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Lisa Porter

Lisa Porter

CEO, PawPurity

Lisa has worked in the pet world for more than 10 years. She founded Pet Hotels of America, an online service for people traveling with pets to be able to book at pet friendly hotels, find pet friendly parks, beaches, restaurants, events, activities and more in every US city. She became known as the pet travel expert within the industry and has been published in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. She has also appeared on many news channels for her work in the pet friendly travel industry. Her love of animals has now taken her in a new direction; providing animal owners with natural products so their pets don’t need to be subjected to harmful chemicals, poisons and ingestibles. She also has a passion for senior pets and those with disabilities and is working on products that will help to make everyday life easier for them.



Product Formulation Director

Knowing what natural ingredients and in what amounts to make the perfect production is Ginger's speciality. With more than 15 years working to achieve successful results, she has discovered the art of making 100% natural products without using chemicals, perfumes, toxins or other substances that could harm a pet.


PawPurity Inspiration Team

Little Guy. Lola. Lucy. Zoey.

These are our pets. They are our inspiration for making the most pure healthy products available. We welcome you to enjoy PawPurity pet products as much as they do!


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