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A dog standing on a street during hot summer months and the paw pads are burning from the extreme temperature
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Protecting Dog Paw Pads In Summer Heat

by Lisa Porter on Jul 10 2023

Our furry family member’s well-being, and one often overlooked area is the paws. Protecting dog paw pads in summer heat is serious. These unique and sensitive parts of a dog’s body play a vital role in their overall health and mobility. Let’s delve into the importance of how to care for a dog’s paw pads, what temperatures are safe for walking, the dangers of extreme temperatures, the effects of hot surfaces, and how to care for dog paw pads in general.

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Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Can Dog Paws Handle Snow?

by Lisa Porter on Dec 04 2022

Dogs are known for being able to handle cold weather fairly well. Their fur coats protect them from cold temperatures and they enjoy running around in the snow. But what about their paws? Can dog paws handle snow? And if not, what can help them stay safe in the winter weather? In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the issues that can occur when dogs walk on snow and ice and provide tips for keeping your furry friend safe during the winter months.

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Skin, Coat & Paw Care

How to Help Your Dog’s Paws?

by Lisa Porter on Oct 15 2022

If you’re like most dog parents, your pet’s paws are most likely something you are concerned about, especially in extreme temperatures. This blog post will focus on how to help your dog’s paws stay in primo condition when they are scratchy, chafed, torn or cracked. We’ve also listed some tips to protect your dog’s paws from future injury. From the best way to clean them to the types of products that can keep them protected

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