Healing Paw Conditioner FAQ

Yes. It contains natural plants and tallow, all of which are safe for dogs. Plus, this conditioner absorbs quickly into the paw pads and nails so it’s safe for the most avid lickers.
After one or two applications you will see a remarkable improvement. It’s not a temporary smoother, it’s a treatment.
It’s a great treatment all year round. If you walk your dog in extreme hot, cold, rocky or rough surfaces, this is the perfect treatment to keep his paws and nails healthy.

Healing Paw Conditioner for Dogs


PawPurity Healing Paw Conditioner heals painful, cracked, chaffed, rough, dry, frostbitten, and burned paws and nails. It also protects dog's paws and nails from future harm caused by a lack of moisture, toxins, allergies, licking, and walking on rough or extreme temperature surfaces. Its effectiveness comes from a 100% natural formulation of 37 natural paw healing and conditioning agents combined with pure high-grade tallow.

It typically takes 1-3 days for paws and nails to return to good health. Continue using this treatment year round to keep your dog's paws and nails nourished, resilient and conditioned.

11 Restorative and soothing 
10 Antibacterial and Antiseptic 
7 Anti-inflammatory
7 Anti-fungal
3 Insect repellents

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