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Wet canine washed with organic dog grooming products
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The Benefits of Organic Dog Grooming Products

by Lisa Porter on Aug 09 2023

In recent years, the trend towards using natural and organic products has gained momentum, extending to our pets as well. Just like humans, dogs can also experience skin sensitivities and allergies from harsh chemicals present in conventional grooming products. Organic grooming products are formulated with gentle, plant-based ingredients that help maintain your dog’s coat and skin health without the risk of harmful side effects. Be wary of labels though because many manufacturers list their products as natural, but when you read the ingredients, only one or two of the ingredients is actualy organic.

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Dog with issue of biting top of paws caused by chemicals in shampoo
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Dog Biting Top of Paws

by Lisa Porter on Jul 30 2023

One of the biggest concerns I’ve often heard from dog owners why dog biting top of paws happens. Dog owners what to know what it the cause and what can be done about it. While it can be due to various reasons, top of paw biting may be influenced by skin irritations caused by certain ingredients in dog shampoos. Let’s explore which ingredients in shampoos can be initiating this behavior, the benefits of natural ingredients over chemical-based shampoos. We will also explore other triggers that may cause this behavior.

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Dog left in car in the summer heat
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Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat

by Lisa Porter on Jul 23 2023

Dogs are sensitive to heat and can easily suffer from heat-related illnesses, especially during the summer months. As a responsible pet owner, it’s crucial to take certain precautions to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable during hot weather. Here are some tips to help your dog cope with summer heat:

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A dog standing on a street during hot summer months and the paw pads are burning from the extreme temperature
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Protecting Dog Paw Pads In Summer Heat

by Lisa Porter on Jul 10 2023

Our furry family member’s well-being, and one often overlooked area is the paws. Protecting dog paw pads in summer heat is serious. These unique and sensitive parts of a dog’s body play a vital role in their overall health and mobility. Let’s delve into the importance of how to care for a dog’s paw pads, what temperatures are safe for walking, the dangers of extreme temperatures, the effects of hot surfaces, and how to care for dog paw pads in general.

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small sad doggie
Dog Health

Understanding Dog Shedding: A Comprehensive Overview

by admin on Jun 02 2023

Dog shedding, the natural process by which dogs shed their fur, is a common phenomenon among canine species. While shedding is a normal occurrence, understanding the medical aspects of this process can help pet owners identify potential underlying health conditions and ensure the overall well-being of their furry companions.

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Red mange in dogs
Dog Health

Red Mange on Dogs – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

by admin on May 18 2023

Is your furry friend persistently scratching and losing hair? If so, they may be suffering from red mange, a common parasitic skin disease that affects dogs. Red mange, also known as demodectic mange, is caused by an overgrowth of mites that live in the hair follicles and oil glands of the skin. While this condition can be distressing for dogs and their owners, the good news is that with prompt diagnosis and treatment, most dogs can fully recover from red mange.

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Pug dog image in blog
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Demodectic Mange in Pugs

by admin on May 15 2023

Demodectic mange, also known as demodicosis, is a common skin condition in pugs. It is caused by a type of mite that lives naturally on the skin of many animals, including humans. While not all pugs carry the mites that cause this condition, those with compromised immune systems or other health issues may be more likely to develop it. Keep on reading to get some key information regarding demodectic mange in pugs so you can better understand this condition and how to manage it.

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Dogs image in blog
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Sarcoptic Mange on Dogs – All You Need to Know About Scabies on Dogs

by admin on May 10 2023

If your dog is excessively scratching, it could be a sign of something more serious than normal canine behavior. One of the most common skin conditions experienced by dogs is caused by mites and is known as Sarcoptic mange.

Sarcoptic Mange, commonly known as scabies, is an extremely contagious skin affliction that affects dogs of all ages. This infestation is caused by a small mite called Sarcoptes scabiei, and is potentially very dangerous to the animal if left untreated. Symptoms of this condition include severe itching, inflammation, and poor coat condition. It is usually transmitted from other animals, such as cats, foxes, and wild animals but can even spread through contact with humans.

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Black and white dog in PawPurity Blog post
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Different Forms of Mange on Dogs – What You Need to Know

by admin on May 05 2023

Many pet owners may be all too familiar with the discomfort of mange on their dog. Mange is a skin condition caused by mites that can cause hair loss, extreme itchiness for the dog, and redness on parts of the skin. To understand how best to address mange on your pet, it is important to know about the two different types of mange: sarcoptic and demodectic.

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