Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs - Rosemary + Lemongrass + Cedarwood


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PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray is an all-natural insect repellent to help you defend your pet against fleas, ticks and mosquitos safely. Its many plant-based ingredients also help keep your pet's skin and coat conditioned. While it was developed to defend against insects, it is often used as a year round conditioner and nourishing treatment. Herbal fresh lemongrass & frankincense scent. 

20 Repellents
17 Conditioning
21 Antibacterial and antiseptic
18 Dander prevention
17 Anti-fungal
15 Anti-inflammatory
13 Anti-allergens

10 in stock (can be backordered)

PawPurity’s Flea & Tick Spray keeps fleas, ticks and mosquitoes at bay using ingredients with your dog's and cat's safety in mind. It is 100% natural, formulated using more than 20 powerful repelling plants, nut and plant oils, and minerals to protect against insects. It also conditions and nourishes your pet's skin and coat. We do not use chemicals or dangerous pesticides, insecticides or other potentially toxic ingredients.

Warning: DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO NUTS. For external use only. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Jojoba Oil-based repelling oil formulation. Aloe Vera Juice. Ginger. Lemongrass. Yucca Root. Lavender. Lemon Balm. Colloidal Silver. Apple Cider Vinegar. Rosemary Extract. Apple Cider Vinegar. Vegetable Glycerin. Salt. Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass. Frankincense.

Spray lightly and massage gently into coat. Make sure to cover paws, legs and underbelly. before walks, hikes, rest area stops and beach visits. Apply prior to outdoor activity. Our flea and tick spray works best if used in conjunction with PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo. Warning: For external use only. Do not ingest. DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO NUTS. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For questions check out our FAQ page.Use for walking in areas where there are fleas and ticks, hiking, and rest area stops.


107 comments on “Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs - Rosemary + Lemongrass + Cedarwood”

  1. Well this stuff really works. We live on two acres so my dog is outside a lot and this is the only flea repellent I could fine that isn't loaded with chemicals. We used the shampoo too. Thumbs up. thanks

  2. Makes my dog smell good and her fur feels soft. Not sure how effective it is in repelling insects, but she doesn't have fleas.

  3. I like this a lot for in between giving ChaCha a bath. It smells wonderful and keeps nasty pests from jumpiing up on her when we take walks. When I bought it I thought it would kill the fleas but it just repels them. Once I got rid of them, everything was great b/c they didn't come back.

  4. I like the smell and use it on my dog but not sure if this or the shampoo is what keeps the fleas away. If I knew for sure, I would give it a five star.

  5. I bought this thinking it would kill fleas but it only repels them. That's better actually because I hate using pesticides as preventative care. Besides, I like the spray because it really makes my dog's coat soft and I noticed where she was losing fur from scratching, it's coming back.

  6. I use the flea and tick shampoo and this as a backup. I'm not sure if it's the spray or the shampoo that is working, but I don't care because together they work. Just wish I knew which one works best or if I really need both.

  7. Smells great and summery. My dog never got fleas this season so I am assuming this spray is why. I just wish it came in a bigger size.

  8. We really like this. It sprays on easily and smells delightful. Our dog has not had one flea since we started using this. We also use the tick shampoo and that is iincredible.

  9. I LOVE THIS SPRAY! It has absolutely NO questionable preservatives or chemicals. My dog did not get one episode of fleas this year and I didn't have to use the garbage that goes on his neck (which he hates). I just use this before walks on his underbelly, legs and paws and it does exactly what it's supposed to....wards off fleas. I also use their flea and tick shampoo which is loaded with nourishing natural plants. It's just amazing stuff. All of it.

  10. This is really good at keeping fleas and ticks away. We live in a heavily wooded area that it's a big problem here. I used to give my dogs pills every month but that never did sit well with me. This is better but you really have to be consistant. You don't want to take chances. It's a repellent not a killer. I also use the flea and tick shampoo with it and I have nothing but great things to say about it.

  11. We just moved to Omaha, Nebraska from Henderson, NV and were told to be aware of the flea problems. I never had to worry about this before. The vet said to give her medication to prevent fleas but after reading about it and some of the horrible affects it can have, I decided to go about this differently. I bought this spray and love it. So far my dog hasn't had any fleas and I'm paranoid so I run a flea comb through her coat every day. I spray it on her stomach, under her chin, legs and paws before walks.

  12. I'll recommend this because my dog hasn't had fleas since using it. It's a repellent and not a flea killer so make sure you dog isn't infested or it won't do any good. We had to use a stronger flea killer to get rid of them first and then started using this spray. I like it. It's all natural and smells fresh.

  13. I like this because it's so good for my dog's coat. I spray it on him in between baths and it makes him smell good and it is nourishing for his coat. It's not a necessary item, but I'm glad I got it and plan to keep using it. No more doggy oders in my house!

  14. This is not like anything I have ever used before. It keeps the fleas and ticks away but also has made my Rudy's skin and coat so soft it blew me away. It contains so many great things like antifungals, anti-inflamitories and all the other things that get rid of dander and scratching. I'm sold!

  15. I got this because I don't like using the usual flea and tick medications on the market. It definitely kept the insects away. But.....it also helped my Daly's skin. She used to get horrible cases of dander and that was awful for my allergies. No more though. I like this product a lot and would recommend it for any dog owner just because it's really great.

  16. i luv products made in usa especially when they are natural. we have a lot of fleas in our hometown so i bought this to avoid having to use the killer i used on my snowball's neck. this stuff really works and i will never go back to using poison.

  17. I use this before taking my dogs walking. So far so good at keeping the fleas away. I don't believe in using pesticides so I hope this continues working.

  18. This flea and tick spray has been a lifesafer for us. We use it inbetween baths (we also use the flea and tick shampoo and it is amazing). It keeps the insects from jumping on Rex but thats just part of it. His skin and coat look and feel so much better and healthier now.

  19. If there is a flea around my dog Arthur will find it. This stuff seems to do the job of keeping them away so I'm sold on it

  20. I got this to keep fleas away, and it does. But i also found that it conditions his coat. Much softer and shinier now. Thanks.

  21. We don't live where there are fleas but we do travel to areas that do have them to hike. We used this spray and it seemed to work. When I combed my lab for fleas before putting him in the car, he was clean.

  22. We took this hiking with us when we visited California and it seemed to work great. Gave our German Shepherd a bath at a self wash on the way back to Nevada and she had no fleas. Awesome travel product.

  23. I spray this on my dog before hikes and so far haven't seen a flea. Besides, it is a great conditioner and smells so fresh. I used it on my ankles too 🙂 Thanks. Love it.

  24. Love the smell of this flea spray. It's natural and smells like citrus which is why the fleas stay away. It's all natural which is why I bought it. I'm done using pesticides on my Lola. Recommend.

  25. I would give a million stars to this flea and tick spray if I could. We use it every time we go hiking. We're on our third bottle now and use it before every hike. My dogs have never come back with fleas. We also Pawpurity's flea and tick shampoo. The two combined keep pests away. What makes it so special is we don't use on-spot pesticides anymore after realizing how poisonous they are so we have to count on natural products and these two are total winners!

  26. Love that this flea and tick repellent is totally natural. Can't believe how many bad ingredients there are in collars and the stuff I used to use on my Danny Boy.

  27. Too soon to tell, but so far so good. Going to give it a 4 star until I know for sure. If it works.....we buy more.

  28. Lovely scent! Seems to be working. No fleas on Scarlett even after long walks through paths behind our house where there is a lot of bush.

  29. We love this. We take it hiking and on road trips. Spray it on Lucy before getting out of the car at rest areas. It's great.

  30. We do a lot of traveling with our Lab. It's hard sometimes because where we live there are no fleas. But the areas we travel to do. So we don't like using products with pesticides so we tried this and it's wonderful. We also use the flea and tick shampoo. I'm sure that helps, but either way it's a really good shampoo. So thanks! Pawpurity your products are great.

  31. I'm on my 2nd bottle of this. I think it's fantastic. I resisted putting pesticides on my dog's for a long time and this works so I'm super happy. Also use the flea and tick shampoo. Glad to know there is a company like PawPurity that really does put its heart into making products that won't harm my dogs.

  32. I'm really glad I found this because I have given up on pesticide remedies...especially since hearing about the dog collars killing 1700 dogs. Nope! Not going that route any more.

  33. Perfect product if you don't live in a place with fleas but take your dog on the road a lot like we do. Every rest stop, she gets sprayed. Works great and conditioners her coat to boot!

  34. Every time we go hiking we take this with us and so far, no fleas. Plus it conditions our Collie's coat. It's good.

  35. We finally found a flea and tick repellent that doesn't have pesticides but works. Hallelujah!

  36. I've never used a natural flea and tick spray but after reading about all the pestides hurting pets, I tried this. I'll never go back to the neck solutions.

  37. We take this everywhere our dog goes. Keeps the fleas off and we don't have to use any chemicals. We are over that.

  38. Has a little bit of a strong smell when I first sprayed it but wihtin a few minutes it softened into a good citrus smell. I'l buy it again.

  39. We live next to a canyon and walk our King Charles on the path. He used to get fleas until we started using this flea spray. We highly recommend it for people especially if they are hikers or walkers.

  40. It smells herbally but strong at first. Then the scent calms down and we use it before walks. So far so good!

  41. My boyfriend and me hike alot in California and take this with us. Probably been about 20 times this year and Our Lab never got fleas.

  42. Best spray ever! Haven't seen a tick or flee on my lab since we started using this. Used to see them all the time.

  43. We live in the woods outside of Chattanooga and so our Harley gets into the fleas and ticks constantly. This is by far the best product on the market without poisoning him with some of the other stuff out there.

  44. If you've never used an all natural shampoo like I hadn't, it makes all the difference in the world with your pet's skin. The dry areas are gone, he's a brindle Boston and his coat used to be rough and bristle like but not anymore. In fact it's super shiny and so much healthier.

  45. Super product...kept my lab that gets into everything from porupines to bee hives to flea and tick areas and he stayed completely clean from the fleas and ticks this year. It's a winner!

  46. I looked all over for a spray that has natural ingredients because I don't like putting chemicals on my dog. The spray is really good at keeping the fleas away but it also makes my dog's coat feels really soft.

  47. I love the smells of this spray and it really works great. my dog hasn't gotten a single flea and we live in Winter Park Florida and we really have to watch it here. Lots of products on the market but this one is best.

  48. The spray works great! My dog takes long hikes with us and it's starting to become flea and tick season again. We hiked with our neighbor and their dog. Mine didn't pick up any fleas but my neighbor wasn't so fortunate.

  49. I was surprised that this worked so well. I'm new at buying natural products but have to confess that the chemicals ones scare me. As long as this works, I'm in.

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