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Infection Defense Ear Wash


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PawPurity Infection Defense Ear Wash is a gentle yet powerful cleanser that loosens wax and in-canal hair, disinfects, and impedes yeast, fungus and bacteria growth. It also is used to defend against mites and treat inflammation, itching, redness and odor. Its antiseptic properties wash away pathogens and maintain an uninhabitable environment for microorganisms that cause most ear infections. PawPurity Infection Defense Ear Wash is made from eight plants, seven of which are natural pain reducers. This grooming treatment works keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy using natural agents to prevent ear infections.

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PawPurity Ear Treatment & Wash Keeps Your Pet’s Ears Clean and Germ Free

This product is designed to prevent ear infections. With its many plant-based ingredients, the ear wash is an antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory cleanser designed to keep your pet’s ears free from bacterial and yeast infections. There are no harsh chemicals.

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8 reviews for Infection Defense Ear Wash

  1. Jean Thompson

    Love it. No chemicals or medications and my dog’s ears are super clean.

  2. Tina Harris-Conners

    This is a really good ear cleaner. My dog’s ears always smelled. I took him to the vet and nada. He was fine. Now I just use this weekly and the smell is gone.

  3. Nora J

    I like the way it cleans. I feel comfortable with it instead of a bunch of chemicals or just sticking a Q tip in his ear. The gunk seems to come out easily now.

  4. Jack W

    My dog has a tendency to get ear infections. This gets his ears clean and has keep them infection free. So far so good.

  5. Macy Yarrow

    I really like the way this cleans. I don’t like digging into ears and now I don’t have to.

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