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Image of cute white Maltese
Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Maltese Skin Conditions

by Lisa Porter on Jul 16 2024

Maltese dogs, with exquisite white coats and charming personalities, require special attention to maintain their skin health. Maltese skin conditions can be a concern for many pet owners, but there are ways to manage and prevent potential skin problems easily. pivotal role in managing and preventing potential skin problems effectively.

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Dog with issue of biting top of paws caused by chemicals in shampoo
Dog Health, Pet Health & Skin

Top-of-Paw Biting and Yeast

by Lisa Porter on Jul 30 2023

One of the biggest concerns I’ve often heard from dog owners why dog biting top of paws happens. Dog owners what to know what it the cause and what can be done about it. While it can be due to various reasons, top of paw biting may be influenced by skin irritations caused by certain ingredients in dog shampoos. Let’s explore which ingredients in shampoos can be initiating this behavior, the benefits of natural ingredients over chemical-based shampoos. We will also explore other triggers that may cause this behavior.

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Cat shampoos Natural and organic
Cat Health & Care, Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Natural vs Chemical-Based Cat Shampoos

by Lisa Porter on Jun 20 2023

When it comes to cat grooming products to keep our feline companions clean and healthy, choosing the best cat shampoo is crucial. While cats are known for their meticulous self-grooming habits, there are times when a bath becomes necessary. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of cat shampoos, focusing on the differences between natural and chemical-based options. As a prime example, we’ll explore the benefits of PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo and why it stands out among the competition. So, let’s dive in and discover how to provide your cat with the best bathing experience!

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How to keep your dog clean in winter?
Skin, Coat & Paw Care

How to Keep Your Dog Clean in Winter

by Lisa Porter on Feb 13 2023

It’s that time of the year again when the cold weather sets in, and we must start thinking about how to keep our dogs warm and clean. Of course, we all know that keeping our dogs clean is essential, but it can be especially challenging in winter. On one side, where winter is a beautiful cold season, it can be difficult for us to sort out how to keep our little friends warm and healthy throughout the season. However, with the proper care, you can keep your dog active and healthy during winter.

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Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs

by Lisa Porter on Nov 03 2022

If you’re looking for the best flea shampoo for dogs, then PawPurity is the answer and there are many reasons why! PawPurity uses all-natural, organic, safe, and effective ingredients to get rid of fleas. Many people swear by PawPurity as the best flea shampoo for dogs because it’s organic, environmentally friendly, affordable, and highly effective. Keep reading to find out why PawPurity is such a great choice!

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Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Which is the Best Dog Shampoo for Skin Conditions

by Lisa Porter on Sep 28 2022

If you are a dog parent, it’s most likely important to you that your dog’s skin and coat stay healthy, clean and shiny. Many shampoos can keep the coat shiny and clean, but is it the best product for keeping his skin healthy? This makes finding a shampoo that does both a priority.

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