Stain Remover Face Shampoo FAQ

Will this stain remover shampoo get rid of all my dogs stains?

PawPurity Stain Remover Face Shampoo typically removes stains completely on dogs and cats with light staining. If your pet has deeply set stains or is prone to excessive staining, we recommend using  our 3-step treatment to totally get rid of tear stains –  Face Stain Shampoo, Stain Solution and Powder Kit.

Does it get rid of beard stains?

Yes, especially if the stains are caused from eating. This is a gentle foaming shampoo that can be used daily. It is formulated with 27 potent plants and mineral properties to cleanse and condition. Plus, it’s easy to use. Simply pump a small amount of the shampoo onto a damp cloth and rub your dog’s beard. Wipe away the shampoo, gunk and food particles using a clean damp cloth.

Can this be used on puppies and kittens?

Absolutely! It’s a super gentle shampoo containing natural cleansers, aloe vera, argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E and other 100% natural ingredients.