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PawPurity Infection Defense Ear Wash is a gentle yet powerful cleanser that loosens wax and in-canal hair, disinfects, and impedes yeast, fungus and bacteria growth. It also is used to defend against mites and treat inflammation, itching, redness and odor. Its antiseptic properties wash away pathogens and maintain an uninhabitable environment for microorganisms that cause most ear infections. PawPurity Infection Defense Ear Wash is made from eight plants, seven of which are natural pain reducers. This grooming treatment works keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy using natural agents to prevent ear infections.

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Ear Treatment To Clean, Prevent Infection and Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs Naturally

This product is designed to prevent ear infections and get rid of ear mites in cats and dogs. It also helps reduce inflammation, irritation and pain for dogs and cats that have existing mild infections. While it’s not meant to take the place of your veterinarian’s recommendations, it’s an effective product for prevention and impeding the growth of unwanted invaders and progressive infection.

With its many plant-based ingredients, the ear wash is an antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory cleanser designed to keep your pet’s ears free from mites, and bacterial and yeast infections. There are no harsh chemicals.

PawPurity Defense Ear Wash for Cats Is A Mite Treatment and the image shows a cat scratching his ear to indicate this animal would benefit from PawPurity's Ear Treatment

Infection and Ear Mite Prevention Made Simple

This gentle yet potent natural cleanser relieves irritation; prevents impurity growth; and eliminates inflammation, wax buildup, fluid, debris, odor and in-canal hair. It maintains an uninhabitable environment for problematic organic growth. It gets rid of ear mites and keeps them away.

It is made from eight plants, seven of which reduce pain. It’s the perfect ear infection and mite treatment for after swimming, bathing and hiking. It contains natural cleansing agents to clean the ears; astringents that eliminate excess fluids and keep ears dry; and neutralizers that maintain good inner canal PH balance levels to reduce inflammation and irritation.

100% Natural Formula of Pure Plant Extracts and Colloidal Silver-Get Rid of Mites Without Chemicals

This grooming keeps dog’s and cat’s ears clean and healthy naturally. It has 35 plant- and mineral-based active agents that reduce inflammation and help alleviate and soothe ear issues. It maintains a clean environment that prevents ear problems from arising. Helps stop scratching, rubbing and head shaking due to irritation and wax build up. It also gets rid of ear mites on dogs and cats by washing them away and creating an environment that is unwelcoming to their survival. 


Distilled Water. Witch Hazel. Aloe Vera Juice. Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil Based Cleanser. Colloidal Silver. Thyme. Calendula. Chamomile. PawPurity Defense Ear Wash is made of plant- and mineral-based ingredients only. It is formulated to maintain healthy ears and get rid of mites naturally.

PawPurity Infection Defense Ear Wash has the following active properties:

8 Antibacterial & antiseptic

7 Pain relief

6 Anti-fungal

6 Anti-inflammatory

6 Soothing

2 Insect repellent


Holding the ear cleaner container away from the canal, squeeze one or two drops into the canal. Fold down ear flaps and massage base for 30 seconds. Allow pet to shake its head as this will help loosen wax and get rid of mites. Gently wipe inside the ear and folds with a cotton ball. DO NOT go deep into the canal. If you suspect a major ear issue, visit your veterinarian immediately.


Product and packing are made in the USA using 100% natural ingredients and earth-friendly packaging. Tested on humans first. All PawPurity products are for external use only and not to be ingested.

Other products that keep unwanted critters away are PawPurity Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs and PawPurity Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats & Dogs. Both are 100% natural.

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15 reviews for Ear Infection Defense Ear Wash & Mite Prevention

  1. Jed

    I used this for about a month a few times a week. my dog was scratching his ears like crazy before but now he is fine. He may have had mites from swimming in the lake is my guess. But anyway, this works.

  2. KT

    makes cleaning my cat’s ears super easy. feel good that it’s totally natural

  3. Julie Reynolds-Smith

    Well worth the money! My dog swims in the lake and gets a lot of mite problems. I noticed since I started using this that she doesn’t anymore. Thanks.

  4. Marco

    This is an excellent ear cleaner. I usually have to use a Qtip and this just loosens everything up so much I don’t have to dig and worry about hurting my dog’s ears anymore. Just use a cotton ball now.

  5. Hank

    This does the job and my dogs don’t seem to mind. No scratching or rubbing their heads after….at least not for too long. It sure gets their ears clean and the ingredients are good to keep bacteria away. I looked them up because my dog tends to get infections.

  6. Nan Roberts

    This is excellent. The ingredients are all plant derived and when I rub the inside of my cats ears after using it and cleaning them with a cotton ball, they are totally clean.

  7. Ingrid ST

    This was really good. I couldn’t believe the gunk that came out of my dog’s ears! A lot of good ingredients that are natural.

  8. Jean Thompson

    Love it. No chemicals or medications and my dog’s ears are super clean.

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