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PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is a powerful 100% natural plant- and mineral-based cleanser. It contains the purest form of 26 organically grown plants formulated to clean, nourish, condition, balance oil production, and revitalize your pet’s skin and coat.

PREVENTS & ALLEVIATES: Itching, dryness, fungal patches, redness, hot spots, inflammation, topical allergies, sores, dander, and other problematic skin and coat issues. Revitalizes skin and coat by creating a balanced oil system.

SHEDDING: Helps lessen shedding by strengthening the hair and fur and expanding the growing stage within the follicles.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommended by veterinarians including animal dermatologists. Used by groomers, dog and cat owners and dog show competitors.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Its many powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and conditioning agents are effective on all skin types, even those with excessive sensitivities and allergies.

ACTIVE PROPERTIES: Each ingredient serves a purpose in maximizing your pet’s ability to resist unwanted invading organisms that may live on or enter through the skin and coat. There are 21 conditioners & hair/fur strengtheners; 17 antibacterials & antiseptics; 12 dander inhibitors; 11 antifungals; 10 repellents; 7 anti-inflammatories

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil-Based Cleanser. Argan Oil. Calendula. Mullein Extract. Aloe Vera Oil. Rosemary Extract. Yucca. Lavender. Colloidal Silver. Vitamin E. Lemon Balm Hydrosol. Comfrey. Ginger. Vegetable Glycerin. Distilled Water. Apple Cider Vinegar. Witch Hazel. Horsetail. Red Clover. Nettle. Salt. Essential Oils: Frankincense, Lemongrass, Sweet Marjoram

DIRECTIONS: Apply a MODEST AMOUNT on a wet coat. Lather and allow to sit for as long as your pet will allow, giving the healing and conditioning properties time to penetrate the skin. Rinse. Remember, this shampoo does not suds, but lathers. It does not have the typical detergents (sulfates) that cause an oil imbalance that results in dryness and itching.

PRACTICES & STORAGE: Tested on humans first before testing on the PawPurity team’s pets. We use natural preservatives only. Keep the container sealed and stored at room temperature.

BRAND: PawPurity® products are made and packaged in the USA. We are a company that uses 100% natural ingredients only. We don’t use synthetics, artificial fragrances, pesticides, dyes, formaldehyde, or other potentially dangerous preservatives, toxins, parabens, sulfates, DEA, SLS/SLES.

WARNING: This product contains plants, nuts, seeds and their by-products. For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

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PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is a potent formulation of 26 healing plants, oils and minerals developed to clean, nourish, condition and repair your dog’s and cat’s skin and coat. It’s an effective 100% organic pet shampoo this is formulated to alleviate itching, skin allergies, dry skin, dander, hot spots, sores and redness. This total conditioning and nourishing organic shampoo for dogs and cats was developed specifically because there are too many skin problems on pets that could be avoided, including allergies caused by questionable grooming products. It is safe to use on dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, even those with sensitivities or allergies. PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is the perfect year round pet shampoo.

IMPORTANT: Because this shampoo does not contain sulfates, it does not make suds, but instead lathers. You only need a modest amount. Apply and allow it to sit on your pet for as long as possible so all the ingredients can penetrate. Rinse.


Olive Oil-Based Cleanser. Argan Oil. Calendula. Mullein Extract. Aloe Vera Oil. Rosemary Extract. Yucca. Lavender. Colloidal Silver. Vitamin E. Lemon Balm Hydrosol. Comfrey. Ginger. Vegetable Glycerin. Distilled Water. Apple Cider Vinegar. Witch Hazel. Horsetail. Red Clover. Nettle. Salt. Essential Oils: Frankincense, Lemongrass, Sweet Marjoram

How to apply

Bathe whenever necessary. There are so many nourishing ingredients in this pet shampoo that it’s best to leave it on so it can penetrate the skin for as long as your pet will allow.

*Please do not confuse suds with cleansing. This shampoo will not suds as much as chemical-based shampoos as it has no synthetic sulfates. It will, however, lather and get your pet thoroughly clean without residue and leave your furbaby smelling fresh, with an oil-balanced skin and lush coat.

PawPurity’s Healing Paw Conditioner is a great complement to the Intensive Nourishing Shampoo. It’s loaded with organic oils of the best kind!


Customers reviews

164 reviews for Intensive Nourishing Shampoo – Yucca + Nettle + Aloe

  1. MTAKim

    This is the second time I used this shampoo and I’ve been really happy with it. At first I thought it was good but the effects will wear off because my dog has dryness issues. After the first bottle I realized this really does what it says. If you have a dog with dry skin you’ll be happy with this product.

  2. Ruthisjenkins

    This shampoo is amazing but its just too expensive for my taste. If you can afford it, it does get rid of itching for sure. Maybe they will lower the price and I can buy it again then.

  3. Tish_mgm

    Highly recommend to get rid of itchyness and brittle coat

  4. Charlee

    We’ve tried several pet shampoos over the years, but none compare to this all-natural organic formula. It’s incredible how soft and silky our dogs (we have 3) hair feels after just one wash. We appreciate that it’s made with organic ingredients, so we can trust that we’re not exposing our babies to any harmful toxins. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, which is a big bonus for us. Just know that it laters but doesn’t suds. The key is to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. The ingredients are jsut that amazing. Highly recommend giving it a try!

  5. SarahJT

    We couldn’t be happier with this organic pet shampoo! Not only does it leave our dog smelling fresh and clean, but it also lathers up beautifully and rinses out easily. It’s reassuring to know that we’re using a product free from artificial fragrances and additives. Our dog’s coat has never looked healthier! This shampoo is definitely a keeper!

  6. BrendaMD

    Finally, a pet shampoo that doesn’t irritate our dog’s sensitive skin! This all-natural organic formula works wonders at cleaning and conditioning our dog without any harsh chemicals. We’ve noticed a significant improvement in his itching and scratching since making the switch. So grateful for a product that cares for our dog as much as we do.

  7. Martinleevtv

    Our Roxy has never looked better since we started using this all-natural organic pet shampoo. Peppy is a white Maltese and not only does it leave his coat shiny and soft, but we also love knowing that we’re using a product that’s safe and gentle on his skin. Plus, the fresh scent lasts but is totally not overpowering…just fresh and herbally! Highly recommend to all dog parents out there

  8. Magentaken

    This shampoo is really good. Took care of my cat’s itching and stinkiness.

  9. forrest44

    Good product for my maltese.

  10. hameshall

    Really good product but too expensive. Not for me.

  11. disylinsy

    Love this shampoo but i have to say i wish it lathered more. It does some and totally cleans my dog but i’m used to bubbles. i guess i’ll have to forsake the suds for going all natural

  12. austinjess

    By far the best shampoo I have ever used on my baby. Love the smell, the natural ingredients and how my girl feels after.

  13. CarrieT1475

    I have a mastiff and was paying $250 a month to get allergy shots. I used this shampoo ONCE and have never had to get her any shots after. If you are using medicated shampoo or getting allergy shots that are out of the world-pricy, give this shampoo a try first. If it did the trick for my mastiff, then it could do the same for your dog. I have saved so much money since using this. I wish you well.

  14. Lisa Porter

    Thank you so much for the great review. We formulate our products using only the highest quality organic ingredients and work hard to make sure that they really do help the animals. They truly are our family!

  15. StevieK9

    The scent of the shampoo is mild and fresh. Never smelled a scent like it. It leaves my dog smelling clean without any overpowering fragrances. It’s evident that the creators of this product prioritized both effectiveness and the overall well-being of our pets. Can’t say that about a lot of other manufacturers.

  16. Bruce

    I don’t mess around when it comes to my dog’s health and with all the shampoos on the market with slow releasing formaldehyde and perfume which is merely petroleum based, I won’t use anything but natural. This shampoo tops the charts as far as natural ingredients. Even my hands feel better after washing my dog!

  17. JackThortonWest

    If you’re searching for a natural, organic, and effective solution to address dry skin, red spots, and dermatitis in your dog, look no further. This dog shampoo has become a staple in my pet care routine, and I highly recommend it to fellow dog owners who prioritize their furry friend’s health and happiness.

  18. Kathrynzoroo2001

    My dog’s skin is super sensitive and I had been using the medicated shampoo my vet gave me. I gave this shampoo a try and fell in love with it. The use of natural ingredients is what initially drew me to this product. I’m always on the lookout for items that prioritize my dog’s well-being, and this shampoo exceeded my expectations. The infusion of herbs provides a soothing and calming effect on the skin, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive or dry skin. It actually is much better than the medicated shampoo and I like that it’s all natural.

  19. NormanHerms

    The inclusion of olive oil is a brilliant touch. It not only adds a natural shine to my dog’s coat but also helps in moisturizing the skin. It leaves absolutely NO residue! I noticed a significant reduction in dryness and flakiness after just a few uses. My dog’s coat now feels softer and more nourished than ever.

  20. AlbertKofo132

    What sets this shampoo apart is the addition of colloidal silver. I take it myself for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, colloidal silver is a game-changer for dogs dealing with red spots and dermatitis. I saw a noticeable improvement in redness and irritation on my dog’s skin after using this shampoo consistently. It’s a winner in my book.

  21. Richardromd

    In terms of application, the shampoo lathers well, making it easy to distribute evenly across the coat. It rinses off effortlessly, leaving no residue behind. The packaging is user-friendly, and the bottle size is generous, ensuring that this product will last for quite some time. It is costly which is my only concern. I would love to keep using it if the price drops

  22. markmiller1978

    This is definitely a wow shampoo. I highly recommend it if your dog has dry skin.

  23. marjorygold

    It’s good but pricey. I was looking for something cheaper but because my dog has sensitive skin I decided to try this and it really helped get rid of her itchyness but it costs so much I can’t keep it up.

  24. waiting4u

    Best shampoo I’ve ever used. Goodby dry skin and itching.

  25. LouiseJWilcox

    Super shampoo. No more dander or dry skin on my puppy.

  26. RaRaPaT2000

    Love this shampoo! You think because it doesn’t lather that well it isn’t cleaning but my dog has never been cleaner……and more conditioned.

  27. JayBirdmm

    Good shampoo but pricy. Will probably finish it up and then move on. It did stop my dog’s itching but now that it’s gone I don’t think I need to continue using it.

  28. ParkerB

    Having tried various shampoos for my cat’s persistent itching, I stumbled upon this conditioning shampoo, and it’s been a lifesaver. It not only gets rid of dander effectively but also provides instant relief from itching. My cat’s coat is now softer and shinier, and the best part is that he no longer spends hours scratching himself. I highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with itching issues in their furry friends – it’s a game-changer!

  29. JamieQ_T

    Dealing with a bulldog suffering from yeast and itching can be a nightmare, but this shampoo has made a world of difference. It effectively tackles yeast while providing a conditioning treatment for the coat. After just a few uses, my husband and me noticed a significant reduction in yeast-related issues, and my dog seems much more comfortable. The shampoo lathers just okay…the only negative. But the results speak for themselves. If you have a dog with yeast problems, give this shampoo a try – you won’t be disappointed!

  30. LisaE1358798

    I’ve got a hound dog with persistent itching, and it’s been a challenge to find a shampoo that truly addresses the problem. The vet says it’s not the food. We already when through changing his diet many times. Before I went through allergy testing, I bought this shampoo to give it a whirl. It has totally been a game-changer. It not only smells fantastic but has provided my dog with soothing relief from constant itching. The formula is gentle on his sensitive skin, and I’ve seen a significant improvement in his overall comfort. No more scratching, and his coat looks healthier and shinier. I’m impressed!

  31. Mastiflv

    Works good. No suds though.

  32. Brendaaa1977

    My poodle has struggled for years with an itchyness. We’ve tried countless shampoos claiming to provide relief, but none have delivered like this conditioning shampoo. From the first use, I noticed a significant reduction in itching, and within a week. Please keep in mind that you only need to use a little. The first one we bought we used it in 3 shampoos. We contacted the company and found we were using way too much. A little goes a long way even though it doesn’t seem like it. Once you get your dog dried off, you won’t believe how soft and shiny his coat is.

  33. vicroyce98

    I appreciate that it doesn’t contain any strong fragrances that might trigger my dog’s allergies. It’s a great solution for those looking to restore their dog’s skin health and bid farewell to itching and dander once and for all. It doesn’t suds much but lathers sufficiently to cover his skin. This is the only downfall but it’s worth it. Highly recommended!

  34. JakenAnnie

    I’ve battled with an itchy scalp for as long as I can remember, and I was skeptical about trying yet another “miracle” shampoo on my dog. However, this conditioning shampoo has truly lived up to its promises.

    Not only does it provide immediate relief from my Spaniel’s itching, but it also keeps his skin moisturized and dander-free. The consistency is creamy, and a little goes a long way. After a few washes, I noticed a significant improvement in his skin and coat. I appreciate that it’s free from harsh chemicals, and it doesn’t irritate his sensitive skin. If you’re on the hunt for a shampoo that genuinely tackles itching and dander, this one is the best I’ve found ever.

  35. Lentpt135

    My cat’s coat is like silk and she smells amazing.

  36. MarkPTV

    Won’t go back to using the horrid stuff from the market. This natural shampoo is simply amazing. Got rid of all the itching and even the dander.

  37. MarciVu999

    Best Shampoo I’ve ever used. Scent is wonderfu!

  38. Judyn1998

    Best conditioning shampoo I’ve ever used. My dog is softer, cleaner and shiner than I’ve ever seen with other shampoos. I’m a customer for live.

  39. GeraldW

    I have a basset hound and she gets terrible yeast on her stomach. I’ve tried using diluted apple cider vinegar, miconazole and a whole slew of other things to get rid of it. Some work but the yeast keeps returning. I started using the Intensive Shampoo because of the natural ingredients but found it does more than clean. My pups yeast infection is not nearly as bad and practically gone. I wash her once every two weeks and it’s made her skin so much better.
    I recommend this highly.

  40. LaceyJC

    Best shampoo I ever used on my dog. The smell is amazing. Cleans great and not oily like I thought it would be. She is a terrier and her hair is a lot softer now. You can tell when you see it, it is loaded with conditioners. Love it!

  41. Luvpt123

    Very natural, clean fresh shampoo. Helped with my dog’s dry skin. Not much suds, but cleaned great.

  42. AnitaH

    Our pug has dermatitis and for a long time, we just kept taking her to the vet. She put her on medicated shampoo. Very expensive but it worked for a while, but she’s back to itching and scratching to the point where she is losing hair in spots. We used this shampoo by Paw Purity and it’s been three weeks now. No scratching, no itching and her hair is growing back! Highly highly recommend.

  43. MarcusJT1999

    This shampoo is made with so many natural ingredients, I just had to try it. So glad I did. My boxer Chevy had really bristly hair and I just thought it was normal until I used this shampoo. It conditioned his hair so well that it’s so much more silky and soft.

  44. RNTerrie

    I was leary about trying this shampoo because my Wirehaired Fox Terrier Lucas has such bad skin allergies. But a friend of mine suggested I try it because her dog also had allergies and she said it was so good she stopped getting the shots. Long story short, my dog now has no itching, no red spots and her coat and skin are super healthy. I highly highly recommend this shampoo!

  45. wingmanjones

    This definitely is not your typical shampoo. Every single ingredient is food grade and organic. We are very picky about what we put on our Shadow and this takes the cake.

  46. Nicenna99

    My dog has sensitive skin and this shampoo was even better than the one my vet told me to use. It’s TOTALLY organic and works wonders on my dog’s skin. Plus it smells so good I even used it as a body wash lol The ingredients are incredible.

  47. Richard

    After using this shampoo and seeing how much better my dog is doing not scratching I won’t go back to chemical shampoos. Even the one I was using said they were natural because of the oatmeal in it but this shampoo is 100% natural. Can’t top that.

  48. Brendy

    Lovely shampoo for my dog. Didn’t have to use a lot and she was clean and smelled fresh after.

  49. Leslie124

    Didn’t know what to expect but certainly not a shampoo that looked and smelled better than what I use on myself. So creamy and lathery. I love love love the smell. Got rid of my dog’s itching and dryness under his front legs. It’s a beautiful shampoo. Well done PawPurity!

  50. MarcieMay

    My dog has VERY sensitive skin. This shampoo is amazing. Did not cause itching or chewing at her paws like the other shampoos did. Even the vet recommend shampoo caused her to chew her paws.

  51. Ray

    Better than using chemical shampoos and my dogs didn’t seem to mind so I guess it’s good.

  52. Dylan

    My dachshund had a patch of hair missing because her skin itched so bad she took it all out. After using this shampoo, the itch went away and the hair is growing back slowly but surely. Thanks PawPurity!

  53. Caroline

    Finding this shampoo was like finding a LIFEROPE. My dog has supersenstive skin and EVERY SHAMPOO i used on him made his itch. He scratched all his hair off in so many spots and soe we’d change diet and shampoos AGAIN! I really wish I could show before and after photos but I didn’t take any that show off how bad he was…and he was. So…thank you for this shampoo. You really saved my dog and me from a lot of grief. Its so gentle I even gave my cat a bath in it and shes super soft now and CLEAN!

  54. GinaGina

    This is without a doubt the best shampoo I have ever put on my dog!

  55. Misty

    I was so afraid to use this shampoo because my dog has such bad allergies. I spent years using medicated shampoo but then I went to a farmers market in Las Vegas and the woman at the PawPUrity booth told me about this shampoo and all the natural ingredients I had to at least try it. After even just one bath, I could NOT believe how good it works. I still can’t. I’m a customer for life.

  56. Bob marrie

    I have two Sphynx cats who require frequent bathing, and this is what I’ve been using for a while and it works well!

  57. Neena pops

    Because my cat had been so sick and was so filthy, we had no choice but to give our cat a wash. In point of fact, to this day, she got four more. It now appears that she is enjoying the shampoo. After it, she is in a much better mood.

  58. Sameera

    The scent isn’t overpowering at all, which is exactly what I was going for so that my cat wouldn’t be bothered by it. Did a great job cleaning her coat, and even after a few weeks she still has that fresh, clean scent.

  59. Manny

    My doodle has sensitive skin, and I’ve always been concerned about using harsh chemicals on her. Since switching to a natural shampoo, her skin irritations have reduced tons, and her double coat is much more manageable. Natural shampoos are definitely worth it. You have to remember they don’t sud like big box store brands. The suds are from sulfates and those are basically detergents.

  60. VictorianMason

    My husband and I have been dealing with skin issues on our lab for years now…itching, dryness, hot spots….so when this shampoo actually took care of all this, we were elated. Can’t thank you enough PawPurity! Good job on creating a totally natural product that actually has some love poured into it.

  61. VictorianMason

    My husband and I have been dealing with skin issues on our lab for years now…itching, dryness, hot spots….so when this shampoo actually took care of all this, we were elated. Can’t thank you enough PawPurity! Good job on creating a totally natural product that actually has some love poured into it.

  62. Sara

    I recently adopted a rescue dog with a dull coat and dry skin. She had been totally neglected. I started using a natural pet shampoo, and within a few weeks, I noticed a remarkable improvement. Her coat is now shiny, and her skin feels moisturized. I’m a believer in the power of natural pet shampoos.

  63. mason

    It cleans well

  64. GerAin

    As someone who values sustainability, I love using natural pet products. PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo checks all the boxes. It’s made with eco-friendly ingredients, and my dog’s coat has never looked better. It’s a win-win for both my pet and the planet! Granted, it’s pricey but then again so are vet visits.

  65. Stacy

    I have a dog with allergies, and finding a shampoo that doesn’t trigger a reaction has been a challenge. This shampoo is a game-changer! It’s hypoallergenic and leaves my dog’s coat soft and shiny. I’m thrilled to have found a natural shampoo that works so well

  66. brenton

    Its very thick and doesnt have sudsfs. Disappointed

  67. drlows

    I’ve tried several natural shampoos for my cat, and this is by far the best. It’s soooooo gentle and doesn’t irritate her sensitive skin. The natural ingredients really help soothe her itchiness. Highly recommended

  68. Liz

    It works great but way out of my budget.

  69. JeanieRN

    Pawpurity Intensive Shampoo has become an indispensable part of my pet care routine. Its natural ingredients, exceptional results, and ability to address various skin conditions make it a standout product in the market. I highly recommend it to all pet owners who are looking for a high-quality, nourishing shampoo that truly makes a difference in their pet’s coat and overall well-being. I really can’t say enough good things about it but I do know, it’s the only shampoo I’ll ever put on my babies.

  70. Sanjay

    The shampoo lathers up easily, making the bath time experience hassle-free. It’s rich and creamy and you can see it removing dirt. It rinses off easily as well, saving both time and water during the bathing process. I also appreciate the brand’s commitment to animal welfare. Knowing that Pawpurity is cruelty-free and doesn’t conduct any testing on animals adds to my confidence in their products.

  71. Vivian

    I love love love everything about product! What I love most is the soft herbal scent. The natural fragrance is not overpowering but leaves a pleasant and fresh aroma on my pet’s fur. It’s a bonus that the scent lingers for quite some time, making cuddle sessions even more enjoyable.

  72. Kimmey

    What truly sets this product apart is its ability to address various skin conditions. My dog and cat BOTH have had occasional dryness and itchiness….most likely because we live in a dry climate. And this shampoo has worked wonders in soothing and getting rid of those issues. It’s amazingly a gentle yet effective formula that significantly reduced flakiness and irritation, leaving my both my furbabies feeling comfortable and happy. We are blessed.

  73. Melissa Jenkins

    The results after using this intensive nourishing shampoo just two times have been remarkable. The formula is specifically designed to provide deep hydration and nourishment to the coat, and it delivers on its promises. My dog’s coat feels incredibly soft and looks noticeably healthier. The shampoo effectively restores moisture, leaving my labradoodle’s coat shiny and revitalized. A little goes a long way sooooo don’t over do it. It’s not necessary to see great results.

  74. Randall

    I appreciate that Pawpurity prioritizes the use of natural ingredients in their products. It’s reassuring to know that the shampoo is free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. This ensures that my pet’s delicate skin remains healthy and irritation-free.

  75. Marsha

    I recently purchased the Pawpurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo for my lab, and I must say it has exceeded all my expectations. As a concerned pet owner, I always strive to provide the best care for my gentle giant baby, and this shampoo has truly been a game-changer in our grooming routine. You don’t need to use nearly as much as off the shelf shampoos…a little goes a long way.

  76. katy

    I’ve tried a few shampoos, and this one is by far the finest. There is no powder residue, and the fragrance is light and not overbearing. My dog smells like perspiration after a day at creche, and this immediately eliminates it. It also keeps his coat dry, which is ideal in hot, dry weather.

  77. Pock

    Excellent product! We finally discovered something that works after trying numerous other products that gave my poor dog a horrible rash that bled. Excellent for dogs with sensitive skin.

  78. Wood

    This product has no aroma, which I like. It heals dry, itchy skin and is well tolerated by my dogs. The sprayer ceased operating after the top snapped off on the first day. I put a tiny bit into my palm and massaged itchy regions with it. It works perfectly.

  79. Wood

    This product has no bad aroma, which I like. It heals dry, itchy skin and is well tolerated by my dogs. The sprayer ceased operating after the top snapped off on the first day. I put a tiny bit into my palm and massaged itchy regions with it. It works perfectly.

  80. MJ

    it’s a wow!

  81. JasminElsa

    The ingredients in this shampoo are top notch. I can’t believe how much better my dog’s coat is. It used to be really bristly and even scratched when I pet her. Now it’s like she grew a new soft and shiny coat. Unbelievable! I’m sticking with this shampoo!

  82. Benji

    Better than chemicals and my dogs don’t disagree so I guess it’s good.

  83. Pops

    After using this shampoo, my dog, who has been experiencing issues with scratchy skin, said that it left her feeling smooth. I’ll wait for a few months to see if it really works as good as it seems. But as of now, I’m quite impressed.

  84. Linda

    I was skeptical about using a shampoo that is made entirely of natural ingredients, but after using it on my dog, I can’t believe how clean and supple his coat is. The aroma is delightful, and it lingers for a considerable amount of time. I’m sold!

  85. Hooman

    My dog’s skin and fur have never felt so fresh and clean. It’s a bit overpowering how strong the aroma is. It seemed to bother my dogs at first, but with a quick rinse, the odor disappears. Be careful, the substance might spill out rapidly. Remember that a little goes a long way, and use only a tiny bit. This solution is also effective when used with a scrub brush.

  86. Steve Harv

    OMG, this dog shampoo has the most incredible aroma, it makes all of my dogs’ coats feel like silk, it is really moisturizing, their skin glows after using it, and it does not cause them to itch. There is no additional thickness added, it is lovely and thin and easily spread, and you don’t need much to lather up your whole dog! It smells wonderful. I really like that it is organic and doesn’t include any junk ingredients.

  87. Janice tessa

    My blue Pitbull always had skin concerns. I tried everything. He even gets injections to stop licking. He licked his tail till it was furless. Wow, I tried this product now! His skin is improved! His tail is growing back and his tummy is clean of pink irritation! The shampoos smell lovely though.

  88. Jasonandlilly

    I was looking for a miracle shampoo and found one. I don’t normally write reviews but I am so happy with this product I decided to take the time this time to write a review. This is the best shampoo my poodle has ever tolerated on his super sensitive skin. His skin and hair have never felt cleaner after a bath. Even two weeks later, his coat is soft and shiny. It is more of a creamy lather than a bubbly lather and I’m sure it’s because there are no sulfates. I ususally use a conditioner too but after shampooing, I didn’t want to ruin how good he smells so I skipped it. I’m glad I did too, because he doesn’t need one with this product. Hope my review helps for people that own dogs with senesitve skinl.

  89. Maria

    It’s been a tough job finding a conditioning shampoo for my husky that will combat her dry skin during the winter. The cold months also make her have a dull coat. After it’s first use, her coat was shiny, soft, and dander free! It smells refreshing and light….not too strong but herbally pleasant. Her coat got healthier every time I washed her and soft and easy to brush. I definitely found what I was looking for all these years. Desheding is super easy now. Feeling thankful and blessed.

  90. Brendassalon

    I have 4 rescues, all different breeds. This shampoo is simply amazing for each coat type. My sensitive skin pup isn’t licking his paw and his fur is incredibly soft. My long-haired Maltese doesn’t tangle, and my brindle Boston Pub dog feels like velvet. I’ve used everything from prescription shampoo to known name brands and this is by far the best. Totally impressed and won’t buy anything else.

  91. Kim McCarthy

    Lovely scent. We have a beautiful Pit that loves people to love on him. This shampoo leaves a clean fresh smell and we’ve noticed immediately that the shedding has decreased by at least 90% on my dark brown furniture and burgundy throw that he loves to lay on. We live in upstate NY and it’s been freezing here even though he’s an inside dog. But I haven’t had it in me to bathe him but it doesn’t matter because frankly, he doesn’t need it. This shampoo is the best we’ve ever used.

  92. Anneranch

    When I rescued my pup from the shelter, she smelled so incredible. All the other dog shampoos I’ve used the smell has never lasted and my Sheila got dirty so fast. I bought this shampoo and now she smells so fresh and her coat is so pretty. groomer. I can’t recommend it enough. Besides the gorgeous smell, my dog is super soft and shiny.You won’t regret buying this!

  93. dogmomusa

    We have adopted 5 rescue pooches from chi-mixes to boxers and all of them have skin issues! Much to our surprise, this shampoo works well on all types of fur. It’s clean and fresh with no wet dog odor. And….their skin and coats are so much healthier. We could see the improvements after the first shampooing.

  94. Fran

    I am highly sensitive to perfumes so everything I use on my dog has to be natural. This is the best shampoo I’ve every found and I had no allergic reactions.

  95. Daniela

    Really cleans well and I love the fresh clean smell. My dog’s fur is really soft after using it.

  96. Issie

    Both our dogs have dry skin. This shampoo got rid of the itchiness and dander. Thankful!

  97. Matthew B.

    Works very well and love that it is natural

  98. Quinn

    Smells good like lemons…kind of. sure gets her clean

  99. JakeTBone

    this is sthe best shampoo ever. my dog smells great and is clean much longer than she was with the other shampoos

  100. JamesCPA

    This works so much better than the average shampoo. It smells fresh and cleans our dog up nicely. Plus she doesn’t scratch nearly like she used to. This is a huge plus.

  101. JamesCPA

    We will never use anything else. Our Crissy’s coat is so much softer now. And we don’t like using chemicals on our dog so this is the perfect solution.

  102. MT

    We will never go back to using sulates on our dog. Have to give this shampoo a great grade!

  103. SherriTom

    This is the only ALL NATURAL shampoo we’ve found and we love it!

  104. Kitty

    Pawpurity has our business! This is the 5th product we have bought from them and every single on is top quality.

  105. Jeraldine

    I work in a pet store (won’t say which one) and we have no products like this. This shampoo is superior to any I’ve used on my Lab and Calico I talked to the owner about carrying it and he’s looking into it. You will absolutely love this shampoo.

  106. Jeanie

    About 3 months ago we adopted a 3 year old Labradoodle. The poor boy was scratching like crazy!!! He has such dry skin and obviously was suffering from allergies. We changed his dog food so it has more fish oils and addedd some alergy meds but he was still itchy. I wish I could say that switching to this shampoo was the total answer to his making is itchiness go away but we also gave him Benadryl. That said, we HAVE noticed a huge difference in his skin being much less dry and his coat much more shinysince we started using this shampoo. It actually got rid of a couple of hot spots. Plus the scent is amazing. It’s all plants and minerals and no artificial fragrances. It is subtle and natural and not heavily perfumed and chemical smelling like many others on the market. It smells fresh and natural, but it doesn’t smell intense. The ingredient list is great. We’ll be a regular subscriber for this shampoo moving forward. We high recommend this shampoo for pets with dry, itchy or sensitive skin. If your dog suffers from seasons allergies like ours did Benedryl and this shampoo is are a game changer. Hope this helps with your dog issues.

  107. Jeanie

    About 3 months ago we adopted a 3 year old Labradoodle. The poor boy was scratching like crazy!!! He has such dry skin and obviously was suffering from allergies. We changed his dog food so it has more fish oils and addedd some alergy meds but he was still itchy. I wish I could say that switching to this shampoo was the total answer to his making is itchiness go away but we also gave him Benadryl. That said, we HAVE noticed a huge difference in his skin being much less dry and his coat much more shinysince we started using this shampoo. It actually got rid of a couple of hot spots. Plus the scent is amazing. It’s all plants and minerals and no artificial fragrances. It is subtle and natural and not heavily perfumed and chemical smelling like many others on the market. It smells fresh and natural, but it doesn’t smell intense. The ingredient list is great. We’ll be a regular subscriber for this shampoo moving forward. We high recommend this shampoo for pets with dry, itchy or sensitive skin. If your dog suffers from seasons allergies like ours did Benedryl and this shampoo is are a game changer. Hope this helps with your dog issues.

  108. Sara

    I fell inlove with this shampoo the first time we used it. There are nothing but natural ingredients and it smells super fresh.

  109. Lynda

    It’s our first time using an all natural shampoo and we can really tell the difference. Our lab smells much better for longer, she’s totally squeeky clean and she doesn’t itch like she used to. We’ve used it three times and her skin seems to be getting much healthier.

  110. Jess

    Great. Give it an A+

  111. Robert

    My dog doesn’t have dander like he used to since I started using this.

  112. Janice

    I like that there are only natural ingredients in this and it cleans better than any shampoo I’ve ever used.

  113. joshlyn

    this is the best shampoo we have every used

  114. Frankie

    all natural and has flea repellents in in so we love it especially during this time of year

  115. BEN


  116. RK

    The best shampoo! totally natural too

  117. belinda

    this is the most natural shampoo i have ever used on my cat and she smells great and her fur is super soft and shiny

  118. Georgie Hill

    I’m sold!

  119. Haley

    I haven’t found a shampoo that even comes close to this. My dog quit scratching, his red spots went away and he smells great! Thank you pawspurity.

  120. mothernaturerules


  121. Bridget

    My cat smells great!

  122. Lance

    I will definitely buy this again

  123. Terrie

    I promist you will not find a better shampoo. 100% all natural and you can tell the difference right away. no itching, dryness.

  124. savanna

    OMG the best and its all natura

  125. Rita

    this is without a doubt the best shampoo i’ve ever used on my dog. the smell is amazing

  126. Nan


  127. lovemydoggycat


  128. Serina

    best shampoo i’ve ever used

  129. Quinn

    My dogs coat is super clean without chemicals. Imagine that! Natural is the way to go. Thanks Pawpurity!

  130. Wendy

    I used to use a shampoo with sulfates and my Lolo kept having to see the vet for dry skin. No more. This shampoo rocks!

  131. Jan

    My cat hates baths, but she’s too old to clean herself. I like this shampoo because it’s safe and it is all natural.

  132. Hans

    My neighbors turned me on to this shampoo. I’ll never use another.

  133. Quincy

    I used to put just any shampoo on my dog. After so many skin issues and trips to the vet. I bought this one and it is the best.

  134. Lilly P

    I’m totally sold on this pet shampoo. All natural…got rid of dander and my dog stopped scratching. It really is awesome.

  135. dobieray

    My doberman has so many skin issues I can’t count. Our vet says it’s from allergies but couldn’t figure out what he is allergic to. I started using this shampoo and it has worked wonders. Now I’m beginning to think it’s from the shampoos we were using.

  136. Mark S

    This shampoo is 100% amazing. My dog has extensive skin issues and now after two months of using this, he doesn’t. What more can I say?

  137. Riley G

    I never heard of pawpurity before I saw it in the local dog store. Now I’m totally sold this shampoo. Took away all my dog’s dander and itchiness.

  138. Wendy

    Pawpurity has amazing products. I’ve used about three of them and fell in love with each. This shampoo takes the cake though. Totally natural. I can tell a big difference in my babies skin.

  139. Francis E

    Best shampoo I ever used. No chemicals, toxins etc. Smells and feels fresh and healthy.

  140. Lynn N

    OMG there is nothing I’ve ever used that works like this shampoo. EVERYTHING is natural in it. My Sheila smells so good and she stays cleaner longer. I found out it’s because it is oil based. Never knew that before I reached out to the company. They are really responsive.

  141. Linda Y

    This is by far the freshest, cleanest and in general best shampoo I’ve ever used on my cat.

  142. Kerry G

    I’ve never used a shampoo that changed my Boxer’s coat so much. It is way healthier than it ever was.

  143. Sarah L

    This is a WOW! dog shampoo!

  144. Brenda Higgins

    Super shampoo! My dog’s coat is in the best condition it’s ever been in.

  145. Jeremy L

    This shampoo does exactly what is say. It cleans great and really really made my dog’s skin so much healthier. No more dander, scratching nothing! Recommend.

  146. Quincy

    I really like that this shampoo is oil based. Love all the ingredients in it actually. But the oil base makes it so her coat stays clean longer because the polution in the air doesn’t stick to her coat.

  147. Harold Quincy Jr.

    Best shampoo I ever used on my two dogs bar none!

  148. Etta Jones-Hanson

    My lab used to scratch like crazy until there was no hair in spots. I took him to the vet many times because of this, but nothing really worked…maybe temporarily. I started using this shampoo and after two baths, I noticed he wasn’t scratching nearly as much. I hope it continues going in this direction because I really like that this shampoo is all natural and it smells great.

  149. RT Jones

    Super clean and fresh shampoo. High ratings.

  150. Wendy A

    We love it. Been using it for about three baths now. No more scratching!!!!!

  151. Lester

    This is the best dog shampoo I’ve ever used, no doubt about it.

  152. Sandra

    OMG this is the best! Absolutly totally natural. No garbage in it. They obviously went to great pains to make sure it is great from dogs skins and coats. Thank you.

  153. Nichole

    Now this is a great pet shampoo! I know it’s a little costly, but well worth it. Dander is going away!

  154. Shan

    Every ingredient in this pet shampoo has amazing healing and conditioning qualities…. and they are all natural from plants! I know because I looked it all up. It’s just awesome! So glad I found it. Thanks.

  155. TR Jeffries

    My cat had horrible dander when we got her. We found her scared as could be hiding behind our house and she was a mess. She had no tags, nothing. Long story short we kept her. The shampoo worked wonders at getting rid of her itching and dander.

  156. Natalie

    I love the smell of this! My cat doesn’t like baths but she sure smells good now. Definitely cleaned her right up.

  157. Georgina N

    I started using this shampoo because my dog gets skin irritation from using shampoos that have cheap ingredients especially sulfates and parabens. This has neither. Her itching is gone, dander is gone and her skin is not irritated anymore. Nice work on this product. Highly recommend!

  158. Stephanie J

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this natural shampoo. It cleans better than any I’ve ever used and the ingredients are ALL healthy.

  159. Hailey P

    I used the flea and tick shampoo before and absolutely loved it. When I saw this, I figured it was just as good. And it was!!!! Highly recommend. This company goes all out to making top quality products.

  160. Brenda C

    Refreshing to use a dog shampoo not loaded with crappy ingredients. My dog gets major skin issues and I’m sure it’s because of the shampoo the groomer’s use. I just bring this with me now and have them use it. Now they want to know what’s in it lol

  161. Sal R

    The ingredients in this shampoo are amazing. I can tell a huge difference in my dog’s skin. Her itching it totally gone and it just looks healthy now. This is a an extraordinary conditioning dog shampoo for sure!

  162. Maggie C

    Delightfully fresh shampoo.


    I absolutely love this dog shampoo. I’ll never use another off the shelf product again with cheap preservatives.

  164. Ingrid S

    I used this just once and could tell the difference in my dog’s coats. They both look and smell clean and fresh. The ingredients are lovely! No sulfates or parabens or other toxic ingredients. Just all natural healthy plants!

  165. Sara C

    I just ordered this less than a week ago and used it on my dog and cat. It smells sooooo good and feels so healthy. I wasn’t too sure about it because it has an olive oil base but they got squeeky clean!

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