Tear Stain Remover Powder for Dogs – Goldenseal + Echinacea


(124 customer reviews)

PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder is a powerful agent to help get rid of stains permanently. Once applied, it is left on to continue fighting against bacteria and fungus. It also repels new tears, keeping the area dry and moisture free.

CLEANS & ABSORBS: Its powerful ingredients continue fighting against the causes of tear stains, absorbs moisture and repels new tears.

REPELS NEW TEARS: This highly-concentrated mix of natural ingredients continues to clean your dog’s stained area and keep it dry by repelling tears long after being applied.

BREEDS & AGES: Works on cats of all ages and breeds. Veterinarians, professional groomers and pet owners have verified its effectiveness. Made in USA. Tested on humans first.

Frequently Bought Together

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PawPurity Stain Remover Face Shampoo is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear and beard stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. It has 27 plant- and mineral-based anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-dander and insect repelling agents working to make your pet’s skin and coat healthy. It is extremely gentle, so it can be used daily. Made in the USA. Tested on humans first.

100% NATURAL ORGANIC SHAMPOO: This shampoo is a tearless, foaming 100% natural deep cleanser that targets tear, beard and between fold stains. It gently washes away crusty eye debris and discharge, while attacking the fungus and bacteria that cause stains. Great for keep beard stains clean and free of food and dirt stains.

INGREDIENTS: Made with 100% organic ingredients: Olive Oil-Based Cleanser. Distilled Water. Aloe Vera. Colloidal Silver. Rosemary Extract. Argan Oil. Vitamin E. Vitamin C. Witch Hazel, Coconut Oil. Avocado Oil. Raw Honey.

Contains a total of 27 plant- and mineral-based agents


This is the best pet shampoo for washing away crusty eye debris and discharge while attacking the fungus and bacteria that causes stains.

  • 6 Condition, soothe and strengthen
  • 5 Antibacterial
  • 4 Anti-inflammatory
  • 5 Anti-fungal
  • 4 Anti-dander
  • 3 Insect repellent



Our 100% natural tear stain remover eye powder for dogs is a treatment, not a cover up or quick fix. Our powder is a cleanser with powerful antibacterial agents to stop microbial and fungal growth. It also is an astringent and absorbs moisture, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, and repels new tears. Many customers use the powder on its own with great results, but we recommend it as a follow up to using our Tear Stain Remover Solution.

Effective on dogs of all ages and breeds including Labrador, German Shepherd, Schnauzers, Shih Tzu, Pug, Pomeranian, Collie, Bulldog, Boxer, Terrier, Maltese, Spaniel, light/white colored breeds, dogs with folds/wrinkles and flat faces

Contains NO pesticides, sulfates, parabens, artificial perfumes, synthetic chemicals, SLS/SLES, enzymes or DEA.


Eyebright. Goldenseal. Echinacea. Boric Crystals.

Eyebright: one of the most powerful eye healing treatments available due to its many antibacterial and antifungal properties. It contains a substance called Aucubin that stimulates the production of proteins needed in the healing process.

Goldenseal: a natural antibiotic that attacks tear stain-causing bacteria.

Echinacea: an anti-inflammatory and a natural antibiotic that cleans and helps eliminate bacterial infections

Boric crystals: a natural cleanser and antibacterial that’s been used for years to treat eye irritation and discomfort. In powder form, this pharmaceutical-grade drying agent keeps your dog’s affected area dry.

DOES NOT contain potentially harmful ingredients such as bleach, chemicals, parabens, peroxide or steroids.

How to apply

After you clean the area with a cleanser or PawPurity Tear Stain Solution, apply the power using a fingertip, toothbrush or small cosmetic brush. Apply the powder in the opposite direction of the hair shaft and let it stay on. It will keep cleaning the area and repelling tears.

Customers reviews

124 reviews for Tear Stain Remover Powder for Dogs – Goldenseal + Echinacea

  1. Jules

    Recommend this for dogs with tear stains. Our dog’s eye stains got cleaned up in no time.

  2. Billy

    We found a dog on the side of the road and too him in. He’s a light colored mix of some sort. Looks like part terrior and bulldog but we don’t know. We don’t care either because hes so sweet. Anyway, he had terrible tear stains. We bought the tear stain solution and powder and it really worked great.

  3. TJ

    Super good at removing tear stains.

  4. Hazel J

    I didn’t think this would work because I’ve tried so many other products that were just so so. It works!

  5. Reny


  6. NTB

    I got the small size and went through it in about a week or so. I thought it would last longer. Next time I’ll get a bigger one.

  7. Evan

    works when nothing else has so i’ll stick with it and hope the stains don’t come back.

  8. Robin

    It started working after a couple of days. I’m impressed.

  9. Yuma

    It got rid of the stains. I used a tooth brush to put it on my baby after using the wipes. It’s really a good product and I would recommend trying it.

  10. Kimberly R.

    Been using this for almost a week now, and I have already started to notice a huge difference! Less moisture around my dog’s eyes.

  11. bob

    yep! works!

  12. naturewoman

    Use this with the wipes and you’re golden!

  13. Les

    excellent product!

  14. Uma

    this really works!

  15. Dalmatianlover

    Happy I found it.

  16. Jessica

    yahoo! finally a tear stain product that works.

  17. JanEJones

    Excellent! Works great.

  18. kendra

    Removes tear stains fast

  19. Jackie

    This stuff is amazing

  20. Ari

    I finally got rid of my dogs tear stains and the powder helped alot. Thanks.

  21. Yolina

    excellent tear stain remover. use with solution

  22. Marsha T

    Used it once and can’t live without it

  23. Kerry

    Used it on a puppy and it worked great. I just think it costs a lot. May try others that are cheaper.

  24. Tom

    Took longer than expected but it works.

  25. Sabrina

    Pricy but good.

  26. Rex

    Light colored dog and no more stains.

  27. Marge J

    My dog is white and I’ve yet to find a tear stain remover that worked as good as this. Two thumbs up!

  28. Tran

    It works.

  29. Meg H

    I love this and the tear stain solution. It took years to find something that would actually make my dog’s tear stains go away and STAY AWAY!

  30. Leslie

    First tear stain remover product I’ve found to work. Use the solution first to make the stain disappear and follow up with the powder after every application. Stains disappeared….finally!

  31. Jess T

    Totally excellent! Works wonders. Thanks.

  32. Tara T

    I never heard of a powder that removes tear stains before until my neighbor gave me a little of hers. Love it. Repels tears and does a great job.

  33. Paula A

    I have been using this tear stain powder and solution for about a month now. It’s a great combo that works!

  34. Geanie L

    This powder does wonders at keeping the tear stains off my dog’s eyes.

  35. Sal

    Excellent! Sallie has leaky eyes and I used this for about 5 days straight. Made a big difference. I’m going to keep using the get the tear stain powder to keep the tears from seeping in. I use the solution too. Good products.

  36. Leslie Washington

    This tear stain powder is great at getting rid of my dogs stains. Took about a week. Keeps the area dry. I also used the face shampoo daily and they worked.

  37. Gin P

    My dog is a light golden color and her tear stains get dark brown and red. It’s really sad to see such a pretty face (she’s a labradoodle) get so messed up. I ordered this tear stain remover powder and solution and used them both 2 times a day like it says. The stains disappeared. I still have to watch them though so I use both products once a week and that seems to be sufficient.

  38. Freda R

    This is a really good product but you have to use it with some kind of solution. I use the pawpurity solution and it works well with it. No more stains and that’s all I car about besides that its not a bleach.

  39. Sally G

    I have a chi-mix and she gets really bad tear stain on just one eye. I’ve tried everything but this is tops. I use it with the tear stain wipes and they are now totally gone. At this point it just maintaining them.

  40. Leslie W

    I really like this tear stain powder. It keeps the tear stains from coming back. A+

  41. Helen K

    Can’t say enough good things about this powder. My poodle gets bad stains from leaky eyes and they show up making her look really sad. I use all three of paw puritys tear stain products….shampoo, solution and powder. My dog looks great now.

  42. Jeanie Jacobs

    I was finally able to get rid of my dogs tear stains and the powder really helps keep them away.

  43. Janet

    I bought this twice now. Tear stains are totally gone. I use the solution too. I love both of them!

  44. Thomas Pauley

    Super product at getting rid of tear stains and keepiing them away. Recommend.

  45. Jessica

    This stuff is great. I have a white mutt that I could never get rid of the tear stains before now. I could get them to go away, but they came right back. This is where the tear stain powder comes in handy. I use it on him every day and the tears repel from under his eyes. Really cool.

  46. Renee

    This works great at keeping the tear stains away. Just have to use it consistently. A small task considering looking at my labradoodle with drippy stains.

  47. Richard

    Awesome follow up to cleaning off the grime! Keeps the stains from returning.

  48. Lexy P

    I love using this because it takes over where the tear stain solution stops. It makes it so My Angel doesn’t get the tear stain back again. Keeps the area clean and dry. Definitely would recommend.

  49. Ralph

    So far this is the best I have found. Use the tear stain solution before using it tho.

  50. Jax

    I have a white dog and NOTHING got rid of the stains until I tried pawpurity products. I use the face shampoo, tear stain wipes and powder. Done! No more tear stains.

  51. jerry

    This is an amazing product to KEEP tear stains from coming back. I used the tear stain wipes and powder to get rid of them.

  52. Ita A

    Not sure what’s in this but it works great and doesn’t seem to bother my dog.

  53. Jax Y

    This works great at keeping my Yorkipoo’s tear stains from coming back. It took forever to get rid of them!

  54. Jax Y

    This works great at keeping my Yorkipoo’s tear stains from coming back. It took forever to get rid of them!

  55. JayJay T

    I never used powder before but this really did the job. I use the tear stain solution before to get rid of the crusties and gunk buildup. Then I apply this powder and it’s just simple and easy to use. I really am impressed considering how many products I’ve been through and unhappy with the results. Way to go Pawpurity! Good products.

  56. LJ

    Even if you get rid of the tear stains, this powder is a must have to keep them away. The wipes worked great but the stains came back slowly after I quite using them. Then I got this powder and boy what a difference.

  57. Jason Y

    I’ve never used a tear stain powder before but this is great at keeping my Vince’s tear stains away. I used the solution before too and do that before applying the powder. The two work together really well.

  58. Nan Q

    It worked so good for my dog. The product is super easy to use, and in less than a month, her tear stains were gone. I use it every now and then when I see the stains coming back, but overall I am extremely pleased with this product!

  59. Lucee W

    If you don’t use this after getting rid of the stains they just come right back. Can’t live without it.

  60. Linde MI

    I have a white mutt that has really bad brownish red tear stains. I tried wiping her face daily with all kinds of concoctions. Nothing worked. I tried the tear stain wipes by pawpurity and used the powder after. Now the problem is under control. She still has drippy eyes, but the stains are gone.

  61. Lilly Nance-Higgins

    I’ve grown to love this company’s products! All of them are totally amazing.My dog’s tear stains never went away until now and her skin has NEVER been healthier and cleaner.

  62. Lilly Nance-Higgins

    I’ve grown to love this company’s products! All of them are totally amazing.My dog’s tear stains never went away until now and her skin has NEVER been healthier and cleaner.

  63. Ann Kim

    This keeps my dogs eyes from staining. They were bad when we started using the tear stain solution and got rid of them. The powder keeps them away though. Love it.

  64. Carry Y

    I have a chi mix and she has a lot of tear stains. I’ve been trying for 4 year now to get rid of them. This is a great product. They are finally gone. I use the tear stain solution before applying the powder too BTW.

  65. Lori WT

    I have a Basset Hound that has terrible tear stain issues. The powder really helps a lot and it’s safe. Thanks.

  66. Frank A


  67. RC Nathan

    Keeps My dogs eyes dry. Done with tear stains.

  68. Yolanda CJ

    This tear stain powder is amazing. My dog has leaky eyes and really bad staining. I got rid of the stains with the tear stain solution which also worked wonders and then used the powder and it keeps the tears from seaping in.

  69. Thom Winters

    Good at keeping stain away.

  70. Grace F

    My Mastiff has Epiphora…..excessive tears and it is something we all have to live with in our household. The powder is a savior. It keeps the area under his eyes dry so once we finally are able to get rid of the stains it helps prevent them from coming back.

  71. Linda B

    We have two pugs and both have excessive tearing and bouts of conjunctivitis. Once we get rid of the stains they come back. This powder really has helped to prevent that. You just have to use it at least once a week and use the solution occasionally to keep them away.

  72. Silvia R

    Love the wipes and use the powder to follow up. No more stains.

  73. Stacy N

    Excellent at keeping the stains away…

  74. Robbie

    I used PawPurityTear Stain Remover Powder in combination with the PawPurity solution. I used the head of a soft toothbrush to apply the powder. The stains cleared up in about 10 days. I would suggest getting both for it to work. I like that PawPurity sends wipes with the solution. They make it better to rub the solution in.

  75. Babette

    This is the best I’ve used on my Maltese puppy he’s now 5 months old. I wipe his eyes every day and then dip a toothbrush in this powder and brush on. I do this at night because there is a lot of tearing then. Remember it won’t make a deeply set tear stain go but prevents it from happening, so groom and cut all tear stain out first. I haven’t tried the solution yet, but that’s next.

  76. Aimie T

    I use this with the sollution and all the tear stains are gone.

  77. Ranny L

    This is the first time I used a powder to help with my Benji’s tear stains. They are totally gone. I also use the tear stain remover solution they sell. Took about a week to get rid of them and I do what they say and use it once a week now to keep them away.

  78. Mark S

    Well finally a product that works. I use the powder after the tear stain remover solution and it keeps the area dry. Makes sense right? That is why the stains come to begin with! Good job.

  79. Matilda L

    My beautiful little King Charles gets such horrible tear stains it’s awful. I tried a lot of products and finally I tried cutting the stains out. That made me really nervous so after two tries at that, I bought this tear stain powder and the solution. I’m really glad I did. The stains are gone and it didn’t take long. I keep using the two products because they work and I don’t want the stains coming back. She such a pretty dog, it really let her beauty show through.

  80. Mary W

    I have a white poodle and her tear stains are aweful. This is the best product I have found. I’m sticking with it. The only catch is you have to use the solution first. Then the powder adheres to the fur and keeps doing its job.

  81. Ed L

    I use the powder after the solution and it made my dog’s tear stains go away. It works.

  82. Frank K

    I like how this keeps my pup’s eyes dry. He has tear stains and I used the solution then this powder. Took about a week and I was really diligent about doing it 2 times a day. He’s looking good now.

  83. Cath Wilson-James

    I’ve never seen a powder like this before. It works. Very happy with it.

  84. Jen M

    This powder is a great follow up to the solution and believe me they work. We have a French Bulldog that has an ongoing tear stain problem because his eyes are large and don’t fully shut. The get irritated and down runs the tears. The powder does a great job of repelling them. First though we had to use the tear stain solution and then put the powder on him two times a day. The stains went away after a week or so. Now we do this once a week and the powder is great at keeping them from coming back. This is about the 5th product we’ve tried and this plus the solution work the best.

  85. Elizabeth Henley

    This stuff is great at helping get rid of stains and keeping them from coming back. I use it routinely with the tear stain solution. I’m glad I found this combination. It works well.

  86. Benji Lee

    It’s definitely a life saver for us. We got so sick of seeing our pretty Maltese, Ginger with dark red drips under her eyes. A friend recommended this tear stain remover powder and the solution because we had tried so many products that just didn’t work. Finally…we got rid of the stains are keeping them away. We’re happy and suggest the powder and solution to anyone that has to deal with removing tear stains the way we have had to. Feeling blessed!

  87. PT Bailey

    This is the best ever. We used the solution on our pug because he has horrible tear stains. We use the powder afterward to keep the area dry. These two products are great.

  88. Gerry P

    I bought this powder and the tear stain solution. Together they got rid of the stains and believe me my dog’s eyes were a mess. I reccommend.

  89. PL Fisher

    My Boston Terrier Icon gets aweful tear stains that I’ve been dealing with since he was two without much success. He’s now 4 and thanks to pawpuritys tear stain solution and this powder, they got rid of the stains in less than two weeks. Thankful!

  90. Barbara P

    Works great. Helped get rid of my dogs tear stains and now I use it to make sure they don’t come back.

  91. Kelly O

    We finally got rid of our cat’s tear stains and discovered this powder. We clean her stained area and then use this to keep it dry (she tears alot). It works. After about a month, the stains haven’t returned. You just have to stay on top of it.

  92. Mark Roberts

    We have a boston pug mix that gets really bad tear stains that run down inbetween the folds of his skin under his eyes and around his nose. We tried everything and nothing seemed to work as good as this. We use it with the solution to speed up the process. We’re on track to getting rid of these stains completely.

  93. Jake Washburn

    Use it with the solution and it works like a charm.

  94. Kimberly J

    I have a baby cat that I adopted about a month ago. Her name is Cuddles. She’s mosty white with splashes of black. Unfortunately, her eyes are always running. I took her to the vet and she really couldn’t find anything wrong but treated her for conjunctivitis anyway. She also said it could be alergies so she had me change her diet. Her eyes quit dripping so much but the stains had already set it. I bought this powder and use it daily. The stains are disappearing. Success!

  95. Lori Thompson-Fredricks

    This powder may seem excessive, because you have to use it after you clean the area, but it really works to get rid of the stains and keep them from returning. I use it with their tear stain solution and the two products together did wonders on my golden retriever. She’s a beautiful dog and to have those ugly red tear stains running down her eyes made her look miserable. I really recommend this product and the solution for any dog with tear stains. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes.

  96. Mason E

    This is okay. I wouldn’t rave about it because unless you use the solution with it, it takes a long time to work. I was at it for about a week before seeing any results.

  97. Kimmy Goodman

    I have a MalShi and she gets tear stains badly. I’ve been trying for years to find something that works and now I have. I give her a bath in their flea and tick shampoo monthly too. She doesn’t get fleas, but if you look at the ingredients, it’s totally natural and I refuse to put chemicals on my fur baby.

  98. Glenda Perkins

    I own a white poodle mix that constantly has tear marks under her eyes. They get gooey, then hard and crusty. Before finding PawPurity, I had to clip the area and it still did not look great. This powder works so much better than the liquid tear stain remover I used on her for many years and I just use a cloth with warm water to lift the gunk from the stained area and apply the powder. It whitens the stains and absorbs the dampness from the tears that causes them. It could have saved me a bundle had I found this long ago.

  99. Michael Thorton

    Good but even with the solution and powder it took nearly 2 weeks to get rid of the stains.

  100. Yolinda Collins-Jackson

    My chihuahua gets outrageous ugly tear stains that just ruin her pretty face. I was totally desparate when I tried these removers. Bleaching, lighenting products and even pills didn’t work. These productds are without a dout the best I have found so far. The sollution and powder work together. Unfortunately, the bleaches and other products made the pawpurity products take longer than it should but I’m OK with that as long as my dog has her pretty face back.

  101. Lynn Barkley

    I followed the direction and used the solution first and then rubbed in the powder. I haven’t found anything yet that works better. I guess this is going to be a lifelong process because no matter what, my dog has excessive tearing. But I do like these products because they work where others haven’t. Kudos!

  102. Nan TS

    It works but you need to use the soution before you use this. Still, i recommend.

  103. Nancy W

    The solution followed by the powder got rid of my dogs brown tear stains and keeps them away. I tried everything before and noting worked so I’m totally satisfied. My dog looks great again!

  104. Greg Hoskins-Ransfield

    This is good at keeping stains away but I didn’t realize I had to use it with the solution first. I just wish I would have known that. But I probably would has still bought it. I’ll buy them BOTH again next time.

  105. Rick Ebbets

    It works. I had to use the solution first and then apply this after. Too bad there isn’t just one remedy, but I’m not whining becasue this is one of the only products that got rid of my dogs stains.

  106. Paulie L

    i got rid of the tear stains and use this everyday on Max to keep them away. Stops the tears from sinking and staining.

  107. Rich Withers

    It’s taking a long time to work. I’ve been applying this to my Shih Tzu’s eyes for nearly a week now and a little but not much has happened. I may have to buy their tear stain solution and see if it works better if I use that too. I’ve tried all other products. At least this is doing something.

  108. Hank P

    I have a 9-year-old toy poodle that used to get horrendous red and brown tear stains. Since using the powder and the tear stain solution, they have gone away completely. It took about two weeks, but I’m a happy camper now. I recommend.

  109. Thomas J. Cinders

    It works perfectly with the liquid tear stain remover but it’s not cheap so I probably won’t get it again.

  110. Tom Franks

    I used this with the liquid tear stain remover and it works. No much else has before so I’m sticking with it.

  111. Grace Banks

    It works whereas nothing else really has. Used the solution first and this keeps the tear stains from coming back.

  112. Jaime Lopez

    It’s good. Keep the stain area dry and the stains from showing up again. I’ll keep using it for sure.

  113. Thomas K

    Does what it says it does. Just took five days to arrive instead of 3

  114. Leilani Kahala

    Like how easy it is to use it and it makes it so the stains don’t get wet and come back.

  115. Leslie Clayton

    Great product if you use it with the solution.

  116. Earl Jesters

    It helped get rid of the tearstains and kept them dry so they didn’t come back. Have to use with the solution though to make it work faster.

  117. Nancy Carlson-Jones

    I’m going to keep using it. It works.

  118. Sammy

    It’s good but takes a while

  119. Trevor Johnson

    This stuff is awesome but you HAVE to use it with the solution. I tried just cleaning the stains off with water and a towel for a long time and then using the powder. It hellped but didn’t take them completely away. So I bought the solution and use that first. Now there are no more tear stains and I just need to do this process once a week to keep them away.

  120. Katherine James-Hill

    It helps keep the stains away. I use it after wiping down the area with the tear stain solution.

  121. Misty Long-Quinn

    I got rid of my West Highland White Terriers tear stains with their sollution and use this religiously to keep them away. Good so far.

  122. Chris

    Delivered on time….good product

  123. Elizabeth

    I really like this stuff. Used it and the solution on my dog and it got rid of his stains.Took 5 days. Like that its natural.

  124. Carol

    This product is amazing. My dog had really bad tear stains that I couldn’t get rid of. They are totally gone now.

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