PawPurity Tear Stain Remover For Cats Holiday Gift Set


This wonderful tear stain remover kit makes for a great holiday gift set.  It takes about seven days for them to disappear and they can keep them away by using solution and powder once weekly thereafter.  Your present will arrive in white box stuffed with the Holiday Gift Set snuggled in classic vanilla crinkle paper. A Gift Card will be included with your name printed on it. This Holiday Gift Set will show your friends and relatives that you care about their cats. Remember, pets are family too. Happy Holidays!

PawPurity’s Tear Stain Remover Solution for Cats is a 100% natural formula that uses a mild yet highly effective gentle cleanser that deep cleans stained areas. It has a powerful natural antibacterial and anti-fungal agents, which are the leading cause of tear stains.

PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder for Cats & Dogs gets rid of dog tear stains by continuing to cleanse the area and repel new tears. It's mild cleanser with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It reduces tear moisture that creates a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, and keeps the area dry so stains disappear. Apply weekly to prevent stains from reemerging.



This wonderful tear stain remover kit includes PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Cats and PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder. It makes for a great holiday gift set. If your neighbor, friend or family is a cat lover, this is the gift for them! They will love getting rid of their kitty's unsightly tear stains in 7-10 days.

Refills are available for the wipes and powder.

PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Dogs: Witch Hazel. Colloidal Silver. Boric Acid

PawPurity Tear Stain Remover Powder: Goldenseal. Echinacea. Eyebright. Boric Crystals

Use the wipes to reach deep into the fur shaft to cleanse the area throughly. Follow up by dabbing the powder onto the area, applying it in the opposite direction of the fur shaft. Leave it on and allow it continue doing its job. No need to wipe it off.


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