Welcome to our blog. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible about natural products and unusually special products for your pets. Our focus will be on skin, coat and paw care. We also will discuss flea, tick and mosquito repellants, as some on the market may be extremely dangerous to your pets.

We hope you participate and let us know what you want to learn about. If you have ideas you would like us to research and write about, please let us know. The PawPurity team has three rescues of our own and know how important these family members are. Let’s work together to discover what’s best for them.

How to care for a newborn kitten?
Kitten Care & Grooming

How to Care for A Newborn Kitten – The Essentials

by admin on Mar 02 2023

Caring for a newborn kitten can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. It requires dedication, patience, and knowledge of the special needs of these vulnerable tiny creatures. A kitten’s immune system is not fully developed until it reaches 12 months of age, which makes it critical for you to provide proper care, from giving your little one a warm and safe environment to understanding its nutritional and health needs.

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Pug health problems
Pugs Health Problems

10 Common Pug Health Problems You Need to Be Aware of 

by admin on Feb 21 2023

Pugs are known for being some of the most delightful and affectionate breeds of dogs. However, due to their flat faces and big eyes, pugs can be prone to certain health issues. In this blog post, we’ll discuss ten common pug health problems and how to fix them. Whether you already own a pug or you’re thinking of getting one, it’s important to be aware of these pug health issues so that you can spot the signs early on and take the necessary steps to ensure your pup stays healthy and happy.

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Image of dog with fleas during flea and tick season as featured in a blog by PawPurity.
Flea & Tick Protection

Discover How to Protect Your Pets During Flea & Tick Season

by admin on Feb 17 2023

Spring is approaching, and with it comes the dreaded flea and tick season. This time of year can be a nightmare for pet owners, as these pests can cause immense discomfort and even health problems. While fleas are the most common pest during the spring, ticks also pose an even worse danger to your pet’s safety and well-being; it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of fleas and ticks and have a solid plan to protect your pet from these pests before an infestation.

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Maltese Dogs Tear Stain remover kit
Tear Stain Removal

How to Get Rid of Tear Stains in Maltese Dogs

by admin on Feb 14 2023

Unfortunately, as beautiful of a breed as Maltese are, they tend to be one of those breeds prone to getting tear stains. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to reduce and even eliminate tear stains. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what causes them and how to remove these pesty tear stains from your Maltese and prevent them from returning. Read on to learn more about tear stains in Maltese dogs and how to keep them away.

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How to keep your dog clean in winter?
Skin, Coat & Paw Care

How to Keep Your Dog Clean in Winter

by admin on Feb 13 2023

It’s that time of the year again when the cold weather sets in, and we must start thinking about how to keep our dogs warm and clean. Of course, we all know that keeping our dogs clean is essential, but it can be especially challenging in winter. On one side, where winter is a beautiful cold season, it can be difficult for us to sort out how to keep our little friends warm and healthy throughout the season. However, with the proper care, you can keep your dog active and healthy during winter.

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Flea & Tick Protection, Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Cat Dermatitis – Causes & Cures

by admin on Jan 05 2023

Are you a cat parent trying to figure out what is causing your sweet little kitty’s skin irritation? If so, you may be dealing with dermatitis – an inflammation caused most often by allergies. Thankfully, this common issue can usually be managed and cured at home with the help of natural and/or medicinal antibiotics and topical creams. In this blog post, we will discuss some common causes of cat dermatitis and various treatments that could provide relief for your feline friend.

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Flea & Tick Protection, Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Tick Spray for Dogs and Humans

by admin on Dec 27 2022

Are you familiar with the feeling of being out and about, only to be suddenly attacked by pesky ticks? It’s an experience no one wants to have—unwelcome blood-sucking parasites that can cause severe illness for humans and pets alike.

For humans, we can see them. But for our loved four-legged friends, ticks are most likely hidden by their coats making removing them tough.

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Flea & Tick Protection, Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Essential Tips: What To Do For Injured Dog Pads

by admin on Dec 27 2022

Injured paw pads can cause immense pain and hamper your pet’s ability to walk, play and live a comfortable life. But the good news is that you don’t have to just stand by helplessly and watch – there are steps you can take towards proper management of dog pad injuries that can help bring some relief for your pup.

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Dog walking on rocky terrain for PawPurity's story about dog paw care
Skin, Coat & Paw Care

Things You Must Know About Dog Paw Care

by admin on Dec 24 2022

Dog paw care is an important aspect of ensuring your pet stays healthy. A dog’s paw pads are made to protect them from rough surfaces, cold temperatures, and extreme weather conditions. But paws can still be prone to injury if not cared for properly. Taking care of your dog’s paws is essential for its health and comfort, but also is something owners often overlook. Thankfully, caring for your pup’s paws doesn’t have to be a hassle!

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