HIGHLY recomend!!!!!

  110. Wendle

    what a find! made my dogs paws super healthy

  111. Joe

    I got this because I took my dog hiking and the trails got really rough. His paws were pretty messed up when we got back. I would have carried him down the mountain but he’s a german shepherd and way to heavy. Two days after I started treating his paws with this healing treatment they were totally healed. Would I recommend this? Absolutely!!!!!

  112. Karry

    This is the 2nd jar I bought of this. I’ve tried others b/c my dog’s paws get roughed up but nothing works like this one. It’s by far the best product on the market. Plus…I called their office to see if my dog would get sick because he likes to lick his paws and they answered right away. There is nothing in it that can make him sick so I’m a happy customer!

  113. MelissaJ

    This is one of my favorite products by this company. It can take messed up paws and heal them in no time. Plus it smells great. I use it on my hands lol

  114. Gary

    totally natural and it makes my dog’s paws silky smooth. I really like this product a lot.

  115. June

    We went to visit family in Las Vegas and it was really hot so when we took out our little Tiff, her feet overheated. Unfortunatly we didn’t have a choice because even in the evening it was hot. Here paw pads got sore so when we got home we bought this and used it for a few days and now her paws are back to good health. I love this.

  116. Brad

    this conditioner did such a good job of curing my dogs paw injuries it was unbelievable. I also used it on some sores he had on his belly and it got rid of those. Can’t say enough good things about this product.

  117. X

    High quality product. Would buy again.

  118. Crystal

    We hike a lot with our Shepherd and her paws get pretty thrashed. This paw cream is excellent at making them healthy again!

  119. tran

    Bluebeard’s paws were really messed up from walking on such hot services this summer. We used apple cidar vinegar, my own lotion and appricot oil and nothing really helped all that much. The kept getting worse to the point he started to limp. I bougth this paw treatment and I’m telling you it is totally amazing. I really recommed it.

  120. JL

    lol I used this on my feet after sitting in the hot tub too long and by morning all the cracks were healed. Works on my dog too lol

  121. Tommy

    This is an awesome product!

  122. Sheila

    My sheltie loves getting her paws massaged. This conditioner is amazing and making them soft again.

  123. Mark K

    I used this all summer and just now bought another. It’s really the best product I’ve ever bought for my dog.

  124. Owen

    Good quality.

  125. ja-mt

    My dog’s paws get trashed during the winter and most the summer. I used this conditioner for two days and her paws were much better. Highly recommend.

  126. LauraTMT

    Worked wonders on my dogs paws

  127. NanW

    Love that it sinks in really fast. Paws got so soft after only one application.

  128. Paula

    It’s not a waxy kind of product so I really liked that. I used another and my dog tread pawprings all over the house. It does work so I’ll keep using it.

  129. GanieMst

    Good product

  130. Bart Y

    Since we started applying this, Brandy is able to play for longer since her paw pads have been healed from running on pavement. It keeps them supple and healthy.

  131. Robin

    In just two days, this helped mend the broken-up paws of my new puppy. I have to confess that they have also performed miracles on my dry and broken feet.

  132. LuckyLULU

    My dog enjoys playing around the pool and jumping in the water with the kids, but occasionally I have to force him to sit out because his poor tiny feet become tough and red. This cream has restored his paw pads back to good health.

  133. Tony

    My dog’s injured paws were healed in two days thanks to this. I have to say that they have also done wonders for my cracked feet.

  134. Hope

    I love the natural elements of this lovely lotion.
    Many thanks.

  135. Kaira

    This paw balm appears to be effective, as long as my dog doesn’t lick it off. The product goes on quite easily on the paws of my dog. A very small amount goes a very long way.

  136. Steven

    This was an amazing purchase for me! I’ve been a fan of PawPurity for as long as I can remember and am well familiar with their products. Even my dog adores it, particularly the way it makes his fur and skin feel. Thank you very much, PawPurity!

  137. Lipa

    A friend brought this to my attention after observing that my dog was fairly voraciously on her paws. Given how reasonably priced it is, giving it a shot was undeniably something. After I started using this product, I observed a considerable reduction in the amount of paw-chewing that my dog was doing before and after I applied it.

  138. BlakenTony

    You can’t go wrong with any of pawpurity’s products. My partner and I especially love the Healing Paw Conditioner. It works amazingly fast and keeps our pug’s paws super healthy.

  139. Candice

    I wish I had taken before and after photos, but we went on a hike that, admittedly, was too long for our four-legged hiker. Blazer’s a pretty tough guy but about halfway down, he started limping. His paw was torn up something awful. My husband had to carry him down the rest of the way. We used the healing paw conditioner and it was unbelievable how fast it went to work on my baby’s paws. Two days later, he was completely healed. I’m totally sold on this product.

  140. Jessie

    I love this paw conditioner! My dog is a lab and loves jumping into the pool. His paws get raw after a full day. We used this paw conditioner right after and the results were amazing! You could see instantaneously the paws healing. Totally sold on this paw treatment.

  141. AllienJake

    Laso plays hard in the backyard digging and chasing his ball. By the time he is done, his paws and nails are a mess. They were getting so bad I almost took him to the vet. Instead, I washed his feet in the tub, dried them and then applied Pawpurity’s healing paw conditioner and OMG I could see his paws healing before my eyes. I am telling you, this is a product no dog should go without. Laso gets his nightly treatment now and we have had no issues since. He can play and dig all he wants.

  142. Frank

    This stuff works like it’s almost magic. Get some. You will see what I mean.

  143. gibby

    My cat is highly unusual. She has had dry, cracked paws for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried putting on vitamin E, coconut and other kinds of oils but nothing worked. So finally, I found this conditioner and even though it says its for dogs, I used it on my cat for a couple of days. I was totally shocked when her paws felt smooth and healthy again after 2 days. Amazing product.

  144. WTHazel

    One of the standout features of this conditioner is its fast-absorbing nature. It doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness, which is fantastic as my dog doesn’t sit still for long and even after applying this, there are no track marks.

  145. Bentlee

    My dog has been suffering from dry, cracked paw pads, which made walking uncomfortable for him. He was actually limping sometimes. This conditioner worked wonders in healing and moisturizing his paws and now they are super supple and healthy. Just looking at them you can tell.

  146. Ilovelucy

    Within just a few days of regular use, I noticed a significant improvement in my dog’s paw condition. The cracks began to heal, and his paw pads became noticeably softer and smoother. Not only did he seem more comfortable while walking, but he also stopped licking his paws excessively.

  147. Xamo

    Overall, I highly recommend the PawPurityHealing Paw Conditioner. It’s a reliable and effective balmy cream that fixes dry and cracked paws. It also has biotin in it for the nails. Your furry friend will thank you for the relief it provides.

  148. Stacy

    My dog tends to have dry and rough paws, especially during the hot summer months, and this lotion has helped alleviate the issue.

  149. lee

    i appreciate that pawpurity uses only natural ingredients especially since my dog licks his paws.

  150. JefMT

    From the time I started using this conditioning paw balm, I noticed a significant improvement in my Husky’s paw pads. It sinks in really fast and you can see a difference immediately. It’s good stuff.

  151. Georgia

    I put this on my hound and almost instantly the roughness disappeared. They haven’t been rough since and I only use it 2 times a week. Surprisingly good.

  152. MarsCalif

    Well it works. The balm is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, and that makes me feel good about using. it

  153. PoPo

    My dog is a digger and Trigger’s paws are a mess when he comes in from the yard. the balm really works at keeping is paws the best they will be considering how much he uses them

  154. David

    We got our first jar of this last winter and even in harsh weather conditions, hot and cold— the balm provides continuous protection and hydration to my Boxer’s paws. This durability means that a little goes a long way, making the product cost-effective in the long run.

  155. Marcus

    I cannot recommend this conditioning paw balm enough. It has transformed my dog’s paw pad suppleness and their health in general and made a noticeable difference in his overall comfort. If you’re a dog owner seeking an effective solution for pad scratchiness, injuries, cracks, or chafing, look no further. Trust me, this balm will become your four-legged friend’s new best friend!

  156. Jean

    The balm works wonders in soothing and repairing dry, irritated skin on my Brisky’s paw pads. It not only provides immediate relief to any existing discomfort but also helps prevent further damage by creating a protective barrier and that’s important where we live because it’s mostly rocky areas where he walks.

  157. Lydia

    My dog’s paws were soooo scratchy and rough. I bought this paw conditioner because my friend recommended it and her dog’s paws are super healthy. Well my dog’s paw are too now. I really recommend this especially during this hot summer.

  158. Joe

    This isn’t just any paw treatment! The ingredients are almost edible (but I don’t recommend it). It has so many natural ingredients in it and it works amazingly fast. And when you have a dog that likes to hike this is a paw saver.

  159. MannyJ

    Excellent product! Will be using this year round.

  160. Jess

    Finally a paw balm that isn’t waxy. I stopped using paw balms because every time my dog would walk through the house he left tracks. This one absorbs quickly.

  161. Raymond

    labs paws were pretty chewed up after a hike. I bought some of this and it took about 2 days to heal.

  162. MaeS

    It’s good. I had to put it in the refridgerator after I got it b/c it was sitting on my porch and the oils started to melt. But overall it’s good

  163. Jenny

    OMG this paw healer is amazing. I have to admit I use it on my own paws 🙂

  164. Mark

    We love our Alaskan Malamute to hike with us but so often we come back and his paw pads hurt for days. And this guy is not a whimpy dog! We bought some of this at a fair and it turned out to be the best thing we ever got for our boy. Totally recommend especially for people that like to hike with their dogs.

  165. Belinda

    We have a blue heeler that tends to get corns on his paw pads. We tried everything…vitamine E, vaseline, neosporin like I said everything! This paw healer turned out to be amazing. The corns haven’t totally gone away but I think they are better…at least our Ramsey doesn’t seem to be in as much pain.

  166. Mary

    Good product and customer service. I bought this product and it was mislabeled. I contacted them and they sent me antoher. Plus….I really am totally in love with this paw balm. It’s worked wonders on my Georgia.

  167. Hayden

    This is amazing paw balm and it’s not waxy so it doesn’t tread all through t he house.

  168. Lynn

    I recently purchased PawPurity’s Healing Paw Conditioner for my dog, and I am totally impressed with the results. My German Shorthaired has been suffering from cracked and dry paw pads for a long time now and I tried several paw balms but they didn’t seem to work all that well. I fell in love with the ingredients in Pawpurity’s balm for several reasons…it absorbs quickly and you can almost see it start to work right away. It’s not waxy so it doesn’t leave paw tracks all over the house. AND IT WORKS GREAT. My dog’s paws are in perfect shape now!

  169. Michael89

    This is a must have for anyone with a dog that has scratchy or irritated paws.

  170. Norma

    We have been using this for years now and I’m finally getting around to writing a review. Believe me when I say that this paw conditioner works wonders. We have a German Shepherd and without this balm, her paws are rough and cracked. We use this year round and her paws are in perfect health. We HIGHLy recommend.

  171. Lippy1321

    My pup was suffering from horribly dry, cracked paw pads, but after using this paw healer for only a few days, I noticed a remarkable improvement.
    My dogs paws are now conditioned and healthy. He no longer shows any signs of discomfort during walks. Highly recommend! A++++

  172. MaryP17

    I’ve tried soooo many paw balms before, but PawPurity’s Conditioner stands out. The natural ingredients make it the #1choice for paw care. My dog’s paws have never been better, even during this super hot summer. I even use it on my own paws…it’s that good! 🙂

  173. MartinMarge

    Healing Paw Conditioner is a lifesaver for my active dog. We hike all the time, and his paw pads used to get rough and irritated. I even had to carry him back to the car one time. Thanks to this amazing paw balm his paws are now conditioned and protected. I love that it’s non-toxic and safe to lick. Great product. Thanks PawPurity!

  174. Austin

    My dog was licking his paws excessively. I figured it was because they were dry and he was trying to fix them. I decided to try this product to see if it would help. . It worked wonders! Not only did it discourage him from licking, but it also helped heal his damaged paw pads. I’m incredibly happy with the results and can’t be more thankful.

  175. EricHoff

    It works great. Expensive though.

  176. JTMartin

    Works and doesn’t leave tracks. I don’t have to worry about my dog licking because it’s all natural plus it absorbs really fast.

  177. Ed

    Worked almost too good. My dog’s pads are soft now and I’m wondering if it helps to have some callusus.

  178. Jimmy

    PawPurity products are always amazing. This paw healer is no exception. I’ve been buying from them for years. Keep up the good work PawPurity.

  179. Ryker

    Excellent product. I’ve used many from this company and they all were excellent. This is just another.

  180. Veronica

    This is the most amazing paw healer I have ever used. I even use it on my own paws 🙂

  181. Mick

    This paw balm is a wow! My dog’s rouch feet are now smooth. No more dryness or scratchiness

  182. Melissa2011

    The conditioner saved my dogs paws from some kind of infection that made her constantly lick her paw pads. They were red and sore. Not any more. Thank you.

  183. GeromeGG

    This has so many natural ingredients I use it on my own paws. It worked wonders on my dog’s paws. No more roughness or pain.

  184. Mydogbruce13

    This paw balm worked wonders on taking out the scratches on my lab’s paws. Worked super fast and is easy to apply. I even use it on my own paws lol. Every ingredient is natural and it feels so good on my feet.

  185. CharleeS

    Excellent product. Totally natural. Great ingredieints!

  186. MasTN25

    Super. Got my baby’s paws back into good health fast!

  187. MrJ1989

    Recommend. Safe and works. My dogs are all lickers and we are comfortable with this paw conditioner.

  188. Breddy2

    I could not believe how fast my dog’s paws healed from scrachy to smooth. This is definitely on my list of must haves for my pointer.

  189. Owenbliss

    This paw conditioner is better than any other I’ve ever used. It’s not waxy. It absorbs super quickly and the ingredients are really great. Worked wonders on my dog’s paws and he’s a digger.

  190. wjandyTM

    Our furbaby was constantly licking the bottoms of her paws and I’m sure she was in pain. This paw balm cured her of that. The natural ingredients worked wonders to moisturize her paws and get them back to healthy. Not only did it alleviate the scratches and licking, but it also seemed to form a protective barrier, keeping her paws soft and supple even when we take her on hikes. We noticed a significant improvement in just a few days. Highly recommend this paw balm for scratch-free paws!

  191. yamaniea

    We’ve tried various products for our dog’s scratchy paws, but this paw balm stands out from the rest. The healing properties are truly magical! The balm not only eased the itching but also helped heal any cracks or rough spots on our dog’s paw pads. It’s become a part of our regular paw care routine, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Try it and you’ll see how fast it works!

  192. joeyjulk2772

    Good. not waxy. goes in fast. great ingredients.

  193. savannanmike2

    Our dog has highly sensitive skin, so finding a paw conditioner that provides relief without causing irritation was a priority. This product exceeded our expectations. The formula is gentle yet effective, providing instant relief for our dog’s scratchy paws. We appreciate that it’s made with natural ingredients and lacks chemicals. It’s become a must-have in our pet care arsenal, and we’ve noticed a positive change in our dog’s paw health. Say goodbye to scratchy paws – this balm is a winner!

  194. justinapietzk

    The consistency is perfect – not too thick or thin – making it easy to apply. Our pug’s scratchy paws are now a thing of the past, thanks to paw conditioner. A++

  195. mar.cii

    This dog paw healing cream is nothing short of a miracle for my bostie’s paws. We live in an area with harsh winters, and the cold weather always takes a toll on my pup’s paw pads. However, since using this cream, his paws have become noticeably healthier and less prone to cracking. The natural ingredients are a big plus, and the pleasant scent is an added bonus. It’s become a must-have in our pet care routine!

  196. BradTeeTyme1007

    Dealing with my dog’s dry and cracked paw pads has been an ongoing challenge, but this healing conditioning balm has provided much-needed relief. What sets it apart is its lasting effects. Even after a day of outdoor play, my dog’s paws stay moisturized and protected. The consistency of the cream is perfect—thick enough to stay put but not so thick that it’s difficult to apply. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into creating this product, and I highly recommend it to other pet parents.

  197. RubyWa2001

    My dog didn’t mind having me put the balm on his paws, which made the whole process easy. In fact I think he actually liked it. Within a day, I noticed a significant improvement in the texture of his paw pads. I’m impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the results they deliver.

  198. WalterJ

    I started out using it on my dog’s pads and when I saw what it did, I started using it on my cracked feet. This stuff is amazing. My lab and me both have healthy smooth paws now haha.

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