Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Dogs


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PawPurity’s Tear Stain Wipes attack bacteria and yeast – the leading causes of staining. The waffle-like texture of these lint-free wipes allows you to gently cleanse deep into the hair/fur shaft to start working. For dogs with mild tear stains. For average to intense tear stains, the wipes work best when followed up with PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder, which continues to clean long after applying while also repelling tears. Removes stains in 7-10 days.

100% NATURAL & SAFE:  The wipes are pre-soaked with human-grade ingredients that may be used on for dogs of all ages and breeds. It DOES NOT contain peroxide, bleach, parabens, steroids, or harsh abrasives.

100% NATURAL CLEANSER: Contains boric acid–a natural cleanser and bacterial often used in popular eye washes to help relieve irritation and discomfort; witch hazel and colloidal silver.

CONTENTS: Contains 60 pre-soaked wipes. Made and packaged in the USA. Tested on humans first.

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The solution combines gentle, natural ingredients, specially formulated to effectively attack the cause of staining. Its key ingredient is colloidal silver, which is a vital mineral to help control and stop the growth of bacteria and fungus that leads to unsightly and often smelly tear stains. The dog eye wipes also contain a natural cleanser and witch hazel.

The solution’s natural non-irritating ingredients are formulated to attack the bacteria that is the cause of staining. The waffle-like texture of the pads make it possible to reach deep down into the hair shaft and lift stains from around the eyes and between skin folds. The stain remover wipes may safely be used on dogs of all ages.


Witch Hazel, Colloidal Silver, Boric Acid

How to apply

Use one pad per session, two times daily. Gently rub the area throughly making sure the solution has penetrated the hair shaft.

*We highly recommend following up with the Tear Stain Remover Powder to keep cleaning and to repel new tears.

Customers reviews

146 reviews for Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Dogs

  1. Pat Sturgess

    This site definitely has all of the information I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  2. George

    Did the job.

  3. MKT

    Worked with the powder. Stains are gone. Took longer than expected through or I would have given it a 5 star.

  4. Angela

    Tear stains didn’t go away right away. Our fault because we didn’t use it twice a day. When we did it worked. HAVE to use the powder after.

  5. Kimberly R.

  6. Sandra

    For some reason my dog has bad tear stains currently. The product suggests I use for 7 days. So far I’ve used it 2 days. The wipes do a good job with wiping off the built-up stains, especially considering my dog’s stains are so bad. We’ll see if they’re completely gone in 7 days.

  7. Lydia

    Our Maltese has very leaky eyes and getting rid of the stains has been super hard. We’ve tried so many products including whiteners (these made the stains even worse) we probably have an entire bathroom shelf dedicated to tear stain removers. These wipes are the best we have found so far so we highly recommend them.

  8. pupin


  9. jerseygirl

    i would definitely buy these again. we are just using the powder now and the stains are staying away.

  10. CJ

    Does what it’s supposed to. This is my 3rd order now. I bought the 1st one for my 12 yr old tuxedo cat. His eyes are teary and they get really crusty. The wipes took off his tear stains and broke down the crusty parts so I could easily wipe away the gunk. It contains a lot of liquid per wipe so I dry my kitty’s eyes a little after with a tissue and use the same wipe. Actually, sometimes I cut the wipe in half. I love that the wipes have so much liquid, it really seeps into the fur. It doesn’t bother or irritate or burn my cat’s eyes.I think he actually enjoys it. I obviously am very happy with this product.

  11. Connie

    Helps clean the tear stains off my Persian cat. I have tried everything and PawPurity is the best I’ve used. I used to use the solution by itself, but I love the pads in the jar versus buying the solution. They just work better.

  12. Rain

    It works! I have a bich-poo and when I adopted him from the shelter, the poor pup, he had these terrible dark brown circles under his eyes. After reading all the reviews on these wipes, I decided it try them to see if they work. Perfect! I’ve had him for almost two years and this product really works! Still buying it!

  13. JStevie

    I purchased these for our new puppy. She is what they call a teddy bear breed ( half Malshi and half Bichon) and had very bad tear staining problems since we got her. She was 6 months old when we started using these, and I was hesitant if they were even working at first. Really glad I found them. They ended up working great. We follow up with the powder, which is what I suggest if your baby has really bad stains.

  14. Carlo

    These wipes got rid of tear stains on our terrier after fighting them for more than 4 years. Thank you!

  15. Bobby

    Finally!!!!!! It works!!!!!!

  16. GG

    Works with the powder.

  17. SandyW

    I would highly recommend to others

  18. marco

    Until we found these wipes and the tear stain powder we could not get rid of the tear stains. Now they are 99% gone

  19. Mary

    I would give this 10 stars if i could. Been a long time looking at my dog with brown droops down his eyes. Now they are gone

  20. Mary

    did a great job getting rid of my poodle’s tear stains

  21. HT

    Excellent tear stain remover!

  22. yolinda

    the best

  23. Brenda

    got rid of the tear stains just as it says

  24. Belinda

    My poodle gets horrid stains and these got rid of them. I use the powder too. That helps

  25. MelindaS

    I like they are natural. Used a lot of product on Lizzy’s eyes and these work better than any.

  26. Hank


  27. Dan

    These stain wipes are really good.

  28. Candice T

    It does the job on my puppy. Feel good about using it b/c it’s natural.

  29. Khalil

    FINALLY a tear stain remover that works. I used the powder too so the too togehter worked great.

  30. Elixa G

    I bought these at a friend’s recommendation. I had tried everything before even DIY solutions and nothing worked. These did. I found that I just had to keep using them and follow up with the powder. Pretty soon the new hair grows in and it’s clean. Then it’s just a matter of using these two products weekly and the tear stains stay away. It’s great.

  31. Lani E

    These work great on my white terrier but they are a bit pricy. Still, they do what they are supposed to do so I rate them high.

  32. Hans


  33. Violet N

    These tear stain remover wipes are the only ones that have worked on my pug. The only thing is you HAVE to follow up with using the powder to keep the area dry and the stains from coming back.

  34. Renny T

    Loved how fast these tear wipes got rid of my dog’s stains. Thanks

  35. Heather

    Excellent product!

  36. Brandon

    I have two King Charles and one of them gets a lot of tear stains. These tear stain remover wipes work really well. I use the powder as suggested too. Took a little more than a week to go away totally.

  37. Yolinda T

    They work. Followed up with the powder. No more tear stains!

  38. Tran L

    Finally a tear stain wipe that takes away the tear stains! Thanks! Trying your paw conditioner next!

  39. Macy Driscoll

    This is my second go around with the wipes. I used them about three months ago and the stains came back. This time I’m going to use the powder with them to make sure they don’t come back. The product does work. It’s my fault for not continuing with them as the directions say to keep them away once they had gone away completely.

  40. Jenny S

    Our Maltese has really bad leaky eyes. The stains get dark and smelly. We’ve tried so many products and are really excited that these were the first ones to work. We had to be consistent with it because it took almost two weeks using the wipes and their tear stain powder, but eventally they cleared up and now we use them both twice a week to make sure the stains stay away.

  41. Hans K

    Best on the market! They actually work.

  42. Loretta H

    I purchased these wipes for my labradoodle to get rid of her crusty eyes. The wipes work great a getting rid of the crust and dirt. I hold the wipe on her eye for a while and wipe gently so it seeeps in. Then I use the tear stain powder and let that absorb. Then I pat a little more on to repel tears. Great system. I shall certainly purchase these again.

  43. Nichole G

    I never heard of pawpurity before so I wasn’t sure if the product would work well. However, I’ve seen amazing results with my white furred Eskimo. The wipes are drenched in solution so I’m not worried about them drying out. I found it easiest to use the tear stain powder directly after to keep the area dry. Within about 2 weeks of using it daily my dog’s tear stains are virtually gone. The company has good products…..at least the ones I’ve used.

  44. Henry T

    These tear stain wipes work well on my pug. High rating.

  45. Kathleen

    I just started using this on Maltese and Morkie, Its easy to use and.so far I’m impressed, far better than all other products we’ve used even peroxide didn’t do the trick.

  46. Marjorie A

    I have a Chow Chow that gets bad tear stains. These remover wipes have helped a lot. I use the powder after. Stains are almost gone and it’s been almost two weeks. I wasn’t consistant at first but now that I see such an improvement, I have been lately and it’s good to see her face again without tear stains.

  47. Sue

    I was worried these tear stain wipes would be dried out by the time they arrived, but they were still soaked in a good amount of solution. I have two small shih tzus and I use one pad for each dog. They are really useful in getting the crust and gunk off my dog’s hair. The get rid of the tear stains on both dogs as the product labels ays. I’ve previously used makeup rounds and other tear stain cleaning products, and they did not clean as well or as quickly as this product. My dogs don’t seem to mind these because they don’t irritate when I use them. Your experience may be different but I’ve been using them for more than two weeks now and they are still as effective as when I first got them.

  48. JF Raulings

    Top quality product!

  49. Robert Higgins

    My light colored mutt (chi mix) gets tear stains in one eye and these remover wipes took care of it straight away. I use the powder too which helps keep them away. Pawpurity has my vote of confidence.

  50. Wesley

    My husky gets massive tear stains and nothing but these remover wipes have worked so far. It took a good two weeks and maintaining them after, but it is well worth it.

  51. Yolanda B

    Great tear stain wipes! Got rid of the stains in about 9 days in and now all we have to do is use them once a week and apply the tear stain powder. Just wanted to share. I know how hard it is to find a good one out there.

  52. Maggie Q

    They work great on my poodle and her tear stains were pretty bad. Highly recommend.

  53. Nathan Thomas-Martin

    Excellent product. It got rid of Sophia’s tear stains in less than a week. I use this and follow up with the powder to keep them away. Never thought I’d see the day. Thanks.

  54. Sophia M

    I have a chi mix and got really frustrated trying to find something that would take her stains away. Finally I found these and the tear stain powder and now I’m done looking. They work!

  55. Ella M

    Best tear stain product on the market. I use the powder after the wipes and the tear stains disappeared. Took about 7 days.

  56. Hennesy P

    These tear stain wipes did the trick. I have to give them a high rating.

  57. Roberta P

    So much easier than clipping and cutting away the stains. Recomend.

  58. Jamie J

    These tear stain wipes worked very well. I will stick with them since I have yet to find anything else to compare.

  59. Trent r

    Can’t say enough good things about these tear stain wipes. I make sure to use the powder after so they don’t come back.

  60. Quincy S

    My dog was born with excessive tearing. I use this and the powder and they stay away now.

  61. Sheri Wilson-Connors

    Best product I’ve ever found for getting rid of tear stains.

  62. Sara I

    Seems like I’ve been trying products for so many years now without results. This one works. A+++++

  63. Jacklyn T

    Finally a product that works.

  64. Janie p

    Work great on my Maltese, Susie. Been trying to get rid of her stains for some time now. Recommend.

  65. M Peters

    I have a white mutt that has leaky eyes and these took care of her stains.

  66. Nes Williams

    I tried a lot of products on my boston and these work best. Just have to use them as directed.

  67. Tammy P

    They work.

  68. Gretchen M

    It takes patience to get rid of the tear stains but these do work. Just be consistent.

  69. Nance P

    I love these! They work as long as you use the powder after. My dog’s tear stains are a continuous problems so I guess I’m stuck taking care of them forever. At least I know how now.

  70. Hap Higgins

    I used the wipes and the powder for a week and it was really cool seeing my dog’s tear stains disappear after trying so many other products. Thank you.

  71. Les Brown

    I have tried a lot of products for my dog’s tear stains and nothing as worked as well as these. Recommend.

  72. Wonda H

    These wipes are without a doubt the best. I didn’t even go through the whole jar before Sophie’s eyes were clean again. I use the powder after to keep the tears from dripping back into the skin and getting it reinfected. No doubt….it’s great.

  73. Wendy P

    These wipes are the only product I have ever bought that helped my dog’s tear stains. I had almost given up. Thanks. Good job on making something that works.

  74. Louise May

    I love these! It’s hard to find tear stain removers that work but these are great.

  75. Carol J

    I have a little white mutt dog Susie and she’s really cute except for her tear stains. I have had her for five years and feel so bad because I coudln’t seem to get rid of them. The tear stain removers I bought were absolutley amazing. I use the wipes first and follow up with the powder. Took about two weeks and all the stains were gone TOTALLY!!! Now I do this process once or twiec a week and the stains don’t come back. My dog’s cute again (not that she wasn’t always). But now she looks amazing.

  76. Janie Louise

    It has taken me five years to fine something that gets rid of my dog’s tear stains. To say I’m ecstatic is putting it mildly. Use the powder after. Excellent products!

  77. Timothy J

    This is the first time I ever used anything other than soap and water to get rid of the tear stains on my dogs eyes. They actually work! I use the powder after as suggested. No complaints.

  78. Kimmy J

    We just adopted a dog that had been badly abused. We think he’s a boxer and pug mix but are not sure. A few days after we got him, we noticed tear stains. This never happened with our other dogs so I was unprepared. I bought these tear stain remover wipes and the powder. After about a week, there were no more stains. It says to keep doing this process once a week and we will. Just glad they went away because what I read online, they are hard to get rid of.

  79. Jim W

    Finally a product worth its salt. We have a white dog that has tear stains dripping down his eyes constantly. Nothing else has worked except these wipes and powder. you won’t find anything better. Mark my words.

  80. Melony Hendricks

    We started out using the flea and tick shampoo because it was natural and didn’t have pesticides. And I have to say that it’s the best shampoo we have ever used. I doubt we will ever go back to our old one. But, we also wanted to clean up our Frisky’s eyes because she gets really ugly stains. We finally got rid of them. First we use the shampoo around her eyes (it’s all natural with no chemicals). Then we use the wipes and follow up with the powder. If you are as frustrated as we were at trying to figure out a solution to all this, take our advice. These product are magnificent.

  81. Linda B

    These tear wipes did wonders on my dog’s eyes. She is a blonde chihuahua so and the red drips looked just awful. I used the company’s powder after because it just made sense that it’s important to keep the area dry so the tear stains don’t rebuild. I trust their products. They have worked great for my Lola.

  82. Francis Frank

    I rescued little Aggie, a pug mix puppy that gets stains under her eyes. I used these remover wipes and the stains are now gone. Didn’t take long. Just glad it’s nothing permanent. She’s adorable.

  83. Jenny T Reynolds

    We have two Malteses and have been dealing with tear stain issues for nearly five years. We were really happy to find this remover. It works, it’s easy and once the tear stains went away (we use the powder after every application) we only use it on our babies once weekly. The tear stain remover powder is a must of a follow up.

  84. Marcy Duckworth-Marshal

    Our dog has tear stains or Epiphora as the vet calls it. It’s chronic and the red/brown stains build up and look awful and we used so many tear stain removers to try and get rid of them. Some worked pretty well, but then the stains would come back. Finally we tried the Pawpurity tear stain remover wipes and followed up with the powder. We did it for two weeks and the stains totally disappeared. Now we do it one time a week and the haven’t returned. We recommend.

  85. Ileana Gonzalez

    I have a pug and Chato gets so many tear stains it’s crazy. I tried everything under the sun until I found these. These tear stain wipes are awesome. I use the powder too like they said. No more tear stains! Thanks.

  86. Regan Matthews

    We have three Shih Tzu that tear heavily. I have to clean their eyes consistently or they get inflamed and start smelling bad. The wipes works so well at keeping my baby’s eyes clean. I like that I can put some in a baggie and in my purse for when we take off for a couple of days. I’m just glad I found something that works so well at keeping their tear stains away. We also use the tear stain powder after because that keeps the area dry and this is important.

  87. Yuma Quinn

    I own a pekingese and she always has tears running out of her eyes. It’s typical for this breed. I used to use tissues or cotton balls to clean around her eyes, but they left particles and I didn’t like that. These tear stain wipes did the trick. They are small enough to get into the fur deep enough to clean the hair shafts but big enough to handle. The solution they are soaked in is super good at cleaning the stains. In fact, after about 10 days they are just about gone. They work really well so I’ll keep using them.

  88. Raymond T Sr.

    I got these tear stain removeer wipes because I got really tired of seeing my chi-mix with brow tear stains streaking down her face. I always used to just take a towel and try to remove them and it helped a little, but these wipes really did the job.

  89. Paulette T

    My dog is white as can be except for the stains around her eyes. I tried everything or so I thought. I used these wipes and they are excellent. The problem is I used whiteners before and this made it take longer to get rid of because I had to wait until the white fur grew back in. If you buy these, make sure to get the powder to use after as a backup to keep the area dry. It really helps.

  90. Tess Sloan-Beckman

    My groomer told us about this product for my two Papillons because their eyes tear constantly and stain their light coat a brownish dark red. After a couple of weeks the tear stains are nearly totally gone. We use the powder after because this helps keeps the stains from coming back. It’s so much nicer to look at their pretty little faces now.

  91. Gail Liston-Mathews

    This is a TERIFFIC PRODUCT! I ordered these wipes to remove the brown and red staining and crustiness from around my 1 year old Havanese.
    This is the ONLY stain removing product that has worked. You really need to stay on top if it and use it as directed. IT WORKS WONDERS!
    The liquid doesn’t need to be wiped off his hair (he has hair not fur). I’m use one pad for both eyes. I rate this as tops!

  92. Stewart

    Anyone that owns a light colored dog that has tear stains knows how hard it is to find a remover that actually works. These wipes will clean them right up in about a week and I HIGHLY RECOMMED THEM!

  93. Bucky T

    I am super happy I found these. They got rid of Lulu’s tear stains fast and easy. She has a beutiful white coat and the tear stains looked really bad. Thank you.

  94. Margarete Martinez

    I was at my wits end because it’s so hard to find a tear stain remover that works. Then I found these and the eye cleaner powder. I am blessed. My dog’s eyes look great again.

  95. Heather O’Malley

    I bought these tear stain remover wipes to try on my Yorkie-poo. Her tear stains are horrible and we tried a lot of different things to help with the staining. I tried giving him only alkaline water in her water bowl and it does help a little. When I got these, I used a cloth with warm water to loosen up the gunk and then used the wipe to clean off the fur. I used it daily for a week and her eyes look a lot different…clean and stain free. I will continue using these on Zoey’s eyes and will definitely buy these again.

  96. Grace N

    These tear stain wipes have made all the difference in the world. They got rid of Gracies eye stains after about a week. I use the powder after wiping her eyes clean. It’s good!

  97. Madeline Bishop

    These tear stain wipes worked wonders on my poodle. She has excessive tear production and it’s hard to control the stains. I use the wipes and follow it up with the powder. The powder works wonders in keeping the area dry. Anyone with the same issues will understand.

  98. Geraldine

    I’m impressed! I’ve been looking for a product to get rid of tear stains and the ugly stains that run down my Sheltie’s face for a long time. Sophie is such a pretty dog and when she had that ugly brown discharge always running down her face I felt really bad. Problem solved. Obviouisly recommend. Great product. Thanks.

  99. Tim K

    Unbelievable! Finally a tear stain remover that works!

  100. Julian LeFranc

    My neighbor recommended these tear stain remover wipes for my LhasaPoo mix because his eyes tear constantly causing his light coat to have horrible dark red stains. I used it and saw immediate results. It too a little over a week and the stains are all gone. I like following up with their powder too so the area stays dry. It keeps the stains from coming back. He’s such a pretty boy.

  101. Linda Gerald-McMurphy

    This is so much better than what I’d been using. I saw a difference from the second day on. It took the gunk away and then started in on getting through to the stains. My dog is light colored so they really stood out. Thank you Pawpurity. You’ve got a long term fan!

  102. Susan Wallace

    My Yorkies are my children and I’ve always been picky about what products I put on them. I use PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo because it is 100% natural and in between I use the tear stain remover wipes to clean up around their eyes. I follow up with the powder to keep them dry in between baths. I like this brand a lot and am excited that I found a company that really cares about pets without taking the cheap way out and loading their products with a bunch of chemicals and toxic preservatives.

  103. Gerry N

    Been using these tear stain wipes for about a month between groomings and I’ve seen a huge improvement! I wish I would have taken photos. Still have some ways to go, but her hair is growing out white again! She had tear stains going down the sides and below her eyes that were really ugly. So thankful for this product.

  104. Carolyn Kelly

    I have light colored chihuahua mix that gets ugly brown/red tear stains. She is 11 so you can imagine how many tear stain remedies I’ve tried. This is without a doubt the best so far. It takes a little effort because for the first two weeks I had to use these wipes and also the tear stain remover powder. But…the stains are totally gone. Now I just need to do it once a week and they so far they have not returned.

  105. Jess Owens

    I have been using this product on our three dogs for the past month or so. It truly has helped keep tear stains from the corners of their eyes where they tend to build up. So we are happy. The wipes are strong but help make the solution go deeper into the fur shaft, which is what it takes. I know this from years of experience trying to get rid of tear stains. Recommend.

  106. Ronald J Sr.

    Don’t waste your money on anything else. Believe me….I through a lot of cash into useless tear stain removers. This is the best..at least so far.

  107. Tony R

    these are great…just wish i had found them 3 years ago. been fighting off tear stains for a long time now.

  108. Ronda Carlton-Jenkins

    We have a Pomeranian that gets really bad tear stains. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! This is the only tear stain product that works. I use it 2x a day and my dog’s eyes cleared up in about 2 weeks. It took longer than I thought, so I’ll give it a four star. But they do work. Just be patient.

  109. Jason Early

    This is the only tear stain remover product that works for our beautiful Samoyed. We tried so many other products and this is tops. Non are nearly as good. We use this followed up with the tear stain powder PawPurity has and just love how nicely these have worked. We use a washcloth and warm water before using the wipes too. This removes build up, but as the days go on, there is less and less of that because the powder stops it.

  110. Sammy Erickson

    We have a three year old long haired blonde Chihuahua that we rescued five months ago. She had a lot of dark tear stains. I have been using this and the tear stain powder on her for a month now and they are totally gone. We use it everyday to keep the goop and crust away. I like that it’s 100% natural. Love it and rate it highly.

  111. Angela Macon-Summers

    It took us years to find something that works on our Mr. Roger’s tear stains. They were horrible. Brown and red always there and we felt so bad. They are gone now. We use this and the tear stain powder. It took some time to get rid of them but now they are gone and this system does work. It’s hard to find one that does.

  112. Elizabeth Higgins

    YES! Finally a tear stain remover that works! Thank you!

  113. jean potter

    It took me forever to find a tear stain remover that actually works. Thanks Pawpurity!

  114. Pat Sommer

    Great tear stain remover. Only one I foudn that works.

  115. Katliln

    These tear stain wipes are amazing.

  116. Vicky Allens

    I would recommend these to anyone. The got rid of my dogs stains and nothing else has so far. I used the tear stain remover powder after to speed up the process and keep the area ddry so the stains don’t come back.

  117. Aneko Goda

    Tear stains are gone! Finally. Thanks.

  118. Mark Regan

    I used to have to cut the tear stains from below my dog’s eyes. I tried every product in the book and nothing worked. My girlfriend bought this for me and I was floored because finally there was a product that actually helped. The stains are almost gone and it’s only been a week. It obviously works.

  119. Owen Jaspers

    I’m not big on writing reviews but these are incredible. I used them for a week and followed up with the tear stain powder and the tear stains just went away. Been looking for something like this for years. Thanks.

  120. Sarah Langley

    I use lots of products made by this company and I am happy I found them. The tear stain remover wipes work wonders on my two Maltese babies and the shampoo is truly wonderful. I also use the dog paw conditioner. Everything is all natural and everything works as described on the website. This is the best I’ve found so I’m a happy customer.

  121. Jessica Quinn

    Only tear stain remover that has done the job. And fast too. I used to have to cut the crud and stains out from around Prince’s eyes. No more. Thanks.

  122. Alice Barrett-Winters

    These wipes actually get rid of tear stains. Nothing else I’ve used has been as effective.

  123. Gerry W

    I will never use anything else again. These definitely take 1st place.

  124. Belinda Matthews-Stephens

    Anyone that has a Shih Tzu knows how hard it is to keep up with the ugly tear stains. This is the first product that I’ve used so far that works. And it’s fast. I follow up with the powder to keep his eyes dry after so the tears don’t soak in. This prevents the stains from coming back. High five to pawpurity!

  125. Kelly Byrne

    These did miracles on my poodles tear stains. They were aweful before using these.

  126. Sato Aiko


  127. Leslie Washington

    They are amazing. Going to try the shampoo next.

  128. Jeff Harold JR.

    these were on backorder and took some tmie to get here but they work so I’ll live with that

  129. Anita Rolands

    This is the first product that has cleared up my poodle’s tear stains. I use the powder after. Took about 7 days and they disappeared.

  130. Emily J

    We have a West Highland White Terrier and she get horrible tear stains. The bathroom cabinet is loaded with products that haven’t even made a dent in getting rid of her tear stains. Super thankful we found this.

  131. Liz Titus-Cross

    I was surprised to find how good it works. My dog is a pug and he gets bad stains and gunk even though it’s hard to see. His fur is too short to cut it out and nothing else has worked so far. I follow up with the powder and it actually keeps the stains away. Thanks!

  132. Mary Waters

    We like these alot. They really make a differrence.

  133. Julie M

    These are effective.

  134. Marco Perez

    Not cheap but I’ll give them a good review b/c they work.

  135. Miriam F

    Label says it will take 7 days but it took longer. At least my dog doesn’t have stains anymore.

  136. Liam Tremblay

    Works great. Better than others.

  137. Sherry Lennar-Hamilton

    they work on my poodles eyes

  138. Harold D. Meinor

    They work pretty good but it took about 10 days for my Maltese’s tear stains to go away completely.

  139. Len Jr.

    Only used them for a few days but they seem to be doing the job

  140. Lon Langley

    i don’t use this consistantly but it does work

  141. Cindy D

    Can’t believe how well these work. So sick of seeing my dog with brown gunk under her eyes.

  142. paul hastings

    The drainage ducts in my poodle don’t drain his liquid in his eyes like they should so he always has brown stains under his eyes. The wipes help a lot. I use these and their powder and the stains are virtually gone. Just need to keep them away now.

  143. TH Rein

    been using these for a couple of weeks now and they made my dogs eyes look good again. I was always worried the stains were there to stay.

  144. Lizzy Hendrix

    My dog had horrible eye boogers and stains under her eyes and nothing worked before. These wipes actually work. Thanks.

  145. Robbie Ronson

    Good call on buying this. I ussed to cut out the gunk under my dogs eyes. Don’t have to now.

  146. Sarah L

    love these….they work

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