Intensive Nourishing Shampoo - Yucca + Nettle + Aloe


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Cleanse. Nourish. Condition. Revitalize.

Alleviates and prevents: Dander | Itching | Dryness | Sores | Hot Spots | Redness 

PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo for Dogs & Cats is a powerful 100% plant- and mineral-based cleanser. It contains 17 potent plants extracted to their purest form & Colloidal Silver to clean, nourish, condition and revitalize. Its olive oil-based cleaning agents keep dogs cleaner for longer. Every ingredient serves a purpose in generating a luxurious coat and healthy skin, which significantly improves your pet’s ability to resist invading microorganisms such as viruses, funguses and bacteria. Good for all breeds and ages.

20  Conditioning, soothing and strengthening
13  Antibacterial and antiseptic
11  Dander prevention
9   Anti-fungal
9   Insect protection
5   Anti-inflammatory

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PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is a potent formulation of 17 healing plants and minerals developed to clean, nourish, condition and repair your pet’s skin and coat. It’s an effective 100% natural pet shampoo to alleviate cat and dog itching, dry skin, dander, hot spots, sores and redness. This total conditioning and nourishing natural shampoo for dogs and cats was developed specifically because there are too many cat and dog skin problems that could be avoided, including allergies caused by questionable skin and coat products. PawPurity Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is the perfect year round pet shampoo.

Olive Oil-based Cleanser. Aloe Vera Juice. Distilled Water. Calendula. Yucca Root. Horsetail. Red Clover. Nettle Leaf. Which Hazel. Apple Cider Vinegar. Himalayan Salt. Vitamin E. Essential Oils: Frankincense, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Lemongrass. Natural citrus scent.

Bathe whenever necessary. There are so many nourishing ingredients in this shampoo that it's best to leave it on for a minimum of 1-5 minutes so it has time to penetrate the skin.

*Please do not confuse suds with cleansing. This shampoo will not lather as much as chemical-based shampoos as it has no artificial sulfates. It will, however, get your pet thoroughly clean without reside and leave your baby smelling fresh.


71 comments on “Intensive Nourishing Shampoo - Yucca + Nettle + Aloe”

  1. I just ordered this less than a week ago and used it on my dog and cat. It smells sooooo good and feels so healthy. I wasn't too sure about it because it has an olive oil base but they got squeeky clean!

  2. I used this just once and could tell the difference in my dog's coats. They both look and smell clean and fresh. The ingredients are lovely! No sulfates or parabens or other toxic ingredients. Just all natural healthy plants!

  3. I absolutely love this dog shampoo. I'll never use another off the shelf product again with cheap preservatives.

  4. The ingredients in this shampoo are amazing. I can tell a huge difference in my dog's skin. Her itching it totally gone and it just looks healthy now. This is a an extraordinary conditioning dog shampoo for sure!

  5. Refreshing to use a dog shampoo not loaded with crappy ingredients. My dog gets major skin issues and I'm sure it's because of the shampoo the groomer's use. I just bring this with me now and have them use it. Now they want to know what's in it lol

  6. I used the flea and tick shampoo before and absolutely loved it. When I saw this, I figured it was just as good. And it was!!!! Highly recommend. This company goes all out to making top quality products.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this natural shampoo. It cleans better than any I've ever used and the ingredients are ALL healthy.

  8. I started using this shampoo because my dog gets skin irritation from using shampoos that have cheap ingredients especially sulfates and parabens. This has neither. Her itching is gone, dander is gone and her skin is not irritated anymore. Nice work on this product. Highly recommend!

  9. I love the smell of this! My cat doesn't like baths but she sure smells good now. Definitely cleaned her right up.

  10. My cat had horrible dander when we got her. We found her scared as could be hiding behind our house and she was a mess. She had no tags, nothing. Long story short we kept her. The shampoo worked wonders at getting rid of her itching and dander.

  11. Every ingredient in this pet shampoo has amazing healing and conditioning qualities.... and they are all natural from plants! I know because I looked it all up. It's just awesome! So glad I found it. Thanks.

  12. Now this is a great pet shampoo! I know it's a little costly, but well worth it. Dander is going away!

  13. OMG this is the best! Absolutly totally natural. No garbage in it. They obviously went to great pains to make sure it is great from dogs skins and coats. Thank you.

  14. My lab used to scratch like crazy until there was no hair in spots. I took him to the vet many times because of this, but nothing really worked...maybe temporarily. I started using this shampoo and after two baths, I noticed he wasn't scratching nearly as much. I hope it continues going in this direction because I really like that this shampoo is all natural and it smells great.

  15. I really like that this shampoo is oil based. Love all the ingredients in it actually. But the oil base makes it so her coat stays clean longer because the polution in the air doesn't stick to her coat.

  16. This shampoo does exactly what is say. It cleans great and really really made my dog's skin so much healthier. No more dander, scratching nothing! Recommend.

  17. I've never used a shampoo that changed my Boxer's coat so much. It is way healthier than it ever was.

  18. OMG there is nothing I've ever used that works like this shampoo. EVERYTHING is natural in it. My Sheila smells so good and she stays cleaner longer. I found out it's because it is oil based. Never knew that before I reached out to the company. They are really responsive.

  19. Pawpurity has amazing products. I've used about three of them and fell in love with each. This shampoo takes the cake though. Totally natural. I can tell a big difference in my babies skin.

  20. I never heard of pawpurity before I saw it in the local dog store. Now I'm totally sold this shampoo. Took away all my dog's dander and itchiness.

  21. This shampoo is 100% amazing. My dog has extensive skin issues and now after two months of using this, he doesn't. What more can I say?

  22. My doberman has so many skin issues I can't count. Our vet says it's from allergies but couldn't figure out what he is allergic to. I started using this shampoo and it has worked wonders. Now I'm beginning to think it's from the shampoos we were using.

  23. I'm totally sold on this pet shampoo. All rid of dander and my dog stopped scratching. It really is awesome.

  24. I used to put just any shampoo on my dog. After so many skin issues and trips to the vet. I bought this one and it is the best.

  25. My cat hates baths, but she's too old to clean herself. I like this shampoo because it's safe and it is all natural.

  26. I used to use a shampoo with sulfates and my Lolo kept having to see the vet for dry skin. No more. This shampoo rocks!

  27. My dogs coat is super clean without chemicals. Imagine that! Natural is the way to go. Thanks Pawpurity!

  28. I promist you will not find a better shampoo. 100% all natural and you can tell the difference right away. no itching, dryness.

  29. I haven't found a shampoo that even comes close to this. My dog quit scratching, his red spots went away and he smells great! Thank you pawspurity.

  30. this is the most natural shampoo i have ever used on my cat and she smells great and her fur is super soft and shiny

  31. I like that there are only natural ingredients in this and it cleans better than any shampoo I've ever used.

  32. It's our first time using an all natural shampoo and we can really tell the difference. Our lab smells much better for longer, she's totally squeeky clean and she doesn't itch like she used to. We've used it three times and her skin seems to be getting much healthier.

  33. I fell inlove with this shampoo the first time we used it. There are nothing but natural ingredients and it smells super fresh.

  34. About 3 months ago we adopted a 3 year old Labradoodle. The poor boy was scratching like crazy!!! He has such dry skin and obviously was suffering from allergies. We changed his dog food so it has more fish oils and addedd some alergy meds but he was still itchy. I wish I could say that switching to this shampoo was the total answer to his making is itchiness go away but we also gave him Benadryl. That said, we HAVE noticed a huge difference in his skin being much less dry and his coat much more shiny\since we started using this shampoo. It actually got rid of a couple of hot spots. Plus the scent is amazing. It's all plants and minerals and no artificial fragrances. It is subtle and natural and not heavily perfumed and chemical smelling like many others on the market. It smells fresh and natural, but it doesn't smell intense. The ingredient list is great. We'll be a regular subscriber for this shampoo moving forward. We high recommend this shampoo for pets with dry, itchy or sensitive skin. If your dog suffers from seasons allergies like ours did Benedryl and this shampoo is are a game changer. Hope this helps with your dog issues.

  35. I work in a pet store (won't say which one) and we have no products like this. This shampoo is superior to any I've used on my Lab and Calico I talked to the owner about carrying it and he's looking into it. You will absolutely love this shampoo.

  36. Pawpurity has our business! This is the 5th product we have bought from them and every single on is top quality.

  37. We will never use anything else. Our Crissy's coat is so much softer now. And we don't like using chemicals on our dog so this is the perfect solution.

  38. This works so much better than the average shampoo. It smells fresh and cleans our dog up nicely. Plus she doesn't scratch nearly like she used to. This is a huge plus.

  39. this is sthe best shampoo ever. my dog smells great and is clean much longer than she was with the other shampoos

  40. I am highly sensitive to perfumes so everything I use on my dog has to be natural. This is the best shampoo I've every found and I had no allergic reactions.

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